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We want peace but we do not want this peace process

A lasting peace is one which is just and fair for all
and as long as Israel is enforcing peace their way
the Palestinians have to fight for theirs

Israel's peace process is Surrender or War
Palestinian's peace process is UN Resolutions 194, 242, 338....

Why does the USA strictly implement UN resolutions everywhere except where Israel is concerned?

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Palestine, historic region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, comprising parts of modern Israel, Jordan, and Egypt; also known as the Holy Land. This article discusses the physical geography and history of Palestine until the UN took up the Palestine problem in 1947; for the economy and later history, see Gaza Strip, Israel, Jordan, and West Bank. Palestine is the Holy Land of the Jews, promised to them by God according to the Bible; of the Christians because it was the scene of Jesus' life; and of the Muslims because Jerusalem is the traditional site of Muhammad's ascent to heaven. Palestine comprises three geographic zones: a part of the Great Rift Valley, a ridge, and a coastal plain. The earliest known settlements in Palestine, e.g. Jericho, may date from 8000 BC An independent Hebrew kingdom was established 1000 BC After 950 BC this kingdom broke up into two states, Israel and Judah. Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans in turn conquered Palestine, which fell to the Muslim Arabs by AD 640. The area was the focus of the Crusades and was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1516. By the late 19th cent., Zionism arose with the aim of establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and during World War I the British, who captured the area, appeared to support this goal. After the League of Nations approved (1922) the British mandate of Palestine, Jews immigrated there in large numbers despite Arab opposition. There was tension and violence between Jews and Arabs, and the British, unable to resolve the problem, turned (1947) the Palestine question over to the UN. At that time there were about 1,091,000 Muslims, 614,000 Jews, and 146,000 Christians in Palestine.


West Bank, territory between Israel and Jordan, located W of the Jordan R. and the Dead Sea (1995 est. pop. 1,320,000), 2,165 sq mi (5,607 sq km), occupied by Israel since the Arab-Israeli War of 1967. Many Israelis refer to it as Judaea and Samaria. It includes the cities of Hebron, Jericho, and Nablus, and the Old City of Jerusalem. The north is fertile; the south largely barren. Olives, fruit, and citrus products are produced; small-scale industries manufacture goods such as cement and textiles. The inhabitants are mostly Muslim Arab Palestinians; there are about 198,000 Israeli Jewish settlers. After the partition of Palestine and the formation (1948) of Israel, the territory was annexed (1950) by Jordan.

Following the 1967 war, the UN Security Council called for Israel's withdrawal from the West Bank. The Camp David accords (1978) incorporated plans for Arab self-rule in the region. A peaceful resolution, however, was impeded by the establishment of Israeli settlements in the area and by Israeli-PLO hostility (Arab states, including Jordan, recognized the Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole representative of the West Bank Arabs in 1974).

A 1993 accord between Israel and the PLO led to limited Palestinian self-rule in Jericho and the Gaza Strip in mid-1994. An interim agreement in 1995 called for the extension of self-rule to, and the withdrawal of most Israeli forces from, all Arab cities and villages in the West Bank (except East Jerusalem) in 1996. Much of this had been accomplished when increased tensions between Israel and the Palestinians put the agreement in jeopardy. However, most of Hebron was turned over to Palestinian control in 1997.

Yasir Arafat was elected president of the Palestinian government in 1996. A 1998 accord called for further territorial handover; although there were delays, this was accomplished by Mar. 2000. Negotiations in 2000 proved unfruitful, and widespread violence erupted in the West Bank (and Gaza) in the fall after Ariel Sharon visited the Haram esh-Sherif (or Temple Mount) in Jerusalem. Efforts to resume to talks were subsequently mainly unsuccessful, stymied by mutual distrust and a cycle of fighting and violence, including suicide bombings by Palestinians and Israeli attacks on facilities of the Palestinian authority and Israeli reoccupation of Palestinian territory. The continuing growth of Israeli settlements in the region, which nearly doubled in population from 1992 to 2001, has also proved a major irritant to Arabs and stumbling block to peace.

In Mar., 2003, the Palestinian parliament established the post of prime minister, effectively reducing Arafat’s powers as president; Mahmoud Abbas, regarded as more moderate than Arafat, was appointed to the post. The acceptance by Palestinians and Israelis of an internationally supported “road map for peace” raised hopes for a cessation of violence, though militant Palestinian groups only agreed (June) to a three-month cease-fire that did not hold even that long. Abbas resigned in September and was replaced by Ahmed Qurei, who, like Abbas, clashed with Arafat over control of the security forces.

Israel’s construction of a security barrier in the West Bank became an international issue in 2003. It was begun in 2002 in the N West Bank, where it paralleled the border, and around Jerusalem, but plans to extend it south and into the West Bank to protect Israeli settlements brought widespread condemnation. The United Nations estimated that 274,000 Palestinians would end up in the 15% of the territory on the Israeli side of the 400-mi (640-km) fence and wall barrier, and that 400,000 more would have their lives disrupted by it. The United Nations General Assembly requested (Dec., 2003) that the International Court of Justice issue an advisory opinion on the barrier, and in July, 2004, the ICJ termed it illegal, in part because it encloses Palestinian territory. An Israeli court decision in June, however, ordered the wall partially rerouted because of the hardship it would cause.

Following Arafat’s death in 2004, Rawhi Fattouh became interim president of the Palestinian Authority; Mahmoud Abbas was elected president in 2005. Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon subsequently agreed to a truce, and in Mar., 2005, Israeli forces began handing over control of Jericho and other West Bank towns to the Palestinian Authority. Subsequent violence, however, halted and reversed the process. A few Israeli settlements in the N West Bank were evacuated in 2005 in conjunction with the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

In January 2006, the Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS, won control of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). The international community refused to accept the Hamas led government because it did not recognize Israel, would not renounce violence, and refused to honor previous peace agreements between Israel and the PA. Hamas took control of the PA government in March 2006, but President Abbas had little success negotiating with Hamas to present a political platform acceptable to the international community so as to lift economic sanctions on Palestinians.

Abbas and Hamas Political Bureau Chief Mishal in February 2007 signed the Mecca Agreement in Saudi Arabia that resulted in the formation of a Palestinian National Unity Government (NUG) headed by Hamas member Ismail Haniya. However, fighting continued in the Gaza Strip, and in June, Hamas militants succeeded in a violent takeover of all military and governmental institutions in the Gaza Strip.

Abbas dismissed the NUG and through a series of presidential decrees formed a PA government in the West Bank led by independent Salam Fayyad. Hamas rejected the NUG's dismissal and has called for resuming talks with Fatah, but Abbas has ruled out negotiations until Hamas agrees to a return of PA control over the Gaza Strip and recognizes the Fayyad led government. Fayyad and his PA government initiated a series of security and economic reforms to improve conditions in the West Bank. Abbas participated in talks with Israel's Prime Minister Olmert and secured the release of some Palestinian prisoners and previously withheld customs revenue. During a November 2007 international meeting in Annapolis Maryland, Abbas and Olmert agreed to resume peace negotiations with the goal of reaching a final peace settlement.


Gaza Strip, coastal region of the Middle East (2003 est. pop. 1,200,000), 140 sq mi (370 sq km), on the Mediterranean Sea, adjoining Egypt and Israel. Densely populated and impoverished, it is mainly inhabited by Palestinian refugees; there is also a small minority of Israeli settlers. The strip was part of the British mandate for Palestine from 1917 to 1948, passed to Egyptian control in 1949, and has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Autonomy for the region, promised by the Camp David accords (1978), has yet to be granted. The Gaza Strip has small construction and handicrafts industries, and some farming, including citrus fruits, olives, and livestock. However, Gaza depends on Israel for nearly 90% of its imports (largely food, consumer goods, and construction materials) and exports (mainly citrus fruit and other agricultural products), as well as employment. The economy, such as it is, has been devastated by recent fighting.

With the inception of the Palestinian uprising (Intifada) in Gaza in 1987, the city became a major center of political unrest and violence, and the Gaza Strip remained under frequent military curfew, imposed by Israeli troops sent to quell violence and maintain order. High unemployment and low wages have been chronic problems. As a result of the Persian Gulf War (1991), masses of Palestinian workers in that region fled back to their families in the Gaza Strip, creating a dire economic crisis and greater unemployment.

In 1993 an accord between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) called for limited self-rule in the area. Under a May, 1994, agreement, Israel’s occupying forces left much of the Gaza Strip and a Palestinian police force was deployed. Israel retained frontier areas and buffer zones around Israeli settlements. The breakdown in peace talks in 2000 and the subsequent resumption of violence hurt the local economy. Although the Gaza Strip saw less fighting with Israelis than the West Bank, in 2003 the Israeli army moved more aggressively to control sections of the Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian attacks. The Israelis also launched attacks against leaders of Hamas, which has many supporters in the territory and has carried out many suicide attacks; in 2004 Hamas’s spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, killed in an Israeli strike. The area also was the scene of fighting between PLO-dominated Palestinian Authority forces and Hamas.

In Jan., 2004, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon announced a plan for the withdrawal of all Israeli settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip, and it was subsequently adopted by his government. The settlements were evacuated in Aug., 2005, and Israeli forces withdrew the following month. The Strip threatened to descend into anarchic violence after the withdrawal, with the Palestinian Authority unable to exert effective control over the territory. The Gaza Strip also continued to be a source of attacks against Israel and suffer retaliatory Israeli attacks.These escalated into open warfare in June, 2006, after Hamas guerrillas captured an Israeli soldier and Israel invaded the Gaza Strip. In the following months Israel continued to mount operations into the territory. The situation in Gaza became economically dire, as a result of continual conflict (some of it between Hamas and Al Fatah) and the restricted funding available to the Palestinian Authority.

In June, 2007, the fighting between Palestinians ended with Al Fatah’s defeat, placing the Gaza Strip under Hamas’s rule. The region nonetheless continued to be the scene of intra-Palestinian conflict, and Israel subsequently restricted the flow of goods into Gaza to humanitarian aid.

In response to ongoing rocket attacks from region, Israel tightened its blockade of the Gaza Strip in Jan., 2008; the resulting shortages led Hamas to force open the Egyptian border, which had mainly been closed since 2005, for several days.

In June, 2008, a six-month cease-fire was established with Israel that included a partial reopening of the border. The cease-fire largely held until a significant outbreak of fighting in Nov., 2008, and was officially ended the next month. Late in Dec., 2008, Israel mounted an offensive against Hamas, with ground operations in Jan., 2009. Some 1,300 persons, about half of whom were civilians, died in the Gaza Strip before Israel and Hamas separately declared cease-fires in mid-January and Israeli forces withdrew; more than 20,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed. Both sides subsequently were accused of war crimes by international human-rights organizations and a UN fact-finding mission. Sporadic rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes, as well as minor cross-border incursions, have continued.

In May, 2010, a Turkish aid convoy challenging the blockade was boarded in international waters in a deadly raid by Israeli forces. The raid, which was widely condemned internationally, focused global attention on the blockade; Egypt subsequently reopened its border crossing, and Israel eased its blockade.


Israel, officially State of Israel, republic (1995 est. pop. 5,433,000, including Israelis in occupied Arab territories), 7,992 sq mi/20,700 sq km (excluding occupied Arab territories), SW Asia, bounded by Lebanon (N), Syria and Jordan (E), the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt (W), and the Gulf of Aqaba (S). The capital is Jerusalem; other major cities are Tel Aviv–Jaffa and Haifa. There are four land regions: the Mediterranean coastal plain; a mountain area in the northeast; the semiarid Negev in the south; and, in the extreme east, a portion of the Great Rift Valley, including the Dead Sea, which at 1,292 ft (394 m) below sea level is the lowest point on earth. Despite adverse conditions, extensive irrigation has enabled agriculture to flourish. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the major export crops. A wide variety of industrial goods is produced, including textiles, chemicals, military and electronic equipment, and machinery; Israel is an important diamond processor. The manufacture of high technology items (computers, software, and telecommunications equipment) and biotechnology have also become significant. Tourism is also important. The standard of living is high for a Middle Eastern nation, but a high trade deficit, heavy defense expenditures, and inflation have put the economy under strain. About 85% of the population are Jews, about half of whom are immigrants from Europe, North America, Asia, and North Africa. The non-Jewish population consists mainly of Muslim, and a smaller group of Christian, Arabs. The official languages are Hebrew and Arabic, but English and many European languages are widely spoken. Israel is highly urbanized. About 7% of the people live on collective farms known as kibbutzim, moshav ovdim, and moshav shitufim.

For the earlier history of the region, see Palestine. In Nov. 1947 the United Nations divided Palestine, then under British mandate, into Jewish and Arab states. Six months later the British withdrew, and on May 14, 1948, the state of Israel was proclaimed. The neighboring Arab states of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq rejected both the partition of Palestine and the existence of the new nation. In the war that followed (1948–49), Israel emerged victorious and with its territory increased by one half. Arab opposition continued, however, and full-scale fighting broke out again in 1956 (the Sinai campaign), 1967 (the Six-Day War), and 1973 (the Yom Kippur War). Israel emerged from these conflicts with large tracts of its neighbors' territories.

In 1978 Israeli Prime Min. Menachem Begin and Egyptian Pres. Anwar al-Sadat signed the Camp David accords; a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was signed (1979) in Washington, D.C., and Israel withdrew from the Sinai by 1982. Little progress was made, however, with respect to the Gaza Strip and West Bank, and in 1981 Israel annexed the Golan Heights (captured from Syria in 1967). Israel's fierce, intermittent fighting with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Lebanon led to a devastating Israeli invasion in 1982. Israel withdrew in 1985 but maintained a 6–12 mi (10–20 km) security zone there just north of the border. Begin retired in 1983 and was succeeded by Yitzhak Shamir.

Indecisive elections in 1984 and 1988 resulted in an awkward coalition government, led by Labor party leader Shimon Peres (1984–86) and Shamir (1986–90). In June 1990, after the coalition collapsed, Shamir formed a right-wing government. In the late 1980s and early 1990s there were increasingly violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli troops in the occupied territories.

Soviet Jews began emigrating to Israel in large numbers in 1990, strapping Israel's resources, and Iraq launched missiles at Israel during the Persian Gulf War. Israel began peace talks with Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinians in 1991. In 1992 the Labor party and its allies won the largest bloc of seats in parliament, and Yitzhak Rabin became prime minister.

In 1993 Israel signed an accord with the PLO that led to Palestinian self-rule in the Gaza Strip and Jericho in mid-1994; a 1995 accord called for the expansion of self-rule to all Arab cities and villages in the West Bank by 1996. A peace treaty with Jordan was signed in 1994. Rabin was assassinated by a right-wing Jewish extremist in 1995; Peres succeeded him as prime minister. Internal terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists in 1996 and 1997 postponed the peace process and, in elections held in 1996, Peres narrowly lost the prime ministership to the Likud candidate, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Under an accord signed in 1998, Israel agreed to withdraw from additional West Bank territory, while the Palestinian Authority pledged to take stronger measures to fight terrorism. In the May 1999 elections, Labor returned to power under Ehud Barak, a former army chief of staff, who formed a coalition government. In September, Barak and Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader, signed an agreement to finalize their borders and to determine the status of Jerusalem within a year. By Mar. 2000 Israel completed handing over additional West Bank territory; in May it withdrew from S Lebanon. Further peace talks deadlocked in July, and in the fall a new cycle of violence erupted in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel itself following Ariel Sharon's visit to the Haram esh-Sherif (the Temple Mount to Jews) in Jerusalem.

In Feb. 2001 Sharon defeated Barak for the prime ministership. Sharon formed a broad national unity government and pursued a hard line with the Palestinians, leading to reoccupation of West Bank towns in 2002 in an attempt to end attacks against Israelis. Labor left the government in Oct. 2002, forcing Sharon to call for elections in Jan. 2003, which resulted in a victory for his Likud bloc and brought a four-party, mainly right-wing coalition to power.

In May, 2003, Sharon’s government accepted the internationally supported “road map for peace” with some limitations; the plan envisioned the establishment of a Palestinian state in three years. Talks resumed with Palestinian authorities, who also negotiated a three-month cease-fire with Palestinian militants, and Israel made some conciliatory moves in Gaza and the West Bank. Suicide bombings and Israeli revenge attacks resumed, however, in August, and in October Israel attacked Syria for the first time in 20 years, bombing what it termed a terrorist training camp in retaliation for suicide bombings.

Israel’s ongoing construction of a 400-mi (640-km) fence and wall security barrier in the West Bank, potentially enclosing some 15% of that territory, brought widespread international condemnation in late 2003, and a July, 2004, advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice (requested by Palestinians and the UN General Assembly) termed its construction illegal under international law because it was being constructed on Palestinian lands. Meanwhile, an Israeli court ruling (June) ordered the wall to be rerouted in certain areas because of the hardship it would cause Palestinians.

In March the killing of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin heightened tensions in the occupied territories, especially the Gaza Strip. Sharon’s plan to withdraw from the latter, while supported by most Israelis, was rejected in a nonbinding vote (May, 2004) by Likud party members. The plan then resulted in defections from his coalition, but Sharon vowed to complete the withdrawal, which was being undertaken for security reasons, by the end of 2005. In Oct., 2004, he secured parliamentary approval for the plan. The government also plans to abandon a few settlements in the West Bank while expanding others there. Sharon formed a new coalition that included the Labor party, which supported the Gaza withdrawal, in Jan., 2005. He subsequently agreed to a truce with Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, and in Mar., 2005, Israeli forces began withdrawing from Jericho and other West Bank towns. The planned Gaza withdrawal sparked protests by settlers and their allies beginning in June, but in August the evacuation of the settlements proceeded relatively straightforwardly. Israeli troops withdrew from Gaza the following month.

Escalating rocket attacks from Gaza and the capture by Hamas guerrillas of an Israeli soldier led to an Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip in June, 2006, as well as other actions against Hamas and the Palestinians. Israel continue to mount attacks into Gaza in the succeeding months.

As a result of the fighting in Gaza and Lebanon and the rise of Hamas in the Palestinian Authority, Olmert suspended his planned unilateral withdrawal from parts of the West Bank, and brought (Oct,. 2006) a far-right party into his government to strengthen the coalition in the Knesset.

The Israeli group Peace Now asserted in November that, according to government documents, nearly 40% (and perhaps more) of the land on which Israel’s West Bank settlements were built was privately owned Palestinian land, in violation of Israeli law. More current information given by the government to the group in Mar., 2007, indicated that private land made up more than 30% of the settlements but did not indicate how much was Palestinian-owned (the vast bulk of the private land in the first set of documents was Palestinian).

The takeover of the Gaza Strip by Hamas forces (also in June, 2007) led to increased talks with the Palestinian Authority and other moves designed to strengthen President Abbas, as well as Israeli restrictions on cross-border trade into the Gaza Strip. In September, Israeli jets attacked a military site in N Syria that some reports suggested was part of nuclear program. Under U.S.-sponsorship, an international Mideast peace conference was held in Annapolis, Md., in Nov., 2007, in an attempt to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. In early 2008, in response to Hamas rocket attacks, Israel tightened its blockade of goods into the Gaza Strip, but that move and Israeli retaliatory attacks failed to stop the rocket attacks. In June, 2008, however, Egypt brokered a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza's Palestinian factions that included an easing of border restrictions, and the cease-fire largely held until November.

In Nov., 2008, significant fighting between Palestinian and Israeli forces began in Gaza, with rocket attacks against neighboring portions of Israel and Israeli retaliatory strikes against the Gaza Strip. In Jan., 2009, Israeli forces invaded the territory in what Israel said was an attempt to stop rocket attacks against Israel (during the fighting one rocket attack reached Ashdod, 20 mi (32 km) from Gaza). The extent of the destruction and number of non-Hamas deaths resulting from the fighting led to criticism of Israel, and both Israel and Hamas were accused by human rights groups of committing war crimes.

Israel's continuing approval of new construction in the West Bank led to U.S. criticism in Nov., 2009, that Israel was frustrating peace negotiations. The government subsequently suspended new construction for 10 months, but the exclusion of East Jerusalem from the moratorium and the continuing construction of buildings already begun was denounced by the Palestinians; when the moratorium ended in Sept., 2010, there had been little progress if any in negotiations. Israeli approval in Mar., 2010, of new construction in East Jerusalem while U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden was visiting strained relations with the United States. Israel was widely condemned internationally for a deadly raid in May, 2010, on a Turkish-organized convoy that was seeking to challenge Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip. The raid, which occurred in international waters, significantly strained Israel's increasingly difficult relations with Turkey.


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Palestinian Poetry Poets bio and poems translated to English....
Poetry 4 Palestine +Arabic By Hayam. Created under the second Intifada in the hardest of times....
Popular Art Centre Al-Bireh. To develop individuals skills and knowledge and their cultural and artistic abilities

Alaa Badarneh +Arabic Photojournalist, documentary films and stories with many of the international agencies and newspapers
Hanna Safieh Photographer. A unique collection of old black & white photographs of Palestine (1920-1967)
Khalid Al-Zagari +Arabic Jerusalem photographer - Gallery, resume, exhibition....
Luke Powell A photographic introduction to Palestine
Mohammad Hannon +Arabic Photographer
Steve Sabella A Palestinian art photographer living in East Jerusalem - Jenin Photos

Jerusalem Gate +Arabic Pictures of Jerusalem, Palestinian personalities....
Photograph Archive Early photographs of Jerusalem
Photograph Archive Early photographs of locations in Palestine
Trip to Palestine Trip records and experiences in vivid detail, complimented by nearly a thousand photographs....

Arab Film Distribution - Israel Features a wide range of narrative films, documentaries, visual essays and ethnographic films
Arab Film Distribution - Palestine Features a wide range of narrative films, documentaries, visual essays and ethnographic films
Internet Movie Database Movie & TV reports

Music, Song & Dance....

Abed Kattan +Arabic Deutsch Profile, songs, pictures, video, media, news....
Doc Jazz A committed Palestinian songwriter who sings about the occupation and about the Intifadah and Real people who have a right to be free
Issa Boulos 'ud player, composer and teacher
Marwan Abado Singer, composer and oud player....
Reem Banna +Arabic Singer, lyricist and composer....
Ruba Hatem A voice from Palestine - Songs, story, articles....

Anashid from Palestine Arabic National songs
E7naHoun +Arabic A group of Arabs 1948 working on a website for local arts, music and literature
El-Funoun Palestinian popular dance troupe
Yabous A non-profit organization for the production of performing arts, aiming to revive and enrich the cultural life in Palestine
Zahrat Al-Mada'en Folkloric Dance Troupe Dance to help revive the Arabic culture and heritage. Traditional Palestinian music.

Cultural, Scientific, Environmental, Sporting Entities & Info

Association of Plastic Artists +Arabic Promoting the new generations' cultural aspects, caring for talents and raising art appreciation level
Baqoon Arabic Cultural society in honour of the poet Tawfeeq Zyad, Kafr Qasem.... Located in Nazareth
The Canadian Palestinian Cultural Association Edmonton, Alberta. News, information, events, business, heritage & art
Centre for Architectural Conservation RIWAQ - Virtual exhibition, Nablus....
Comunidad Palestina Espanol Palestinians in Spain - Valencia. Preserves and promotes the Palestinian Arabic cultural heritage
Dar Al-Nadwa (International Centre of Bethlehem) Strengthening the Palestinian identity, cultivating artistic talent....
East Jerusalem YMCA A vibrant and integral part of the Palestinian social movement....
First Ramallah Group Serves as a multi-purpose cultural, social and sports centre
Jaffa Society for Social Development JASD Initiate social, cultural and athletic activities through the establishment of a center for those services
Juthour Center for Arts & Culture +Arabic To develop the status of Palestinian woman culturally, socially and economically
Palestinian Child Art Centre +Arabic To reinforce the Palestinian culture among children
Palestinian Association of Cultural Exchange +Arabic Francais Deutsch PACE - Promoting awareness of the Palestinian cultural heritage
YWCA of Palestine Beit Sahour. The YWCA’s gender perspective is to build a Palestinian democratic civil society....

Animal Info Threatened species, environmental and social data
Animals from Palestine Leopards, mustelids, birds
BirdLife To determine the priorities for bird conservation in the region
Children for The Protection of Nature in Palestine - CPNP To develop and increase awareness and involvement in the protection of nature
Gazelle - The Palestinian Biological Bulletin +Arabic Deutsch Information about the Biology and Ecology of Palestine, concentrating on the Zoology of the region
Palestine Wildlife Society Projects, pictures, news, birds, biodiversity....
Palestinian Astronomical Society

Futbol Palestina A documentary on the Palestinian nation football team attempting to qualify for the 2006 World Cup
Nizar Taleb Biography and achievements of a Palestinian kickboxing champion
Palestine Sports Network +Arabic Local sport news
Palestine Sports Project (PSP) Seeks to investigate the situation of sport in the Occupied Territories....
Palestinian Tennis Association To enhance and promote Tennis

About Palestine * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Books * Arab Countries


Schools, Colleges, Academies, Universities & Polytechnics
The School of Joy (Al-Farah) To improve the overall quality of life for students who have low academic achievement in greater Bethlehem area
Al-Hashimyya School +Arabic Al-Bierh

Bethlehem Academy of Music +Arabic Francais Italiano To help in building the new Palestinian society culturally ....
Bethlehem Bible College Interdenominational Christian Bible college, located in Bethlehem, Palestine
Bethlehem Bible College Gaza branch
The College of Technology Nablus: Funded by the Scientific Foundation of Hisham Adeeb Hijjawi
Ibrahimieh Community College +Arabic Jerusalem: Institute of higher education
Palestine Technical College Arabic Deir Al-Balah, Gaza. Technical qualifications for variuos disciplines....

Al-Aqsa University Arabic Gaza
Al-Azhar University of Gaza +Arabic Career oriented higher education....
Al-Najah National University +Arabic Nablus: Faculties, colleges, research laboratories, technical centres, activities....
Al-Quds Open University It provides education through an Open and Distance Learning system
Al-Quds University Creating opportunities for students to learn in and out of the classroom
Arab American University Jenin. High standards of education as well as access to majors that are not available locally
Bierzeit University Includes The Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites originating in Palestine
Hebron University +Arabic It's fundamental policy is that no student be prevented from learning for financial reasons
Islamic University of Gaza +Arabic Open to human thoughts and culture, copes with scientific and technological development
Palestine Polytechnic University Hebron: Meets the needs of the community for technicians in various fields of engineering
Palestine Educational Exhibition (PEDEX) Arabic An initiative by Eastern Mediterranean Educational Services

Institutions & Organizations

Enlighten Promote and facilitate the introduction of computer-aided learning centres in the Palestinian refugee camps
German Academic Exchange Service An organization of all German universities, organizes academic exchange
Palestinian Physical Society Promotes physics education in the universities and high schools of Palestine
Palestinian American Society of Engineers PASE - Membership, events, careers, links....
Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs PASSIA - Academic research and dialogue
WorldWide Classroom University & adult education, K12 & teen....
Young Scientists Club - Muntada To promote the logical, critical and creative thinking process in young Palestinian minds

Research, Resources & Projects

Dirasat Arabic Studies and scientific research....
Kenyon Institute Provides research facilities for anyone working in Jerusalem, Israel or the Palestine Territories. (British School of Archaeology of Jerusalem)
Dead Sea Scrolls & Qumran Producing a diversity of opinions, analyses, interpretations and reconstructions
Jerusalem Quarterly File Scholarly articles on Jerusalem's history and trends currently shaping the city
Noor Centre for Quran Research & Studies +Arabic Scholarly articles on Jerusalem's history and trends shaping the city
Palestinian Curriculum Development Center +Arabic To upgrade the Palestinian educational system....
Palestinian Refugees Research Net Project devoted to the dissemination of scholarly information on the refugee issue
Tawjihi Arabic Results, statistics, information

About Palestine * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Books * Arab Countries

History, Human Right & Politics

Palestine Remembered

Ancient & Modern....
ABC News - Newsmakers Yaser Arafat
Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas, Palestine's first Prime Minister - roadmap to peace, solutions, biography....
Ahmad Al-Shukairy +Arabic Biography of the man who laid the corner stone for the Palestinian Liberation Organization
All About Palestine Covering all aspects of Occupied Palestine and the Zionist occupation
Balfour Declaration Statement issued by the British government in 1917 that lead to the establishment of Israel
CNN Middle East - Land of Conflict
Fertile Crescent Posters, pictures, history, heroes, letters, essays, links....
HistoryTeacher.Net Arab-Israeli Conflict. Primary source documents, conflict, Israelis, Palestinians....
Home of History +Arabic All what you need to know about Palestine....
Israeli And Palestinian Political Geography Geography, history....
Jaffa The history of an old Palestinian city
Cactus48 Origin of the Palestine - Israel Conflict (complete text) and other Palestinian related issues
On-line Encyclopedia of the Roman Provinces Palestine: People & places, administration, history....
Palestine History of Palestine, information about Palestinian cities, Palestinian people, historical documents....
Palestine The history of a stolen land Modern & ancient history, UN, Q&A, articles....
Palestine Remembered Educating the world about towns and villages destroyed in 1948, their inhabitants and history
September 2000 +Francais Reports, latest developments, testimonies, action, martyrs, pictures, media, analysis....
US Policy Towards Palestine and Israel since 1945 Brief modern history
University of Indianapolis The Holy Land, the Promised Land and the Land of Israel - Honors history project
World Statesmen Israel, Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority - Flags, chronology, rulers, governors, ministers....

Civil, Human & Prisoners' Rights....

Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association offering support for Palestinian prisoners....
Al-Haq Concerned with the protection and promotion of the principles of human rights and the rule of law
Amnesty International 1 +Francais Espanol Israel and the Occupied Territories. News, reports, urgent action. Latest annual report....
Amnesty International 2 +Arabic Espanol Israel and the Occupied Territories. The human rights crisis....
Arab Association for Human Rights HRA - Promotes and protects the rights of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel
Association of Civil Rights in Israel +Hebrew reedom of conscience, expression, human dignity, detention....
Association of Forty +Arabic Hebrew Arab unrecognized villages, achievements, policy of discrimination, projects, publications....
B'tselem +Hebrew The Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in The Occupied Territories
Center for Economic and Social Rights +Espanol Produce fact sheets and articles on economic and social rights violations in the OPT
Democracy & Workers' Rights Centre DWRC
FreeGaza.Org +Francais Deutsch italiano espanol To raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of the Gaza Strip
Freedom & Justice for Samar and Jawad Aims, the case, case update, newsletter, biographies, petition....
Gaza Students Campaign for Academic Freedom For Gaza students studying in the West Bank, education is a crime
Hanthala Focus on the human rights aspect, the international law aspect, and aims at educating the world about Palestine
Human Rights Watch +Arabic Other languages Israel, Occupied Territories & Palestinian Authority: Human rights developments & report
Humanitarian Information in the Occupied Palestinian Territory +Arabic Hebrew Provide information and alternative commentary on the ongoing developments in the Occupied Territories
Hussam Khader +Arabic Parliamentarian illegally detained
International Solidarity Movement Committed to the principles of nonviolent resistance, joint Palestinian-Israeli-international anti-Wall struggle in the villages
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions +Arabic Hebrew A non-violent, direct-action group to oppose Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses, settlement expansion, uprooting of fruit and olive trees and more
Jews Against the Occupation Advocating peace through justice for Palestine and Israel
Land's Children +Arabic Human rights organization concerned with the plight, conditions of the Palestinian political prisoners
Machsom Watch +Hebrew Politically pluralistic within the context of opposition to the occupation and a commitment to human rights
Mandela Institute for Human Rights +Arabic Organize regular lawyers' and doctors' visits to Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons
Palestine Solidarity Campaign PSC works to highlight the human rights abuses committed by the Israelis
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) +Arabic Promote the rule of law in accordance with international standards
Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizen's Rights PICCR - Newsletter, publications, reports
Palestinian Rights Programme The needs of the Palestinian people and the priorities identified by the British Government
Physicians for Human Rights Israel, West Bank & Gaza - Promotes health by protecting human rights
Sabiroon Arabic Palestinian prisoners & the struggle against the Israeli occupation
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights Upcoming events, history, gallery, Concordia & McGill universities sites
US Department of State Israel & the Occupied Territory: Country reports on human rights practices

Action groups, events and activities

Gaza Justice Tell Congress to Lift Gaza blockade and support UNRWA aid
Kibush 40 +Hebrew Demonstrating against 40 years of occupation
Middle East Peace A community of peacemakers advancing Middle East peace through interaction, information and inspiration
Palestine Calendar Keep significant dates of the Palestinian issue alive in the world's mind
Stop the Wall +Arabic Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign aims to Stop the Wall, Dismantle parts already built, Return all lands confiscated for the Wall, and Compensate for all losses


Badil +Arabic Resource centre for Palestinian residency and refugee rights
Civic Structures for the Palestinian Refugee Camps and Exile Communities (CIVITAS) +Arabic Project to restore the vital links between all tiers of Palestinian civil society and their national institutions
Rafah Today Special reports, home demolitions, homeless families, deaths & wounded....
US Committee for Refugees Gaza & West Bank: Reports on conditions for refugees and internally displaced persons
US Committee for Refugees Israel: Reports on conditions for refugees and internally displaced persons

Intifada, Massacres, Memorials....

Al Aqsa Arabic Intifada, appeal, newsletter, anasheed....
Al Aqsa Intifada Complete resource about the Intifada: News, information, and action alerts
Deir Yassin Remembered In all over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered....
Gallery of Israeli Massacres Not for the faint hearted !!!!
IntifadaOnline +Arabic Other languages Brings you the Palestinian side of the story....
IntiFawda Death & crime, destruction, terror, resistance, enemy & weapons, demonstration & grief....
Jenin Refugee Camp Arabic UN report, pictures, films, interviews....
Nakba +Arabic Francais Deutsch Italiano Espanol Testimonies, destroyed villages, chronology, photo gallery, bibliography....
Sabra and Shatila Massacres Ariel Sharon's crimes against humanity, Zionism....
September 1996 Memorial Shows the human face behind the statistics of the September 1996 clashes

Political Parties & Groups

Democratic Front for Peace and Equality Arabic News, archives, essays, art, literature, links....
Islamic Resistance Support Association +Arabic Reality, Israeli aggression, views, gallery, reports, cartoons, articles....
Movement for One Democratic Secular State Rejecting all forms of racism, gender bias and religious intolerance
Organization for Democratic Action ODA - Defending the rights of the one million Palestinian community inside Israel.
Palestine Solidarity Group Believes in the full political, economic, and national liberation for the Palestinian People
Palestinian People Party +Arabic Aspires towards achieving liberation, national independence, democracy....


Hoffman-Info The Israeli holocaust against the Palestinian people
Tangled Web Zionism, Stalinism and the Holocaust Story, The Consequences, articles and commentary
The Truth About Israel Israel, the Palestinians, the US Zionism, the Gulf war & facts largely ignored by US media

Related Sites, Articles....

Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education (Al-Karitha) +Arabic Hebrew Every aspect of the relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel is affected by the holocaust
Americans for Middle-Eastern Neutrality (AMEN) Why Americans should continue to die for Israel's crimes
BBC - In Depth Israel & the Palestinians - Analysis, stories, profiles, documents, links.... A website that presents Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints on prominent issues of concern
Central Elections Commission +Arabic Administration, conducting and supervision of the Presidential and Legislative Elections....
Constitution Israel & Palestine. Background, history & news
Edward Said Archive, articles, editorials, interviews, bibliographies, biographies....
Israel and the United Nations The UN is strongly biased against Israel and opposes its struggle for survival !!!!
Neda Al-Quds +Arabic Jihad movement, Quds, facts, Zionist terrorism, human rights....
PalestineOnLine "We will never forget Palestine. If Arafat gives up, We certainly will not"
A Personal Diary of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict By Nigel Parry
Palestinian Intifada, Peace, and Human Rights Links to news and analysis
Research Guide to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict News, stories, comments and articles by Robin Miller
Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel Committed to the principles of self-determination for the Palestinian people
The Wall of Hate With the construction of the wall, Israel's policy of home demolition has intensified....

About Palestine * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Books * Arab Countries

Visit Arab Media for satellite stations & Arab newspapers


Newspapers, Magazines....
Alternative News Centre A Palestinian-Israeli organization which disseminates information, research and political analysis....
Akhbar Al-Naqab Arabic Bi-Weekly newspaper - Be'r Al-Sabee'
Al-Ayyam Arabic Daily newspaper - Ramallah
Al-Hayat Al-Jadida Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Karmel Arabic Quarterly magazine - Literature
Al-Manar Arabic Weekly - Political
Al-Massar Arabic Bi-monthly - Political & cultural
Al-Quds Arabic Daily newspaper - Jerusalem
Al-Quds Al-Arabi Arabic Daily newspaper - UK
Al-Risala Arabic Weekly newspaper - Naqab
Al-Sabah Arabic Weekly newspaper
Al-Sabar Arabic Political & cultural - Jaffa
Dunia Al-Watan Arabic Daily newspaper - Gaza
Falasteen Al-Muslima Arabic Monthly
Fasl Al-Maqal Arabic Weekly newspaper
Pillars A tourist industry magazine published six times a year, including the Palestine Hotel Directory....

OnLine News, Newsletters, News agencies....

Actv +Hebrew An independent internet TV which broadcast video on civil and social and cultural subjects
Aklaam Arabic A cultural magazine - stories, articles, forums....
Al-Buraq +Arabic Daily online news, reports, economy, technology, Arab gateway....
Al-Bushra +Arabic Other languages Arab American Roman Catholic Community. Plenty of interesting articles & information
Al-Shorouq +Arabic Local & international news, reports, articles, photos....
Anbaa.Net Arabic Local news for Ramallah, Al-Bireh and Lewaa. Articles, archive, cartoons....
Arabic Media Internet Network - AMIN +Arabic Authentic & faithful reproduction of media related materials, journalists, authors, cartoonists homepages....
Behind The Wall Read the thoughts and feelings of Palestinian teenagers
Challenge A Jerusalem magazine on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Falasteen Electronic Newspaper Arabic An educational & literary Monthly magazine
The Headline Today in Palestine....
The Holy Land Land profile, history, cities, Jerusalem, gallery....
International Press Center (IPC) +Arabic Providing services to local and foreign reporters and journalists....
Jerusalem I Love You Monthly magazine - culture, articles, pictures, readers mail, links
Jerusalem Times Internet edition
Maán News Agency +Arabic Hebrew Promoting understanding of the Palestinian situation by strengthening cooperation between local and international media
Middle East Post Political issues and discussing events that happens in the Middle East generally, and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict specifically
Occupation Magazine +Hebrew Russian Provide information and alternative commentary on the ongoing developments in the Occupied Territories
The Other Israel The Newsletter of the Israeli Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Our Jerusalem Today's top news stories from Jerusalem, Israel and the Arab World - An Israeli site To educate individuals who thinks that Palestine doesn't exist.
Palestine Chronicle Editorials, articles & news from Palestine, the Middle East and beyond....
Palestinian Expatriate Retreat A weekly online-magazine publishing reports, articles and stories, industrial watch....
Palestine Daily Editorials, articles & news about Palestine from the world media....
Palestine Free Voice Local news from Palestine, poetry, artm litterature, music, heritage....
Palestine-Israel Journal Culture, economics, archive, links
Palestinian Information Center +Arabic Farsi Urdu Malay Russian Daily news, political analysys, Palestinian Question, human rights, Zionist terrorism....
The Palestine Monitor Disseminating messages and unified responses to the press about local developments coming from Palestinian civil society
Palestine Report Weekly news, analysis and culture
Palestine News Agency - WAFA +Arabic Francais Hebrew News, economy, politics, photos, documents, geography, cities, archives, weather, annual reports....
RamallahOnLine Opinions, news, petitions/activism, forums, photo gallery....
This Week in Palestine Articles, events, directory, tourism, statistics, in the limelight....
Voice of Palestine Arabic Latest news, articles, live TV, archives, polls....
Washington Post Gaza and West Bank News

Radio, TV, Internet....

BZU Outloud Birzeit University's online radio station
Pal Tube Arabic The Palestinian YouTube
Palestine Internet News Centre +Arabic PINC - Providing daily news reports. Includes Voice of Palestine (listen in Arabic)
Radio & TV Amwaj Arabic The most popular private radio and TV service in Palestine
TMFM 97.7 +Arabic Radio Tariq Al Mahabbeh (Love Lane). Curfew days, special interviews, news, articles, children....
Voice of Israel Arabic

Articles, Reports, Cartoons, Media related sites....

Ali Abu Nimah's Bitter Pill Uncovering media myths about the Middle East
Baha Boukhari Cartoon Featuring Abu-Arab, Abu Al-Abed, Arab & international themes....
Electonic Intifada The war in the media for a representation of the Palestinian point of view....
Guardian Unlimited Special report - Israel & The Middle East....
Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) Provides journalists with quick access to information about Palestine and the Palestinians
Israel-Palestine Watch Provides alternative news and analysis of this conflict....
Omayya Jouha +Arabic Cartoons - International, Palestine, Arabic, prisoners....
Palestine Media Watch Keep an eye on biased and unfair opinion pieces, columns and stories on the Palestinian crisis
Ray Hanania's Media Oasis Writings, literature, speeches, books, issues....
Support Palestine Articles & comments....

About Palestine * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Books * Arab Countries

Visit Arab Organizations for Pan-Arab, Middle East, North Africa and regional organizations

Government & Organizations....

Government, Ministries, Overseas Missions, Embassies....
Political Leaders Dates and figures of the leadership (with pictures)
Palestinian National Authority +Arabic Official PNA website (
Palestinian National Authority +Arabic Official PNA website (.net)
Al-Sakhra Establishment Arabic Directorates, researches, technical assistant project, statistics....
Government Computer Centre The communication hub of the PNA ministries and institutions.
Health Information Center +Arabic Palestine, the Ministry, health topics, events, newsletter, photo gallery....
Ministry of Culture +Arabic To support and strengthen cultural and artistic values in the Palestinian society
Ministry of Detainee's Affair's +Arabic Manage the negotiation file for the indiscriminate and unconditional release of all prisoners in Israeli jails
Ministry of Education and Higher Education +Arabic The communication hub of the education institutions, academic programs and their impact....
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Arabic
Ministry of Finance +Arabic Monthly reports, the Minister, key documents, reports, projects....
Ministry of Finance +Arabic Monthly reports, the Minister, key documents, reports, projects....
Ministry of Foreign Affairs +Arabic Foreign relations, key documents, articles,diplomatic missions, newsletter....
Ministry of Health +Arabic Directorates, researches, technical assistant project, statistics....
Ministry of Industry +Arabic Laying the foundation for sustainable growth oriented industrial development in Palestine
Ministry of Information +Arabic Palestine basic info, who's who at PNA, Jerusalem, Palestinian cause worldwide....
Ministry of Justice Arabic
Minstry of Local Government +Arabic Minister's biography, concept of local government, general policy, objectives, duties,structure
Ministry of NGOs Affairs +Arabic Coordinating between various Palestinian & international NGOs & governmental institutions
Ministry of National Economy +Arabic Developing commercial and economic relations....
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs +Arabic Setting up the systematic mechanisms for the relation between the Legislative and Executive....
Ministry of Planning +Arabic To improve the standards of living and the quality of life of Palestinians....
Ministry of Social Affairs Arabic
Ministry of Supplies +Arabic Establishing an open market ,free from all means of monopolization and deception....
Ministry of Telecommunication & Information Technology Arabic
Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities Visit the main cities, events, travel information, directory....
Ministry of Youth & Sport +Arabic Organizing the youth and sportive activities inside and outside Palestine....
National Plan of Action for Palestinian Children To ensure the development, protection, and participation of all children within the Palestinian territories
Office of the President Arabic The Planning Centre - Opinion, abstract, publications
Office of the Prime Minister of Palestine +Arabic Speeches, press releases, news & activities....
Palestine Data Bank Arabic Covers all aspects of life in Palestine
Palestine Media Center +Arabic A podium for official speech directed to the international public opinion - news, statements, articles, reports, documents....
Palestine Monetary Authority +Arabic Encouraging economical development
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) +Arabic Statistics on demographic, social, economic and environmental trends
Palestinian Development Plan +Arabic Provides information on the progress and activities of the PDP
Palestinian Economic Council for Development & Reconstruction PECDAR - Activity & economic reports....
Palestinian Energy Authority Providing the citizens of Palestine with reliable electricity at affordable prices
Palestinian General Delegation Finland
Palestinian Legislative Council +Arabic Elections, releases, library, members, committees, laws, international affairs....
The Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science +Arabic Utilization of the recommendation of UNESCO's constitution....
Palestinian National Information Center +Arabic A mechanism of gathering, cataloging, categorizing and updating Palestine-related information....
Permanent Mission of Palestine to the UN Information on important issues related to Palestine and the UN
The President's Office +Arabic Hebrew Statements, meetings, visits, letters, autobiography, current Issues, documents....
PLO Negotiations Affairs Department (NAD) To follow up on the implementation of the Interim Agreement signed between Israel and the PLO.

United Nations & Foreign....

Office of the Special Coordinator in the Occupied Territories UNSCO - Support Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles
United Nations Development Programme +Arabic PAPP - The Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People
United Nations Population Fund Focusing on demographic training, maternal and child health care and family planning in the occupied Palestinian territory
United Nations on the Question of Palestine Overview, resolutiions, UNISPAL, NGOs....
United Nations Relief & Works Agency +Arabic Espanol Nippon UNRWA - Provides services to 3.7 million registered Palestine refugees

British Council in East Jerusalem Partnership with Palestinian people in the development of their society and institutions
British Consulate-General Handles day-to-day relations between the United Kingdom and the Palestinian Authority
Palestinian NGO Project Assists Palestinian non governmental organizations (World Bank financed project)
US Consulate General- Jerusalem +Arabic Press office, consular services, travel warning, Mideast peace, journals, articles....

Peace Process.... Visit Arab Peace Process for regional issues

Americans & Palestinians for Peace AMPAL - Supports all peaceful efforts to achieve an independent Palestinian state
Foundation for Middle East Peace Dedicated to informing Americans about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Gush Shalom +Hebrew Who & what, news & updates, publications & archives, links
Israel/Palestine Centre for Research & Information IPCRI - A joint Palestinian-Israeli public policy think-tank
Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group Jews and Palestinians Cooperate for Peace
MidEast Citizen Diplomacy A US based organization dedicated to promoting Jewish-Palestinian reconciliation
Nobel Prize Internet Archive Yasser Arafat
Oasis of Peace +Arabic Other languages A cooperative village of Jews and Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship.
Ta'ayush +Hebrew Arab Jewish Partnership
Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine One in which Jews and Palestinians share the land of Israel/Palestine

Relief Organizations, Charities, Societies....

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières Activities, news, press releases....
Grassroots International The One Million Dollars campaign, current situation in Palestine, Building Democracy Under Occupation....
Joint Advocacy Initiative Focuses on bringing young people to Palestine to bridge cultural divides and allow them to experience life in Palestine
Palestine Children's Relief Fund PCRF - Established by concerned people in the US to address the medical and humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian youths
Palestine Red Crescent Society +Arabic Francais Health, social and other humanitarian services for the Palestinian People in the ME
Palestinian Diaspora Centre SHATAT - Wherever there are Palestinians there exists the Palestinian Diaspora
Palestinian Diaspora & Refugee Centre +Arabic SHAML - Facts, figures, photo album, activities, publications, links....
Saraya Centre for Community Services Serve mainly women and children of Arab Jerusalem
Union for Good +Arabic Francais Coalition of charities in support in support of Palestinians in need
United Palestinian Appeal Profile, programs, fund raising, NGO Links, humanitarian work.... (USA)
USAID 1 Assistance to West Bank/Gaza....
USAID 2 Assistance to West Bank/Gaza....
Yafa Society Arabic A society for social development
Zakat Committee Arabic A charitable committee in Ramallah/Al-Bireh

Industry Related....

Applied Research Institute ARIJ - Promotes self-reliance of Palestinians through greater control over their natural resources
Euro-Mediterranean Information Society The upgrade and modernisation of local telecommunication infrastructure....
MA’AN Development Centre To develop training workshops in the areas of marketing and business skills (Ramallah & Gaza)
Palestine Electric Company/Gaza Power Generating Company +Arabic The first electric power generation facility in Gaza
Palestine Standards Institution +Arabic Accredited testing facilities, calibration services, and certification....
Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority +Arabic The Official domain registry for the Palestinian country code....


Al-Ahli Hospital +Arabic Patients Friends Society - Improvement of deteriorating health conditions in Hebron Area.
ArabCare High quality and affordable medical services, continuous education and training for its staff, hospital....
European Gaza Hospital Accessible to the general population as well as to accident victims - Khan Younis
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Help heal the scars of violence and oppression
Health, Development, Information & Policy Institute HDIP - Improving the status of health care for all Palestinians
Patient Care Charitable Society +Arabic Offering health Services for Palestinian community especially in the Gaza Strip....
Patient's Friends Society & K. Abu-Raya Rehabilitation Centre Vital services offered to the disabled Palestinians - Ramallah
Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees UPMRC - Emphasize prevention, education, community participation....
World Food Programme Fight against global hunger....
Zeina - Center for Families & Friends of Children with Cancer +Arabic Psychological and emotional support to the children suffering from cancer, Jerusalem

Other Palestinian & Arab Based Organizations & Action Groups....

Arab Thought Forum, Al-Multaqa Identifying critical issues in Palestinian society for analysis and public debate
Centre for Research and Documentation of Palestinian Society CRDPS - Gather documentation on Palestinian society
Islamic Association for Palestine Advancing a just, comprehensive, and eternal solution to the cause of Palestine
Jerusalem Centre for Women Promotes discussion of women's issues and advocate women's rights within Palestine
Jerusalem Water Undertaking Improve the living and environmental health situation of the population of Ramallah and Al-Bireh
Jerusalemites Educating and exposing the human dimension of the Palestinian people and their attachment to their land
Palestine BDS Campaign +Arabic Francais Deutsch italiano espanol Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights
Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy +Arabic Miftah - Documents, key issues, facts
Palestinian Centre for Rapproachement between People The Palestinian question from a Palestinian point of view
Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy Muwatin - Contributes to the process of democratic transformation
Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel Majority of Israeli intellectuals and academics contribute directly to the occupation or complicit through their silence
Palestinian Conflict Resolution Centre WI'AM - to build a democratic and just society (Bethlehem)
Roads and Environment Safety Center +Arabic Increasing awareness on road and environment safety issues
Sabeel - Liberation Theology Centre Promotes international awareness regarding the identity of Palestinian Christians
Women’s Studies Centre +Arabic WAMEED - Provides field studies on the status and needs of Palestinian women

Other Overseas Based Organizations & Action Groups....

Al-Awda - Palestine Right To Return Coalition +Other languages Supports initiatives for action related to Palestinian rights (USA)
Al-Awda-DC - Palestine Right To Return Coalition Educational and charitable and relate to human rights of Palestinian Refugees (USA)
American Committee on Jerusalem Towards just, equitable and lasting solution in Jerusalem....
American Federation of Ramallah Promote social interaction among members and to cherish common heritage
American Muslims for Jerusalem To present accurate and timely information to the mass media and other interested parties
Bethlehem Association A nonprofit, charitable and cultural corporation to help people of the Bethlehem region (USA)
Christian Peacemaker Teams CPT - an organization committed to reducing violence by "Getting in the Way" (USA)
DC Palestine Solidarity Works for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians (USA)
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation A group to inform American Christians of the plight of Palestinian Christians....
Institute for Palestine Studies +Arabic Francais Research & Publication Centre - Study of the Arab-Israeli conflict and Palestinian affairs (USA)
Islamic Research Academy An international platform for the discussion of issues relating to Islamic Jerusalem (UK)
London School of Economics Students' Union Friends of Palestine Society website
Palestine Solidarity Campaign Raising awareness on Palestine (UK)
Palestinian American Congress Assist the community in coordinating and organizing its political, educational, cultural and social affairs
Remember These Children Call for an end to the killing of children, for a just peace in the region, for a fair resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (USA)
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation A diverse coalition working for freedom from occupation and equal rights for all

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Travel & Tourism

Airlines, Air, Sea & Coach Charters Services
Gaza Airport Entry conditions, technical Information, services & facilities, flights operate to/from GIA....

Travel, Tours, Guides.... More country info

Alternative Tourism Group +Sverige Specializing in tours and pilgrimages that include critical examinations of the history, culture, and politics of the Holy Land
Atic Tours & Travel Holy sites, ancient cities and rich heritage
Blessed Land Tours & Travel Combining tours with Jordan, Sinai, Egypt and Syria
Daher Travel Holyland 2000, specialized in tours to the holy land
Guiding Star Specialised in Christian pilgrimage and multi-country regional tours. Country info, maps, FAQs....
Halabi Tours and Travel +Arabic Gaza and surround
Holy Land Experience and willingness for a trip to remember
Holy Land Tourism Guide All the information that a tourist may need in order to plan a stay in the Holy Land
InfoStar 2000 +Arabic Francais Deutsch italiano espanol A highly informative source for the tourist and pilgrim to Bethlehem
Master Tours Fascination, mystery, wonders, legends, history, civilization, and beauty… this is The Holy Land !!!
Raha Tours and Travel A range of travel destinations, Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Egypt
Ramallah OnLine Travel Guide Complete guide: History, climate, hotels, restaurants, galleries, theatres, museums....
Srouji Tours Ltd. +Arabic Buses & tours company - Nazareth
United Travel - the Holy Land Facts, sites, tours....
Universal Tourist Agency Holy Land itineraries, info....

Lonely Palnet Destination Israel & the Palestinians Territories - A great guide
Middle East Travel Accommodation, history, after hours, travel info, addresses, cities & sights, business....
World Travel Guide Israel: Accommodation, addresses, business, climate, essentials, resort, social, travel

Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Hostels....

Al-Yasmeen Motel & Souq Nablus - adjacent to Khan Al-Tujar where stores are lively with shoppers
Alcazar Hotel Jerusalem - from a different point of view
American Colony Hotel Jerusalem - History, tariffs, reservations, gallery
Best Eastern Hotel & Resort Ramallah - Close to the main commercial and shopping centres
Capitolina Hotel East Jerusalem - For an extra charge you can also use the YMCA sports facilities
Grand Park Hotel Situated on the outskirts of Ramallah in a mountainous location overlooking the Jerusalem hills
Commodore Hotel Jerusalem The joyful breeze of the Mt. of Olives, the warm hospitality in a pleasant family atmosphere....
Jerusalem Hotel History, sites....
Jerusalem Meridian Hotel Work & relax in style
Jerusalem Panorama Hotel Offers a unique location on a hilltop overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem....
Mount of Olives Hotel Jerusalem - Famous churches and sites, tours, restaurants....
Mount Scopus Hotel Jerusalem - Within walking distance of the historical and biblical sites
Murad Tourist Resort A unique experience for all in the wonderful land of Bethlehem

Hotels of Palestine Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Gaza, Nablus, Jericho, Ramallah
Palestine Hotels Travel Guide Offers hotels and resorts online reservations


Al-Bardauni - Ramallah Restaurant serving traditional dishes. History, services, menu
Angelo's Pizza in Ramallah
Askadinya Restaurant & bar in Jerusalem - French / Italian
Pronto RestoCafe, Italian cuisine in Ramallah
Flamingo's Restaurant Bar in Ramallah

Health & Travel Tips
Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel information, country advise, latest travel updates....
Travel Document Systems Israel: Passports, visas, travel documents
US Consular Information Israel and the Occupied Territories: Visa, health, crime/drug penalties, traffic


Yahoo Weather Israel. By city. Forcast, sunrise, sunset, humidity, wind, dewpoint....
Yahoo Weather Palestinian Authority. By city. Forcast, sunrise, sunset, humidity, wind, dewpoint....

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Visit Arab Gateways for Arab and other country links

Gateways to Palestine

Al-Fahras + Arabic Palestine search engine, directory, news....
EnglishPAL Find all kinds of events, advertisements, announcements, advice and information that can facilitate in your stay here
Gaza.Net +Arabic Web directory, Arabic & English news coverage
PalestineYellowPages Directory with addresses....
PalEye Arabic Gateway, job opportunities....
PalGates Arabic Gateway, cities and villages, refugee camps, articles, pictures, statistics....
PalGuide A guide & directory to Palestinian links with local info
PalSeek Arabic Electronic directory & other information
Weino Listing by catagories, cities, addresses....

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Here is a selection of books that will eventually cover various subjects related to Palestine.
Click on the book title for full details and reviews.

History, Politics and Peace

A History of Modern Palestine
One Land, Two Peoples

By Ilan Pappe

A History of Palestine
From Ottoman Conquest to
Founding of the State of Israel

By Gudrun Kramer

All That Remains
The Palestinian Villages Occupied
and Depopulated by Israel in 1948

By Walid Khalidi

Bible and Sword
England and Palestine
from the Bronze Age to Balfour

By Barbara W. Tuchman

Children Of Israel
Children Of Palestine

By Laurel Holliday

Drinking the Sea at Gaza
Days and Nights
in a Land Under Siege

By Amira Hass

Fateful Triangle
The United States, Israel,
and the Palestinians

By Noam Chomsky

Mandate Days
British Lives in Palestine

By A. J. Sherman

One Country
A Bold Proposal to End
the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

By Ali Abunimah

Palestine and the Palestinians
A Social and Political History

By Samih K. Farsoun, Naseer Aruri

Palestinian Identity
By Rashid Khalidi

The Birth of the Palestinian
Refugee Problem Revisited

By Benny Morris

The Blood of Abraham
Insights into the Middle East

By Jimmy Carter

The Enemy Has a Face
The Seeds of Peace Experience

By John Wallach

The Invention of Ancient Israel
The Silencing of Palestinian History

By Keith Whitelam

The Israel/Palestine Question
(Rewriting Histories)

By IIan Pappe

Waging Peace
Israel and the Arabs

By Itamar Rabinovich

Water in the Middle East
A Geography of Peace

By Peter T. Flawn

Documenteries (DVD, VHS)

The 50 Years War
Israel & The Arabs

Director: Dai Richards

Palastinian Diaries

Tragedy in the Holy Land
The Second Uprising (2001)

Director: Denis Mueller

Stolen Freedom
Occupied Palestine

Director: Tony Kandah

Anti-Semeitism, Zionism

The Case Against Israel
By Michael Neumann

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
By Ilan Pappe

The Israeli Holocaust
Against the Palestinians

By Michael Hoffman II, Moshe Lieberman

The Question of Palestine
By Edward W. Said


I Am a Palestinian Christian
By Mitri Raheb

Justice and Only Justice
A Palestinian Theology of Liberation

By Khaled Abou El Fadl

Art, Literature

After the Last Sky
By Edward W. Said

By Naomi Shihab Nye

Sitti's Secrets
By Naomi Shihab Nye


This Side of Peace
A Personal Account

By Hanan Ashrawi

Blood Brothers
By Elias Chacour

By Way of Deception
The Making of a Mossad officer

By Victor Ostrovsky

Out of Place
A Memoir

By Edward W. Said

Palestine ma dechirure
The story of Sameeha Khalil

By Michelle Parent


Sleeping on a Wire
Conversations with
Palestinians in Israel

By David Grossman

Music From The Palestinian Holy Land

By El-Funoun

For more info and books on the Arab Israeli conflict, visit The Countries & People of Arabia

For "Learning Arabic" books and CDs, visit Writing & Pronouncing of Arabic names

For more books, music, videos, DVDs, CDs and others visit:
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(6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)

By Amazon

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Shabah (that's me) says:

Sometimes you have to read about Israel to know Palestine
But always you have to read about Palestine to know Israel!

We know our borders, but have they decided on theirs yet?

The land does not belong to us, we belong to the land.

I like to be neutral but there are many elements against me.

Bad is when people think of themselves only
Worse is when people think the world revolves around them
Worst is when people think the universe evolves for them

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