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"The dedicated life is the life worth living. You must give with your whole heart." - Annie Dillard

To all those who grace this site with their presence: Welcome aboard. This website is dedicated to the victims of war and in particular, I dedicate this site to little Mohammed al-Durra who was brutally cut down by Israeli bullets when he most wanted to live.

There are many Mohammed al-Durras throughout Palestine. Some Palestinian children do not die though Israeli sharpshooters shoot with the intent to kill. Some of these children are seriously injured and will now spend the rest of their lives trying to cope with a lost limb/limbs or with the loss of an eye or eyes. We, the adults of the world are responsible for what is happening in Palestine. We have the power to stop the carnage and the slaughter. As long as we remain silent, the blood of all Palestinian children indelibly stains our hands.

Furthermore, the American aggression against the Iraqi people is not only unwarranted, but an attempt to exterminate all that is human. Using Saddam as an excuse to continue the sanctions and to bomb at random Iraqi targets is a crime against humanity.


As an expat American living in the Middle East, I invite you to read about what is really happening in the region and to try to do something positive to change the status quo. It is not right that Americans live a life of leisure at the expense of the less fortunate. It is not right that so many people must die every day just to please the evil whims of whatever president happens to be in power.

Please read and stop to think. Remember, that God created all men equal and all are entitled to the same inalienable rights. Palestinians and Iraqis are not children of a lesser god, but children of the one and only God.

I welcome any contributions by those who say the truth about what is going on in areas of conflict in the Middle East.

Edna Yaghi

Anis Hamadeh is now a contributer to this section. he is the webmaster of Anis Online which is a journalistic art website in German, French, English, and Arabic. It contains poetry and prose, essays, satires, music, political statements, Palestiniana, Orient Online, drawings, an Elvis page, the Latiina transcription for Arabic, and many more things. Please visit his site.

Anis Online

Middle East Files

My Honor Killing The family honor and the abusive husband (16 August 2009)
Two Kinds of people, justice presidents, leaders.... By Raja Chemayel (29 June 2005)
Our American Thanksgiving Why don't we honor and respect the holidays of others around the world? (24 November 2004)
New Year's Resolutions Bush should base his New Year Resolutions on spreading peace and justice all over the world (1 January 2003)
Right-Wing Populism Excerpt from the essay about Anti-Semitism / Anti-Arabism.... by Anis Hamadeh (26 August 2002)
Attack on America, Who's to Blame? Who would really stand to gain the most from such an attack against the American people? (12 February 2002)
Santa Claus and the OIC Bush & Afghanistan (23 October 2001)
An Open Letter to George W. Bush Do not please one friend only to gain many enemies (8 January 2001)

Palestinian Files

The Messenger of Peace 2010! A poem by Saed Jamal (25 January 2009)
Palestinians in Diaspora About what is happening now in Gaza (4 January 2009)
Five... On the Fifth Anniversary of the Assassination of Martyr Shaden Abdel Qader Al Saleh Abu-Hijleh. A poem by Saed Jamal (12 October 2007)
If I were President of the United States I would send Marines into Gaza to liberate the country.... By Denis Drew (29 September 2007)
Neighborhoods Is Israel a bunch of Jewish neighborhoods -- or a county? By Denis Drew (29 September 2007)
The Wall Crossing the border.... by MH (23 August 2007)
On the Altar of Love... A poem by Saed Jamal (15 February 2007)
Meet me around the corner... A poem by Saed Jamal (25 October 2006)
Sanctions against Palestine? A punishment of the Palestinian society for having voted for the wrong party.... by Anis Hamadeh (8 April 2006)
West Bank sovereignty divide: 60% Palestinian today; 50/50 tomorrow? The Frontline map identifies 52 settlements created since Sharon took power!! By Denis Drew (29 June 2005)
Israel/Palestine, One Country with Two States The concepts of a federation of States, democracy and equality.... By Terry Hirchberg (13 December 2004)
Suppose China crisscrossed Tibet with Chinese-only roads.... We might, today, be ducking Buddhist fundamentalist terrorists.... By Denis Drew (6 December 2004)
I need to cross the Sahara alone... A poem by Saed Jamal (16 August 2004)
Shaden in the beginning and Shaden at the end A poem by Saed Jamal (16 August 2004)
Palestinian Superman! A poem by Saed Jamal (2 February 2003)
18,934,560 Minutes! And the search continues... A poem by Saed Jamal (28 December 2002)
Bled and smiled and went away! A poem by Saed Jamal (28 December 2002)
In Curfew Age Living through the curfew in Nablus.... by Uknown (28 December 2002)
My Fast Bike A poem by Saed Jamal (28 December 2002)
Sixty five days and counting! (Curfew) A poem by Saed Jamal (28 December 2002)
The Right to Live Let us all put our hands together.... by MH (28 December 2002)
What is Palestine? Living together with Jews in one democratic state.... by MH (28 December 2002)
What is Peace? This essay investigates in how far peace is more than the absence of war and violence.... by Anis Hamadeh (28 December 2002)
Violent Zionism and Peace Israelis have not been too convincing, where peace is concerned.... by Anis Hamadeh (9 December 2002)
Song Of Jenin A poem written in the blood of martyrs to those who did nothing.... by Indira (8 December 2002)
I am your child A poem on birth of the Intifadah.... by Indira (24 November 2002)
Shaden A poem in memory of Shaden Abu Hijleh.... by Saed Jamal (24 November 2002)
Are Palestinians anti-Semitic? Does pro-Palestinian means anti-Semetic.... by Anis Hamadeh (26 October 2002)
Peace Work and Virtual Palestine An excerpt from the essay "Palestine, Israel, and the Pictures" by Anis Hamadeh (9 September 2002)
Palestine Dialogue Argument and Counter-Argument.... by Anis Hamadeh (26 August 2002)
The Boys (21): In Jerusalem An incident at Damascus Gate.... by Anis Hamadeh (26 August 2002)
We Build Palestine United Palestinians.... by Anis Hamadeh (26 August 2002)
The Monster America Created No mercy, no compassion and no respect for the property, lives.... (12 February 2002)
Redemption An Israeli soldiers prespective to events in Palestine.... (12 February 2002)
The Taliban shot women; the Israelis shoot children.... Israel can seem like the 51st state to Americans.... By Denis Drew (12 February 2002)
Breakfast at Tiffany's, Lunch with Mr. Hyde Clinton meets Sharon (10 February 2002)
Wave of Sorrow Memoirs of a 9 year old from Bethlehem.... (10 February 2002)
Intifada Al-Aqsa, One Year Later An article (23 October 2001)
Sharon, Master Terrorist He should wage a war against himself.... (23 October 2001)
All in a Day's Work What Israelis do and Palestinians suffer (18 June 2001)
Cal Thomas and His Coalition of Terror Exterminate the Palestinians or expel them from Palestine completely (18 June 2001)
An Open Letter to My Indignant US Congressmen It is time to stop punishing the victim and rewarding the killer (23 April 2001)
Good morning Palestine A DJ's comments on events.... (23 April 2001)
My Birthday Wish A wish for Abeer and women like her.... (23 March 2001)
Were I An Historical Icon The world of cynics.... (23 March 2001)
Deadly Intent Thoughts of an injured Palestinian (3 March 2001)
The Sons and Daughters of Liberty An American's point of view (20 February 2001)
My Humanity on Hold An article on behalf of Suad Ghazal (29 January 2001)
I am the Israeli The secret confessions of an Israeli - a poem (27 January 2001)
The Warrior Poet The power of the word (27 January 2001)
An Open Letter to an Israeli Settler Whatever you and your people may have suffered generations ago is not my fault (8 January 2001)
Silence of the Lamb The story of Hani the refugee child (8 January 2001)
While Some Children Die American Children, Palestinian Children (8 January 2001)
Crossfire A short story about Mohammed al-Durra (1 January 2001)
Intifada Al-Aqsa An article (1 January 2001)
Palestinian am I Thoughts of a Palestinian - a poem (1 January 2001)
Right of Return Freedom and justice for the Palestinian people (1 January 2001)

Iraqi Files

Able the Street Boy The Begger of Baghdad! (3 March 2001)
Time to Stop the Slaughter of Iraqis and time to remove the sanctions (3 March 2001)


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