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Comoros, the, officially Union of the Comoros, republic (1995 est. pop. 549,000), 718 sq mi (1,862 sq km), occupying most of the Comoro Islands, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, between the African coast and Madagascar. The capital is Moroni. It consists of three volcanic main islands—Njazidja, Nzwani, and Mwali (formerly Grande-Comore, Anjouan, and Moheli, respectively)—as well as numerous coral reefs and islets. A fourth island, Mayotte, is administered by France but claimed by the Comoros. Because of poor soil, lack of natural resources, and overpopulation, the islands have severe economic problems. Most of the population is engaged in agriculture, involving subsistence crops and the production of vanilla, copra, and essential oils for export. The people are of mixed African, Arab, Malay, and Indian descent. French and Arabic are the official languages, but most people speak a local blend of Swahili and Arabic. The state religion is Islam.

Originally populated by immigrants from Africa, Indonesia, and Arabia, the islands were ceded to the French between 1841 and 1909. After occupation by the British in World War II, they were granted administrative autonomy within the French Union (1946) and internal self-government (1968).
In 1974 the islands voted to become independent, except for Mayotte, which chose to remain under French control.
In 1978 the Comoros was proclaimed a federal Islamic republic; shortly thereafter, a one-party state was formed under Pres. Ahmed Abdallah Abderrahman.
After his assassination in 1989, Saïd Mohamed Djohar became interim president and subsequently won election in a multiparty contest. He survived an impeachment attempt in 1991 and several coup attempts.
In 1996 Mohamed Taki Abdulkarim was elected president.
In 1997 rebels took control of the islands of Nzwani and Mwali, declaring their secession and desire to return to French rule.
In 1999 the islands were granted greater autonomy. Following a coup in Apr. 1999, Col. Azali Assoumani assumed the Comoran presidency.
Nzwani voted (2000) for indepedence, but in 2001 forces favoring reuniting with the Comoros seized power there, and a Comoran referendum approved additional autonomy for the three islands. Azali resigned (2002) prior to new elections, and Prime Min. Hamada Madi became interim president. After two disputed elections, Azali was declared president in May 2002.
An accord in Dec., 2003, concerning the division of powers between the federal and island governments paved the way for legislative elections in 2004, in which parties favoring autonomy for the individual islands won a majority of the seats.
The 2006 presidential election was won by Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, a Sunni cleric regarded as a moderate Islamist.
In Apr., 2007, the president of Nzwani, Mohamed Bacar, refused to resign as required by the constitutional courts and used his police forces to retain power, holding an illegal election in June, after which he was declared the winner. The moves were denounced by the central government and the African Union, but the central government lacked the forces to dislodge Bacar.
In Nov., 2007, the African Union began a naval blockade of Nzwani and imposed a travel ban on its government's officials. With support from African Union forces, Comoran troops landed on Mzwani in Mar., 2008, and reestablished federal control over the island. Bacar fled to neighboring Mayotte, then was taken to Réunion; in July he was flown to Benin.
A referendum in May, 2009, approved of a constitutional amendment to extend the president's term to five years and replace the islands' presidents with governors, but it was denounced by opposition groups and voter turnout was light.
In May, 2010, however, the constitutional court overturned the term extension, but the president's term expired without new elections. In June, President Sambi formed an interim government, and elections were announced for November. Elections were finally held in November and December; Vice President Ikililou Dhoinine, the ruling party candidate, was elected to succeed Sambi, but the opposition accused the government of massive vote rigging.


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