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Arabs, name originally applied to the Semitic peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. It now refers to those persons whose primary language is Arabic. They constitute most of the population of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, the West Bank, and Yemen; Arab communities are also found elsewhere in the world. The term does not usually include Arabic-speaking Jews (found chiefly in North Africa, Palestine/Israel and formerly also in Yemen and Iraq), Kurds, Berbers, Copts, and Druze, but it does include Arabic-speaking Christians (chiefly found in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel, and Jordan). Socially, the Arabs are divided into two groups: the settled Arab [ fellahin =villagers, or hadar =townspeople] and the nomadic Bedouin.

The invasions of Muslims from Arabia in the 6th and 7th cent. diffused the Arabic language and Islam, the Arabic religion. At its peak the Arab empire extended from the Atlantic Ocean across North Africa and the Middle East to central Asia. A great Arab civilization emerged in which education, literature, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, and science were highly developed. The waves of Arab conquest across the East and into Europe widened the scope of their civilization and contributed greatly to world development. In Europe the Arab conquests were particularly important in Sicily, from the 9th to late 11th cent., and in Spain, in the civilization of the Moors. Christian scholars in those two lands gained much from Islamic knowledge, and scholasticism and the beginnings of modern Western science were derived in part from the Arabs. The Arabs also introduced Europe to the Greek philosophers, whose writings they had already translated into Arabic.

The emergence of the Seljuk Turks in the 11th cent. and of the Ottoman Turks in the 13th cent. ended the specifically Arab dominance in Islam, though Muslim culture still remained on the old Arab foundations.

In the 20th cent., Arab leaders have attempted to unite the Arab-speaking world into an Arab nation. Since 1945 most Arab countries have joined the Arab League; its purpose being to consider matters of common interest. The original charter members were Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan (now Jordan), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was granted full membership in 1976. Other current members include Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea (pending in 1999), Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With 22 member states in the Arab League by the mid-1990s, attempts to forge a unity among the Arabs have continued. Perhaps the most significant economic factor for the Arabs has been the discovery and development of the petroleum industry; two thirds of the world's oil reserves are thought to be in the Middle East. The Arab Common Market was established in 1965 and is open to all Arab League members. The common market agreement provides for the eventual abolition of customs duties on natural resources and agricultural products, free movement of capital and labor among member countries, and coordination of economic development.

Since 1948 a continual problem for the Arab states has been their relations with the Jewish state of Israel, created out of former Arab territory; hostility between them has resulted in four Arab-Israeli wars. In 2002 the league for the first time offered Israel normal relations with Arab countries if it met certain conditions, but many of those conditions were not acceptable to Israel. For many years, closer political unity among members was hampered by a division between pro-Western member countries and neutralist or pro-Soviet ones; more recently the division has been between militant Islamic fundamentalists and Arab moderates. The league ultimately supported Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88) but was divided over the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. In 1993 the league issued a statement condemning all forms of terrorism.


Middle East, term applied to a region that includes SW Asia and part of NE Africa, lying W of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Thus defined it includes Cyprus, the Asian part of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, the countries of the Arabian peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait), and Egypt and Libya. The area was viewed as midway between Europe and East Asia (traditionally called the Far East). The term Middle East is also sometimes used in a cultural sense for that part of the world predominantly Islamic in culture, in which case Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the remaining countries of North Africa are included.


Maghreb or Magrib, Arabic term for NW Africa. It is generally applied to all of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, but more specifically it pertains only to the area of the three countries that lies between the Atlas Mts. and the Mediterranean Sea. Isolated from the rest of the continent by the Atlas Mts. and the Sahara, the Maghreb is more closely related in terms of climate, landforms, population, economy, and history to N Mediterranean areas than to the rest of Africa. The Arab Maghreb Union was established in 1989 and includes Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. Envisioned initially by Muammar al-Qaddafi as an Arab superstate, it is eventually expected to function as a N African common market, although economic and political unrest, especially in Algeria, have hindered progress on the union’s joint goals.


Levant collective name for the countries of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean from Egypt to, and including, Turkey. The divisions of the French mandate over Syria and Lebanon were called the Levant States, and the term is still sometimes applied to those two nations.


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General Information
Arab.it A detailed information site about the Arab world
All Referer Middle Eastern Physical Geography - Geography and climate, people and economy, history....
Encyclopaedia of the Orient Middle East & North Africa....
Encarta OnLine Maps: capitals & cities, country info, cities, people, economy, history, other related items, links....
Middle East Information Network Comprehensive information about the Middle East
Mon Maghreb Un portail general sur le Maghreb UMA
Photograph Archive Early photographs of the Middle East


Maps of the Middle East Countries, political, shaded relief, historical....
Maps of Africa Countries, political, historical, population, vegetation....

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General, Economy, Reports & Statistics
ANIMA A wide framework of political, economic and social relations
AME Info Business information, exhibition calendar, company news, country guides, travel information, links....
Arab-American Business The magazine for a culture of success
Arab Beverages Forum A suitable platform to discover the opportunities and prospects of the Arab beverage industry dt>Arab Business ME business & industry news, banking and finance, energy, jobs, stock markets, reports, surveys, briefings, events
Arab Centre for Law Studies & High Technology Data security and computer crime....
Arab Monetary Fund Promoting the development of Arab financial markets
Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development An autonomous development finance Pan-Arab organization
Arabian Business & Cultural Guide Things to know and the do's & don'ts for the traveller and the business man
Boursa.info The Arabic Financial Site
Business and Men International Arab and African economic magazine
Business Software Alliance The foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal online world
CBS MarketWatch Africa/Middle East markets - Stocks traded as ADRs, currencies, general information....
Franco Arab Chamber of Commerce Commercial relations, and industrial, financial, agricultural and touristic cooperation
Gulf Business International & Middle East business from a Gulf prospective
Gulf Law Information on general law and corporate law relating to the Arab Middle East
InfoSamak Centre for Marketing Information & Advisory Services For Fishery Products in the Arab Region
ITP Net Online source of Middle East technology and business news, providing daily IT and business info, media reviews and business resource
Maghreb Arab Online Business and economy of the countries of Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia
ME Steel Linking steel buyers and sellers in the Middle East
MENA PeaceNet Sustainable peace through sustainable commerce using sustainable technologies
MENA Report Combining a timely update of daily news coverage with market figures and hard data....
Middle East Bulls Analysis of securities in Middle East Markets
Middle East Economic Digest - MEED News on commercial and political issues
Middle East Economic Survey Analysis of the oil and gas sectors, capital markets, financial and banking developments
Middle East Business Daily business news and articles from the world media....
Middle East Logistics Provider of strategic information to the global freight transportation and logistics industries
National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce Promote and support US-Arab business and economic cooperation. Country profile, key facts, economic review, political structure, sector analysis, investment....
Trade Arabia Trade News, Business Directory, Premium Content, Classifieds
Zawya Comprehensive business and finance coverage of the Middle East and North Africa


Arab Bank A leading international institution with more than 370 branches world-wide
Gulf International Bank Won the Euromoney Award of "Best Local Bank in the Middle East" in 1999
World Bank Middle East & North Africa - Country info, overview, news & events, data & statistics, publications & reports, development topics, projects & programs....

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Career MidEast Online recruiters
Gulf Directory Country & business info and business directory....
Gulf Talent A job site for professionals in the Middle East & Gulf region
Jobs in GCC Jobs in GCC Countries, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman
ME Steel Linking buyers & sellers in the Middle East. Directory & portal
MidEast Net The Arab & Middle East business gateway
Mihneti A recruitment site specializing in the Middle East
North Africa Journal Weekly, gateway to North Africa business....

Business Aid Centre Specialises in recruiting all types of personnel for companies both large and small throughout the Gulf
International Hospital Recruitments Exciting, challenging opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf
Job Finder Network The leading employment network in the Middle East

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Arab Business Network Promoting companies & their products
Arab German Consulting Dedicated to exporters, importers, manufactures and opportunity seekers
ArabCom Annual international trade shows and conferences
Arab Trade Financing Program Promoting trade among Arab countries and enhancing the competitive ability of exporters
Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry Linking Australian and Arab businesses. Arab countries, companies
Expo Guide Arabia Online guide to latest events, exhibitions and conferences throughout the Middle East
Gulf Business Arab B2B Portal - Middle East Products, Companies, Trade Leads. Import Export....
International Fairs & Promotions - IFP Middle East's leading trade fair organizer. Exhibitions calendar, venues....
Middle East Events Events, exhibitions, conferences, what's on today/this week....
Real magazine Real Estate and Investment in the Middle East

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Culture, Heritage, Tradition
Al-Jadeed A review & record of Arab culture & art (USA)
Al-Mashriq - The Levant Guide and entry point to the life and history of the countries of Eastern Mediterranean
Arab Ambassador Monthly magazine on Arab culture (USA)
Arab American National Museum Document, preserve, celebrate, and educate the public on the history, life, culture of Arab Americans (USA)
Arab Art Exchange Links to Arab artists ( images, reviews, biographies, homepages), museums, galleries, Arab art articles
Arab Culture and Identity History, language, art, music and literature
Arab Observer Culture, history, science....
Costumes and Embroideries Middle East & North Africa - Amazing richness and diversity
Circumcision Explanations of the origin of circumcision are entirely conjectural....
Middle East Affairs Historical review, literature and culture and various forms of design, political, cultural and economic developments....
Reem Creations Culture, art, musicians and Instruments, dictionary, postcards, melodies, forums, links....
Shems Magazine catering to the Arab American community with their many backgrounds (USA)
The World of Bedouin Weaving Articles, books, workshop, slideshow, links....

Aklaat Arabic cooking....
Middle East Cooking Ingredients, recipes....

Arts & Architecture

Arabia Exotica Showcasing art, architecture and people from North Africa and the Orient
Arabic and Islamic Architecture Articles on buildings, trends, architects, art of the Muslim and Arab world (past and present).
Arabic Typography A communication platform for Arabic designers/typographers and anyone else interested in the subject
The Art of Arabic Calligraphy The Language and The Script, a brief history, the Kufic styles, the Cursive styles....
Darat Al-Funun - Khalid Shoman Foundation Home for the arts and the artists of the Arab World, dedicated to promoting Contemporary Arab Art, through exhibitions, lectures and workshops
Ebal Documenting the traditional and contemporary Arabic culture and art....
Islamic & Arabic Arts & Architecture Explains the historical and cultural significance of Islamic and Arabic artifacts
IslamicArchitecture.Org Art, dynasties, mosques, palaces, techniques....

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Ibn Khaldūn on the Web Everything about the great 14th century Arab historian and philosopher of history
Muslim Scientists and Scholars Biographies

al3ez.net Al-Madinah Al-Munawara Encyclopedia, a treasure of information
Al Manahij Curriculum and Instruction - Teaching in the Arab world
Arabic Mathematics History & mathematicians
Classical Islamic Biomedicine Links to Islamic medicine, science and alchemists....

Poetry & Literature

Arabi World Books Cultural club and Arabic Bookstore promoting cultural dialogue and featuring articles, stories, literature, poetry, individual dossier for Arab writers....
Arabic Love Poems A collection of popular love poems
Al-Funun Appreciating early Arab-American literature
Al-Waraq Over a million pages of Arabic literature
Adab Arab poets & poems from pre-Islam to today....
Arabic Poems Welcome to our unique & first encyclopedia for Arabic poems, poets & songs
Arab World Books Club and bookstore. Includes Authors' sites (Biographies), articles, debate....
Window on Arabic Poetry Its rich manifestations and transformations

Music, Songs & Dance

3 Arabia MP3 + an art gallery dedicated to the celebrities and singers of the Arab world
Adam Basma Represent the true art of Middle Eastern Dance in the USA. Includes costume museum
Arab-Esque Dance ethnography and ethnology, links...
Arab musical instruments The distinctive quality of Arab music owes a great deal to the type of instruments employed
Arabic Classical Music One of the world's major musical systems
Arabic Music Includes music from 1998 and prior years (Good quality sound)....
Arabic Music The right place to download & listen to free Arabic music
Art Of Middle Eastern Dance A site for belly dancing education, inspiration, and entertainment!
Belly Dance Museum Information on oriental dance, belly-dance in silent movies, oriental dance costumes from the 1700's, 1800's and the 1900's
Mazika Arabic music portal with latest news of the singers....
Tarab Arabic songs categorized by style then by artist, new & top hits, news

Artists, Singers, Authors....

Ammar Abd Rabbo Photographer. Published stories and various pictures....
Ameen Rihani Biography, works, museum, honors, tributes....
Fairuz and The Rahbani Brothers Information, biographies, tributes,articles, songs....
Fairouz OnLine A Legend, history, everything Fairuz, the latest....
Fairouz Our ambassador to the stars - Music, songs, plays & films....
Farid El-Atrash The king of the lute - An actor, a singer, a composer....
Farid El-Atrash Remembering Farid Al-Atrash: A contender in the age of giants
Gibran Khalil Gibran Works, art, museum. Bsharri, biography....
Kazem Al-Saher Every thing about this famous singer. Songs, videos, interviews....
Leyla Mourad "Golden voice of over 1,200 songs and 28 films"
Mohammad Abdel Wahab The father of modern Egyptian song
Nazem El- Ghazali Songs of the much loved Iraqi singer
Nour El-Houdda Girl with golden voice - Popular singer and actress
Sayed Darweesh One of those lightning trajectories in the history of music
Umm Kulthum The star of the east - The Diva of Arabic song


1999 Arab Film Festival This year's event promises to be a stellar showcase, so mark your calendars....
Arab Film Distribution Features a wide range of narrative films, documentaries, visual essays and ethnographic films
Sinbad Multimedia Quality films & multimedia about the Arab world, news, reviews....

Art, Antiques & Traditional Crafts (for sale)

Arab Art Gallery Dedicated to the promotion of the fine arts
Beirut Antiques Fair Trade shows & antiques dealers
Silsal Ceramics Pieces draw inspiration from the pottery of the Middle East's ancient civilizations
A World of Art Middle Eastern paintings and prints

Organizations, associations, societies

Arab Classical Music Society Promoting Arab music events, networking, and for coordinating related activities (USA)
Arab Writers Union Cultural & political magazines, theatre, stories..,.
Arab Foundation for the Image Aims to promote photography by locating, collecting and preserving the photographic heritage
Babelmed.Net Promoting cultural exchanges in the Mediterranean


Arab Archery Federation - FATA Setting up of Arab and international tournaments
Gulf Cup Teams, scores....


Al-Razi.Net Arabic Medical Network
Arab Medical Magazine Section for the medical professions and Section for the patients and the public
Arab Medical Magazine Section for the medical professions and Section for the patients and the public
Arab Medicare Web portal for health care professionals serving the Arab world....
Arab Medical Magazine A resource for safety news for the middleast
Centre for Arab Genomic Studies Workshop on Genetic Disorders in the Arab World
Maghreb Med Online medical resources in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Libya
Medics Index A resource for locating medical advice and suppliers in the Middle East and Gulf area
MD Arabia Source for health care information in the Arab world
Sehha Arabic medical and health related information
Tadawi Guide for medical services, health education and doctors listing in the Arab world
Tashafi Health information
Tawahud Online information and resources on developmental disabilities, Autism and others
Your Doctor General health issues

Arab Women Organizations, Societies, Affairs....

Arab Women Connect A clearinghouse website of information for, by and about Arab women
Arab Women's Solidarity Association Promotes Arab women's participation in social, economic, cultural, and political life
Center of Arab Women for Training and Research Promoting gender equality in the Arab World through research, training, networking and advocacy
Information Centre for Women and Children Serving Arab women and children living in diverse and developing societies
Laki Anti Arabic site specialized for women
Nisaa Offers women in the Arab World the opportunity to exchange experiences and information on gender specific topics
UNIFEM Recognizes the important role of Arab women as central actors in families, communities and economic and decision-making systems
Women's Court Aims at fighting all forms of violence practiced against women in Arab societies
Women in the Middle East Articles & links

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Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi | Somalia | Sudan | Syria | Tunisia | UAE | Yemen

Centres, Institutions....

America-MidEast Educational and Training Services (AMIDEAST) Strengthens mutual understanding and cooperation between Americans and the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa
Arab Educational Training Center for Gulf States Programs, resources....

Organizations, Societies....

Arab Bureau Of Education For the Gulf states
Arab Council for the Gifted & Talented
Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific organization To evolve and implement new approaches and strategies
Arab Open University (AOU) a private Arab institution of higher education with special status
London Middle East Institute A centre for academic research and an essential resource
School Arabia Providing a free web-based interactive learning environment

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History, Human Right & Politics

Ancient & Modern
The Abbasids Rise and fall.... 750-1517
Al-Tareekh History of the Arab world....
Arabian Peninsula Political Geography Articles
BBC Quick Guide Arab League - Key facts, figures and dates
BBC Timeline Arab League - A chronology of key events
Columbia Encyclopedia Arab-Israeli wars, Iran-Iraq war, Gulf war
Documents Pertinent to Middle Eastern Issues Since 1907....
FrontLine The Gulf war 1991
History Central America's Wars - Operation Desert Storm
Mesopotania Ancient Near East, Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylonia, Kassites, Hhittites, Assyria, Chaldea, Phoenicia, Carthage
Middle Eastern Political Geography Arab-Israeli Wars, Iran-Iraq War, Persian Gulf Wars....
Nabataea.net Everything you ever wanted to know about the Nabataean Empire, and more....

Human Rights

Amnesty International Arabic Site Middle East & North Africa annual reports, press releases, campaigns....
Amnesty International Middle East & North Africa. News, reports, urgent action, latest report....
Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR)
Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) Call for fundamental freedoms of all citizens and residents of the Arab world
Friends of Humanity Track developments in some regions in the world especially Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
Human Rights Watch - Middle East & North Africa Investigates and exposes human rights violations
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights Promoting the Human Rights Movement in the Middle East
Wheels of Justice Non violent education and action against war and occupation in Iraq and Palestine for justice and universal human rights

Documents & Politics

Arab View A collection of articles written by leading journalists and editors in the Middle East....
Center for Defense Information Research on the social, economic, environmental, political and military components of global security
International Crisis Group Assess local conditions and produce regular analytical reports containing practical recommendations
Middle East Realities Independent information and analysis about what is really going on in today's Middle East
Middle East Research and Information Project - MERIP Middle East report, background to current events, articles....
Oppression.Org For the sake of humanity, we have a duty to make their suffering known....
Quiz on the Middle East Just so you can keep up with the perpetual crisis in the Middle East

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Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi | Somalia | Sudan | Syria | Tunisia | UAE | Yemen

Arabic & Arab Newspapers & Magazines, Directories

Akhbar Al-Arab Daily Newspaper....
Al Ousbou' Al Arabi Pan-Arab political magazine
Arabic Media Centre Monthly magazines: Hasad Al-Fikr (literature), Al-Quds (political), Zohour (Women), Fersan (Youth)
Ofouq Monthly magazine - Literature
Sayidaty Weekly family magazine....

Fares.Net Arab news & media and other links (by period)
Middle East News Internet Press Directory Newspapers & news resources

Arabic Newspapers & Magazines printed overseas

Al-Arab Online Daily (UK)
Al-Hayat Daily (UK)
Al-Manar Al-Jadeed Monthly magazine (USA)
Al-Mustakillah Weekly (UK)
Al-Quds Al-Arabi Daily (UK)
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Daily (UK)
Al-Zaman Daily (UK)
Al-Watan Weekly (USA)
Al-Wefaq Daily (USA)
Arab Times Weekly (USA)
Bareed Al-Janoub Weekly (UK)
Le Monde Diplomatique Monthly (France)
Saout Al-Uruba - Arab Voice Bi-weekly (USA)

News & Newsletters OnLine

Al-Bushra, Arab American Roman Catholic Community Plenty of interesting articles....
Al-Naba~ Magazine - Cultural
Al-Nashra Arab Americans Affairs
Al-Qanat Online news, sport, art culture....
Alef Yaa News, articles, cinema, theatre....
Ain Al-Yaqeen Weekly political magazine (USA)
Arab Info Center Daily online news, analysis, research, economy, sport, science & technology, cartoons....
Arab Observer Free thinking pages offering the readers incentives to reread the official written history and encouraging them to rethink it
Arab Star Published in Dallas, Texas
Arab World News Daily editorials, articles, news about Arab countries from the world media....
Arabia.Com The destination for Arab news, business, chat, shopping, weather, horoscopes, travel....
ArabicNews Daily PanArab & country News
Arabies Trends The international magazine on Arab affairs
ArabicNewsPaper.Com Arab news from different sources. Continuously updated....
ArabyNet Brings you the Israeli perspective on the issues of the Middle East
Bab.Com Online news updated daily and gateway
Ekaruna An online magazine related to real estate and construction
Gulf Construction Online Trade journal
Hasan Nasrullah News Site Focuses on events in Iran, Iraq and the Middle East (No ownership by the real Hasan Nasrullah or Hezbollah)
Mafhoum - Concept Arab World database: News & Media, Economy & Finance, Press Reviews....
MSNBC - Middle East & North Africa Daily news & stories....
Maghreb Confidential Economic and political information on Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Libya
MidEast News Press & media, books & arts, maps+regional news, oil, terrorism, water, obituaries & profiles
Middle East Daily Editorials, articles, news from the world media....
Middle East Information Center Offers history, analysis, news and discussion forums
Middle East News Agency - MENA News service with distinguished coverage of regional and international news
Middle East News & World Report Arab world, religion, interviews, Arab Americans....
Middle East Online News, Arab gates, opinion, business, culture, features....
Middle East Post Discuss and analyze Middle East political issues
Middle East Realities Information and analysis about what is really going on in today's Middle East
Middle East Review of International Affairs A new approach to study and discussion on the modern Middle East (Israel)
Middle East Times Weekly news and independent analysis of politics, sport, business, religion and culture in the ME
Middle East UK Your online guide to all things Middle Eastern....
Moheet Online news, various subjects
Motion Trends Automotive daily
Naseej Arabic & International news, economy, sport, tourism. Magazines & periodicals....
North Africa Journal Bringing North Africa to the world - Updated weekly
Nouzha Online cultural magazine, chat, directory....
Washington Post Special reports: Peace process, war & peace in the Middle East....
Washington Post Middle East - News & references
Washington Post North Africa - News & references
World News By region and sector, business, politics....
Yahoo Full News Coverage Middle East conflict

Radio, TV....

Al Arabiya Politics, business, current affairs, sports, science, lifestyle, news, documentaries, talk-shows, and educational programs
Al-Jazeera Arab World news, global news, economy, culture, special reports, science and technology, polls, cartoons....
Arab States Broadcasting Union News & events, activities, channels....
ArabSat TV & Radio stations in the Arab World
ART Arab radio & TV network
BBC News - Africa News in audio, news in video....
BBC news - Middle East News in audio news in video....
BBC World Service - Africa & Middle East News, Arab affairs in British press, learn English
CNN Interactive Arabic Edition
CNN Interactive Middle East daily news and archive
Future TV Network Programs, news, debates
MBC Free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment channel
Orbit Satellite television and radio network - Middle East & North Africa
Radio Monte Carlo News, economy, sport, culture, science....
Radio Sawa Committed to being accurate, objective, and comprehensive
Reuters Middle East and world newa, economy, sport, variety, internet....
Showtime Arabia The best western entertainment for the Middle East
Star Times The Middle East TV Guide. Schedules and channels....
Voice of America - Middle East Bringing you the news, music, and information you need and want

Chat, Internet....

Ajeeb Real Internet, translation, many subjects are covered....
ArabianKid Games, stories, hobbies, science, music, chat....
Ashkara Arab48 portal, forums, news, culture, Almanac....
Cafe Arabica Arab-American online community center - Calendar of events, job listings, discussion boards, and articles
Middle East Polls Take a poll, view results, prizes, statistics, newsletter....
Muntada Al-Qal3ah Arab chat - Culture, politics, literature, religion
Planet Arabia Everything Arab - Articles, news, directories, chat....

Media Related Sites

Ali Abu Nimah's Bitter Pill Uncovering media myths about the Middle East
Alif Documentary and dramatic productions
Alternate Focus Produces documentaries and interviews about the Middle East not usually seen by American audiences
Arabic Media Arabic radio & TV, newspapers & magazines by country, movies, songs, books....
Baha Boukhari Cartoon Featuring Abu-Arab, Abu Al-Abed, Arab & international themes....
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America Promoting accurate and balanced coverage....
Common Dreams An eclectic mix of politics, issues and breaking news hard to find with our corporate-dominated media
David Duke OnLine If you can think for yourself rather than simply accept what the media dishes out, you will find this site of interest
Fact International To reflect, as accurately as possible, the hopes and aspirations of the peoples and countries in the region
Federation of Arab News Agencies Development of cooperation between the agencies
International Information Programs ME & NA - Communications service for the foreign affairs community from US Department of State
Middle East Facts Facts Ignored or Manipulated by Western Media
Middle East Intelligence Bulletin Analysis of political and strategic developments in Lebanon, Syria & the Middle East
MidEast Watch Analysis of Israel, Palestine, the Conflict, Media, US involvement, Maps, Iraq & the Sanctions....
Robert Fisk Articles and reports by the Middle East correspondent for Independent Newspaper UK
Suite101 Middle East politics, articles & links
United States Report on the Middle East Political, economic and defense news are updated daily

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Middle East Organizations
Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) The programs and services are primarily geared towards higher managerial levels
Arab Association of Cyber Law Forums, conferences, workshops, activities....
Arab Geographic Information Systems Essential tools for governance, for commerce, and for environmental and social science
Arab Gulf Programme for UN Development Organizations Supporting and funding of programmes and projects, especially for motherhood and childhood
Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization Restructuring of the organs of inter-Arab cooperation
Arab Organization for Agricultural Development To enhance agricultural development in the Arab region
Arab Telecommunication & Information Council of Ministers
Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials Coordinating industrial activities amongst its members
Centre for Arab Unity Studies Promotes Arab unity
Centre for Strategic Studies Research and Documentation Middle East & Israeli issues
Cooperation Council of Arab States GCC - The Gulf Secretariat General. Charter and countries info
Council of Arab Economic Unity To achieve complete economic unity among the member states
Economic Research Forum Its mission is to initiate and fund policy-relevant economic research, to publish and disseminate the results
GCC-Cigre GCC Regional Committee for High Voltage Electric Systems
Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting GOIC - to enhance industrial development in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
League of Arab States Arab issues, community, news and declarations, civilization, photo gallery, Jerusalem....
Middle East Desalination Research Centre Dedicated to basic, applied and research in the area of desalination technology
Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences Resources for making the Arab region live in peace and security
Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society Aims to join all the Arab countries in one Fellowship supported by the International Societies
Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC) Development of the Information Technology and Software Industry in the Arab Region
Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East A cooperative venture by the scientists and governments of the region

Peace in The Middle East Visit Peace Process for Palestinian issues

Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies Dedicated to the study of Middle East peace and security, in particular Israel
Middle East Children's Alliance - MECA Peace and Justice in the Middle East, focus on Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq
Middle East Peace A community of peacemakers advancing Middle East peace through interaction, information and inspiration
MidEast Web for Coexistence Strives to create a better Middle East, to bring the peoples of the region closer


Al-Reem Environmental Devoted to the environment of the Arabian Gulf region....
Environment & Development The Leading Pan-Arab Environment Magazine
Water Science and Technology Association The result of individual efforts of those concerned with water affairs in the GCC

Other Organizations

Al-Hewar Centre To help overcome the negative image of Arabs and Muslims that has pervaded American culture
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Legal Services, education, events, press, chapters, publications
American Near East Refugee Aid - ANERA To reduce poverty and relieve suffering in the Middle East
Arab American Action Network Provides services to Chicago's Arab American community
Arab American Institute Committed to the civic and political empowerment of Americans of Arab descent
Atfal.Org Supports issues and events related to the Global Movement for Children in the Arab world
Australian Arab Council
Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding Better understanding between the Muslim world and the West
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia UN-SECWA Survey of economic and social development
Initiative EUMEDIS For the development of Euro-Mediterranean new communication and information technologies
Institut du Monde Arabe To favor the cultural exchanges, the communication and the cooperation between France and the Arabic world
MEDEA European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Co-operation, Information & Special files
Middle East Institute Founded on the premise that the Middle East would become a key region for the United States
Middle East Policy Council Journal, teachers workshops Special reports, related stories, News & references
Near East Foundation Helps people in the Middle East and Africa build better lives for themselves and their communities
UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Unrivalled research tool
UNDP's Sub-regional Resource Facility for Arab States Works to network knowledge and expertise
United Nations Development Programme - UNDP Supporting economic growth and improved governance
US Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs US relations, country information, peace process, regional topics....

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Travel & Tourism

Arab Airlines
Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) Information and links to airlines not listed below.
Afriqiyah Airways Libya
Air Algerie Schedules, agencies, reservation, FAQ....
Daallo Airlines Somalia and Djibouti
Egypt Air
Emirates UAE
Gulf Air Bahrain
Kuwait Airways
Middle East Airlines - MEA Lebanon
Oman Air
Palestinian Airlines
Qatar Airways
Royal Air Maroc Morocco
Royal Jordanian Airlines >
Royal Wings Airlines Jordan
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Sudan Airways
Syrian Air
Trans Mediterranean Airways - TMA Lebanon
Tunis Air
Yemenia Yemen Airways

Aer Rianta Involved in aviation and retail development in the ME region

Travel & Tours

Atlas Travel & Tourist Agency Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Holy Land - Tourist information, cities & sites, hotels, entertainment
Ancient World Travel & Tourism Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the surrounding countries
Pan East Tours For the discovery of the nations & unique cultures of the Middle East....
Voyageme Go places in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, UAE. Travel news, regional festivals, exhibitions and expos, hotels....


Armchair World 1 Tips for travellers to The Middle East and North Africa
Armchair World 2 Tips for travellers to Sub-Saharan Africa
Middle East Traveller Country guide
Sahara Info Forum, trip reports, photos, vehicle know how, desert directory....
Travel Notes Africa, country info, brief history, currency converter, flag, anthem, hotel search....
Travel Notes ME, country info, , brief history, currency converter, flag, anthem, hotel search....


MetroStar Search for hotels in the Middle East
Rotana Hotels, Inns & Suites One of the leading operator of hotels within the Middle East

Health & Travel Tips

CDC Travel Information 1 Health information for travellers to the Middle East
CDC Travel Information 2 Health information for travellers to North Africa


Yahoo! Weather Africa
Yahoo! Weather Middle East

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Special Sites

Al-Bushra Who are the Christians of the Holy Land and the Middle East? and other FAQs


History of the Jews From the Catholic Encyclopedia
The Jews Early history....

Moslems - Read the Quran to really know Islam

Al-Islam The Quran translated to many languages. Includes Hadith, biography of the Prophet (Sirah), manners....
Dates Converter Gregorian to Hijri, Hijri to Gregorian
Hajj and Umrah Info Portal Religious information, Travel information....
Islam OnLine Credibility & distinction
Qaradawi's Papers Books, lectures, fatwa, research, articles, poem, comments....
The Rightly-Guided Caliphs Those Caliphs who truly followed in the Prophet's foot steps
Submission A source on Islam on the WWW in many languages. Includes Mathematical Miracle of the Quran.
Teachings of Islam A site dedicated to the cause of Islam, Muslims and Mankind by Imam Muhammad Shirazi


Assyrian Info A comprehensive library of archives containing documents and images of past and present
Nineveh & Assyria A historical summary of the Assyrian people, from the dawn of civilization to the refugee situation of today
The State of Assyria News, education, government, health, art, sport, history....

Kurds Also see Iraq

AKA Kurdistan Opportunity to build a collective memory with a people who have no national archive
Kurdistan Regional Government - KRG News, progress, culture, reference....
The Kurds Early history....

Tuareg & Berber Also see Algeria

Tunghat A page about the Tuareg people (Imazighen of Niger, Mali, Burkina, Algeria and Libya)

Flaura & Fauna

A-Z of Camels The desert dweller's primary source of transport, shade, milk, meat, wool and hides
Arabian Horse Guide General information on the Arabian horse, interesting articles and an international marketplace
Arabian Wildlife Devoted to all aspects of the natural world
BirdLife Middle East To determine the priorities for bird conservation in the region
Camel Pictures and Facts
Coral Reefs Seas of the Middle East, oil pollution and Red Sea tourism lead the list
Ornithological Society of the Middle East To encourage an interest in and conservation of birds of the Middle East

Other Related Sites

Al-Ahwaz About the Arabs of Iran
Ansab A search engine on Arabian Peninsula tribes and families
Arabic Montreal Montreal Middle Eastern and Arabic Local Businesses and History Articles
Desert Voice Provide interesting information about GCC countries

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Gateways to the Arab World

123Arab.Com Directory & search engine
4 Arabs The largest search engine for Arabs and the Middle East
Aiwa Gulf GCC countries. News, directory, entertainment, shopping, family, classifieds, exhibitions....
ArabLand The Arab World Search Portal
Arabic Nights Arabic entertainment directory, Australia, Canada, UAE, USA
Al-Bab Country profiles, Arab life, culture, news....
Al-Bawaba The Middle East gateway....
Al-Dalil.Ajeeb Arab gateway, accurate search and easy browsing. News, discussions, chat, Islamic sites....
ArabBay Directory, gateway, services, chat, news....
ArabInfoSeek The Arab World wide web directory
Arabo.Com Arab sites directory - Hotels, business, tourism....
Araboo.Com Arab guide, Arab news, Arab web resources
ArabSearcher This Directory features over 60 of Arabic Search Engines in North Africa and Middle East
ArabSites.Com Search listing by country or category....
ArabWideWeb Arab gateway, search, news, chat, horoscope, classifieds....
Ayna Arabic internet directory, community, chat, e-mail, greeting cards and more....
Fanoos Directory, news, events, shopping, travel, chat, forum, sports, music, radio, TV, love & dating....
Hahooa Explore the Arab World. Categorized listing, includes interesting topics
MarWeb Morocco and Maghreb (North Africa) Search Engine and Directory
MELinks Middle East search engine
Middle East Internet Directory Comprehensive and accurate listings of commercial & business web sites, country statistics
Naseej.Com News & directory. A comprehensive listings by category. Islamic gateway....
Safara Gateway, services, chat,music, news,games....
Zorona Directory, gateway, services, chat....

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