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Bahrain or Bahrein, officially Kingdom of Bahrain, constitutional monarchy (1999 est. pop. 666,400), 266 sq mi (689 sq km), an archipelago in the Persian Gulf between the Qatar Peninsula and Saudi Arabia. The two main islands are Bahrain (the largest) and Al Muharraq, which are linked to each other and Saudi Arabia by causeway. The capital and chief port is Al Manamah. Flat and sandy, with a few low hills, Bahrain has a hot, humid climate. The economy has been based on oil, and oil revenues have financed modernization projects, particularly in health and education. Oil reserves are expected to be exhausted in the near future, however, and other industries such as shipyards and aluminum smelting have been established. Bahrain is an important financial center and the site of a major U.S. navy base. The majority of the population are Muslim Arab Bahrainis, but other Arabs and Iranians, Indians, and other Asians make up over 35% of the inhabitants. About 75% of the population are Shiite Muslims; most of the rest are Sunnis. Arabic is the official language, but English, Farsi, and Urdu are also spoken.

Anciently known as Dilmun, the island was known to the Greeks as Tylos. Ruled by Portugal (16th cent.) and Persia (intermittently from 1603, and long claimed by Iran), Bahrain became a sheikhdom in 1783 and a British-protected state in 1861. Independence was declared in 1971. A constitution, adopted in 1973, limited the sheikh's powers and established an elected national assembly, but in 1975 the sheikh suspended the constitution and dissolved the national assembly. Bahrain established closer ties with other Persian Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, in the early 1980s, and Bahraini territory was used by coalition forces during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Since late 1994, Bahrain's Shiites, many of whom live in poverty, have staged demonstrations demanding better living conditions and the return of an elected parliament. Sheikh Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa, who had ruled since 1961, died in 1999; he was succeeded by his son, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa. A new national charter, establishing a constitutional monarchy, was approved in 2001, and Bahrain was proclaimed a kingdom in 2002. Elections to the lower house of the national assembly were held in Oct. 2002; they marked the first time that women in a Arab Persian Gulf monarchy could vote or run for national office. Shiite-Sunni tensions in Bahrain increased again after the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
In Sept., 2006, a former government adviser of Sunni Sudanese descent accused a number of government officials (but not the king or prime minister) of conspiring to manipulate elections and use other means to maintain Sunni control of Bahrain’s government and society. The detailed report was denounced by the head of Bahrain intelligence service, who was accused of being central to the conspiracy, and the adviser was deported and then accused of attempting to overthrow the government and other crimes. An investigation into the evidence and charges was sought by Shiite opposition groups.
In the Nov.–Dec., 2006, parliamentary elections themselves, the Shiite opposition secured 18 seats while Sunnis won 22; conservatives and Islamists were dominant in both groups.
In 2009 tensions between the government and Shiite opposition activists led to arrests of activist leaders and recurring protests against the government; the protests continued into 2010, with an increased security crackdown in the second half of the year.
The results of the Oct., 2010, parliamentary elections were largely similar to those in 2006 except that Sunni Islamists won fewer seats; the opposition again failed to secure a majority.


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About Bahrain

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US Library of Congress Everything you ever wanted to know about Bahrain....
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Cities, Towns, Municipalities & Places

Hawar Islands +Arabic Wildlife, birds, activities, exhibition....
Manama Municipality +Arabic Capital Governorate - History, services, photo gallery....
Mina Sulman An import/export port as far as container traffic is concerned. Guide to Bahrain
Northen Governorate +Arabic Maps, towns & villages, projects, tourism and services
Southern Governorate Arabic

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Business and Economy

General, Economy, Reports & Statistics
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Fact sheet (pdf) & travel information....
Bahrain Financing Company +Arabic Deal in various aspects of Exchange, Transfers and the purchase and sale of bullion....
Bahrain and the IMF Position in the fund, reports....
Bahrain Stock Exchange Market, news, statistics, publications....
Bahrain Tender Board +Arabic Protection of public property and preventing the influence of personal interests on tender formalities
Bahrain Urban Indicators Programme Info for for creating policies, programmes and projects for developing cities....
Bilateral Relations with Japan Diplomatic, investment, economic cooperation, residents....
Chamber of Commerce and Industry +Arabic Enhancing economic development and increasing the competitiveness of the private sector
MBendi Business information, news, industries, events
Muslim Trade Network Trade reference directory and guide....
Ports Focus Ports, harbours, marinas....
Tenders Board +Arabic The provisions of the law and tenders....
US Department of Energy Analysis, information, oil, natural gas, coal, electricity....
US Department of State Country commercial guide 2001 (pdf)
US Department of State Country reports on economic policy and trade practices - 1999
World Bank Overview, news & events, data & statistics, publications & reports, development topics, projects & programs, Public Information Center
World Trade Organization - WTO Provides trade statistics, goods schedules, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases, and notifications


Al-Baraka Islamic Bank +Arabic Offering a wide range of quality products and services
Al-Ahli Bank One of Bahrain's fastest growing financial service institution
Bahrain Islamic Bank +Arabic To serve all the sectors of the society
Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait Investment, exchange rate, interest rate, job openings....
Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain +Arabic Provider of Islamic commercial and investment banking services
National Bank of Bahrain Offers a comprehensive range of quality banking services
Shamil Bank of Bahrain To promote the development of new instruments of investments compatible with Islamic Shariah
Standard Chartered Bank An international bank with extensive branch network
Taib Bank A unique range of products to match varying investment needs

Directories, Job Opportunities

Bab Al-Bahrain +Arabic Classified ads, forums, e-commerce
Manama Classifieds Free and includes job search
Tele-Gulf Bahrain official Yellow Pages
Teal Pages Bahrain Business Directory - close to 10,000 companies registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain government institutions and NGOs

Investment & Promotion....

Arabian Exhibition Management Exhibition organisers, calendar of events.
Bahrain International Exhibition Centre Major international conferences and exhibitions

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Art, Culture & Sport

General resources, Heritage....
Al-Jasra Handicrafts Centre +Arabic Historical brief, photos, news, events, gifts....
Beit Al Qur'an Unique Islamic cultural institution and museum housing an internationally celebrated collection of historic Quranic manuscripts

Art, Literature, Photography, Cinema....

Bahrain Arts Society +Arabic Bahraini fine arts for the 21st century

Music, Song & Dance....

Cultural, Environmental, Sporting Entities & Info

Anglican Community in Bahrain News, events, history....
Bahrain Expat Community Fellow Expats, Expat forum, guide and events
British Club One of the oldest and most popular clubs in Bahrain
Kannada Sangha Cultural and charitable activities....

Animal Info Threatened species, environmental and social data
AquaStat Information on quantity and quality of freshwater and its availability
BirdLife To determine the priorities for bird conservation in the region
Environment Electronic Friends +Arabic Save the environment, forum....

Bahrain Bowling Association Committee, teams, national league, ranking....
Bahrain Diving Committee Plans weekly scuba dives, dive holidays to other countries and promotes SCUBA diving
Bahrain Formula 1 +Arabic Race in the desert
Bahrain International Circuit Bringing Formula One to Bahrain....
Bahrain Yacht Club Host to people of all nationalities who share a common interest in all forms of water sports

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Schools, Colleges, Academies, Universities & Polytechnics
Al-Hekma International Model School Offers a fully bilingual program for students from Nursery to Grade Twelve
Bahrain Bayan School +Arabic A bilingual, coeducational, college preparatory school with an international curriculum and faculty
The French School +Francais The official French curriculum is taught in French, within a French cultural environment
Ibn Khuldoon National School Preparing students for higher education and for life
Kingdom University Essential quality education through constant collaboration with various locally and internationally recognized educational institutions
Modern Knowledge Schools Provide an education based on an American curriculum
Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School Emphasizes academic excellence and traditional, Islamic values. Follows an American curriculum

AMA International University Specialising in information technology and technical studies. The site incprporates AMA School of Medicine and AMA School of Basic Education
Applied Science University +Arabic Administrative sciences, law, arts & sciences
Arabian Gulf University +Arabic Curricula to the cultural, scientific and occupational needs of the contributing states
Bahrain Institute of Technology Training in IT and support services....
Birla Insititute of Technology +Arabic Facilities essential for the development of professionals of the highest competence....
College of Health Sciences A regional center of excellence in health education, research and development....
Delmon University for Science and Technology Training in information technology management and improving the communications skills
Regional Institute for Advertising and Marketing To prepare young people for worthwhile employment in the industry....
Royal University for Women Dedicated solely to educating women....
University of Bahrain +Arabic Commitment and dedication to excellence in education
University College Bahrain In collaboration with McMaster University, Canada, offers management education....

Institutions & Organizations

American Cultural and Educational Center To teach the ability to communicate in English according to the situation, purpose and roles of the participants
Bahrain Institute of Hotel Management Committed to meet the needs of tourism & hospitality industry
Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance To prepare candidates for professional qualifications in banking & finance
Bahrain Society for Training & Development Committed to excellence in managing and developing people effectively
Bahrain Training Institute Meets the needs of the manufacturing, process, construction, commercial and service industries
Birla Institute of Technology International Centre (BITIC) Offers technical and management education
Bridge Training Solutions A professional development, training and E-Learning solution provider

Research, Resources, Projects and Related sites

Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research To develop and improve natural and economic resources
Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program Providing the opportunity for Bahrain’s most talented and outstanding youth to study at top international universities and colleges

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Amnesty International +Francais Espanol News, reports, urgent action. Latest annual report....
Human Rights Watch +Arabic Other languages Human rights developments & report
US Department of State Country reports on human rights practices

Related Sites, Articles....

Constitution Background, history & news

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Newspapers, Magazines....
Akhbar Al-Khaleej Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Ayam +Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Thaqafia Arabic Cultural magazine
Al-Waqt +Arabic Daily newspaper
Bahrain Tribune Local, world, sport & business news, cartoons....
Gulf Daily News Local, world, sport & business news, what's on....

OnLine News, Newsletters, News agencies....

Bahrain News Agency +Arabic News, photos, weather....
Bahrain This Month
Washington Post News & references

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Government, Ministries, Councils....
Bahrain Government +Arabic Official site. royal family, government, about Bahrain, statistics, news, links....
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
Political Leaders Dates and figures of the leadership since 1961 (with pictures)

Bahrain Customsy +Arabic Procedures, tariff, investment in Bahrain....
Bahrain Monetary Agency Clearly defined regulatory and supervisory standards for the financial sector
Civil Service Bureau +Arabic Supervises the implementation of all laws, rules, and decisions on Government personnel affairs
Department of Legal Affairs Arabic.
eGov All the transactions with the government can be made through new communications technology
eVisa System Obtaing an eVisa in advance of travel....
Economic Development Board Bahrain offers the ideal environment for diverse enterprises
General Directorate of Immigration and Passports +Arabic Information about services provided by the Directorate
General Directorate Of Traffic +Arabic Road safety, statistics, facts, services....
General Organisation for Social Insurance +Arabic The Decree-Law promulgating the Law on Social Insurance
General Organization for Youth and Sports Host and organize youth & sports activates , championships , regionally & internationally....
Ministry of Cabinet Affairs & Information +Arabic Special events & news....
Ministry of Commerce +Arabic Responsible for a diverse range of activities which make up the commercial environment....
Ministry of Education +Arabic Administering the governmental educational institutions and supervising private education
Ministry of Electricity & Water +Arabic Provide electricity and water supply at a safe and cost effective manner to different sectors of consumers
Ministry of Finance -1 Formulates and implements the economic policy of the country
Ministry of Finance -2 +Arabic
Ministry of Health +Arabic Improve the health of the population and access to a high quality, responsive health service....
Ministry of Housing Municipalities and Environment To bring together all the parties involved in urban development
Ministry of Industry +Arabic The planning and development of Industrial Areas....
Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs +Arabic Enhancing the living standards of the Bahraini people
Ministry of Transportation +Arabic Public Transport, Postal Services, Telecommunications and Civil Aviation
Municipal Affairs To bring together all the parties involved in urban development
Pension Fund Commission Arabic
Supreme Council for Women Arabic
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority +Arabic Protecting the interests of subscribers and users....

Embassy of Bahrain - Washington, USA Information, news, visas, business, tourism, culture and links....
Permanent Mission to UN Statements and press releases, oil for food program, the Consulate, Bahrain, government, business, tourism, education and culture

Corporations, Organizations, Hospitals and Industrial Entities

Bahrain Specialist Hospital Committed to raising the standards of healthcare in Bahrain and the region
International Hospital of Bahrain The specialist centre of caring excellence

Aluminium Bahrain - ALBA Stands at the very forefront of the international aluminium industry
Bahrain Ferro Alloys BSC - BAFA Non-integrated Ferro-Alloy producer
Bahrain National Gas Company +Arabic Produces a substantial contribution to the national economy
Bahrain Telecommunications Company - BATELCO Providing world-class telecommunications and information services

Centers, Institutions, Societies....

Al-Eslah Society Arabic Islamic society. Charity and other activities....
American Bahraini Friedship Society To further the special relationship that has developed between the USA and Bahrain
American Mission Hospital Society Caring for the people of Bahrain for over a century
Bahrain Information Technology Society Promoting the computer profession in Bahrain and improving the awareness....
Bahrain International Seafarers' Society Caring for seafarers visiting the Bahrain ports
Bahrain Internet Society
Bahrain Society of Engineers Contribute to the industrial and urban development of the country
The Institution of Engineers India (Bahrain Chapter) Latest news on upcoing seminars and events

Foreign Entities

US Embassy +Arabic Consular, public affairs & commercial sections, information resource & education advising centers....

Bahrain Society London - To promote friendship and a close understanding between Bahrainis and British....
British Counsil Library and information services, events, news, conferences, learn English
United Nations United Nations Development Programme
World Health Organization Tobacco & health, socio-economic situation

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Travel & Tourism

Airlines, Air, Sea & Coach Charters services

Gulf Air A World of Difference. More than 50 destinations....

Bahrain Airport Services "Total Quality Ground Support" for all aircrafts and passengers
Bahrain Duty Free Offer a comprehensive and exciting range of Duty-Free products....
Bahrain International Airport Your gateway to the world

Travel, Tours, Guides.... More country info

Bahrain Cinemas Previews & timing, coming attractions, star profiles....
Bahrain Tourism Island of Golden Smiles. Tourist attractions, accommodation, restaurants, clubs, what's On....
Bahrain Travel Bahrain tours & excursions, activities
Come 2 Bahrain Tourist information, tourist attractions, historic sites, restaurants, hotels, shopping, and leisure/recreation activities....
My Bahrain Online guide to hotels, resturants, tourist info, attractions, economy, schools and colleges

Lonely Planet Travel information, maps, photos, background historical and cultural information
Middle East Travel Accommodation, history, after hours, travel info, addresses, cities & sights, business....
Travel Guide General & trave info, money, duty free, health, accommodation, visas....
World Travel Guide Travel information, regions & places....

Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Hostels....

Atlas Hotel Professional organisation, individual attention, comfort, convenience and value for money
Bahrain International Hotel Your home in the heart of Bahrain
Elite Luxury Suites & Residences Hotels, luxuriously furnished and serviced apartments
Gulf Hotel Overlooking Gudaibiya Bay and only 5 minutes from the city centre
Hilton Bahrain Manama
M?venpick Hotel Bahrain
The Ritz-Carlton Luxury Hotels Bahrain Hotel & Spa
Royal Merdien Leisure, business, rooms, bars & restaurants

All Hotels Hotels, description & rates
Bahrain Hotels Travel Guide Offers hotels and resorts online reservations
Hotels of Bahrain Best rates and availability for hotels and car rental services
Hotels Travel Hotels directory & tourist information

Health & Travel Tips
Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel information, country advise, latest travel updates....
Travel Document Systems Passports, visas, travel documents
US Consular Information Warning, visa, security, health, crime/drug penalties....


Tide Calendar Tide times, sunset, sunrise and global position
Weather Underground Temperature, humidity, pressure and conditions by city
Yahoo Weather By city. Forcast, sunrise, sunset, humidity, wind, dewpoint....

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Al-Bahrain.Net Categorized listings, guide, news, local events, sport....

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