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The purpose of this page is to encourage business with Palestinian companies.

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AAttaj Arabic Art and Advertising Products - Nablus
Arabic 2000 Webpage design, advertising, hosting, translation
Aelia Connecting people with people and people with information
Al-Ghanem Cleaning Company Arabic specializes in companies, libraries, industrial and residential cleaning - Ramallah, Nablus
Alami Electronics Selling, repairing & maintaining electronics devices & PCs, internet service provider - Jerusalem
Al-Nassar Modern Aluminum Company +Arabic Trading and manufacturing Aluminum systems - Ramallah & Nablus
Amro & Associates Law Office Specializes in general civil practice, corporate, international trades - Ramallah
Arab Consultants Group - ACG An engineering design office in Gaza
Arab Clearing Agency Clearing & shipping - Bethlehem....
Arab Palestinian Investment Co. +Arabic APIC - Opportunities, indicators, goals, experience ....
ArabCare Medical Services Health care, medical centers, activities
Assali Computer Services Ltd. - ACS Business software development

Bailasan Palestinian Internet Services Co.
Bandak International Trading Company The Palestinian Coffee Company - Bethlehem
Baraka The Palestinian NGO Network - Human rights organizations
Bethlehem Souvenir Offers christian gifts such as olive wood, cross, silver, gold, ceramic from Palestine....
Bethlehem Star Olivewood Factory Nativity sets, crosses, boxes, ornaments, figures, animals - Bethlehem
Birzeit-Palestine Pharmaceutical Co.
Building Center (BC) Geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing and inspection

Castle Establishment Co. Arabic Computers & information systems - Gaza & Ramallah

Dawaer Arabic Website design and advertising - Nablus

Educational Bookshop Providing educational and cultural books and studies about Palestine and The Middle East
Expo Works+ A one stop-shop of specialists, facilities and expertise for launching, planning, hosting, implementing, coordinating and marketing expos and events
Eyad Abu Taha Graphic & web designer

Galilee-On-Line Internet service provider - Nazareth
Global IT Offer Courses in IT Training and web design - Bethlehem
Good Shepherd Engineering & Computing Co. - GSECC Auto CAD & GIS in Palestine
GraFIX A new stylish & unique product in a short time with high quality - Jerusalem

Habash Consulting Engineers Architectural and structural design
Hally Computer & Communication Systems Web hosting & web site creation services
Harb Heart Center Early detection, treatment and advice on prevention to help the fight against cardiac and vascular disease
Hebron Internet Network Provides full internet access in addition to web design and hosting
Holy Land Industry +Arabic Provides full internet access in addition to web design and hosting
Hussam Attereh Group A leading law firm that focuses on advising major corporations and financial institutions in Palestine and Jordan

Jerusalem OnLine Internet services & network solutions

Karraa Mosaics & Stones Holy Land Mosaics - Bethlehem

Link Production Live studio for news purposes, documentary film production, advertisement and media-related workshops....
Lulu Internet & Telecommunications Services Center +Arabic Natural products: Soap. Shampoo and Cream

Massar Associates Provides integrated and comprehensive services to both international and local clients
MegaTech Power & Electro Solutions +Arabic Specializes in the field of and power supply systems and uninterruptible power supplies
Modern Arabian Business Corporation MABCO: State-of-the-art office equipment
MS Web Designers Specialises in custom web design, ecommerce, Internet applications development and e-business strategy - Bethlehem & London

New Techni Comp Design your own computer - Ramallah
Number 1Source +Arabic Highest quality renewable energy products and turnkey solutions ....

Palestine Capital Studios Satellite service provider and production company - Ramallah
Palestine Consultancy Group (PCG) +Arabic Provides the professional assistance necessary for the defense of the Arab inhabitants’ rights, individually and collectively (Includes GIS of Jersusalem)
Palestine Real Estate Investment Co. (Aqaria) Development & sale of property
Palestine.On.Line Local internet provider
Palestine Telecomunications Company Telecomunications, internet & mobile services
Palestinian Academic Network PLANET
Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority .PS Domain Names Registry
Palestinian Pottery Producing exclusive hand painted ceramic tiles and pottery since 1922
Palgate Palestinian Network
PalMart Trading & Investment Company
Palnet Communications Internet service provider
Palsign Internet technologies, services....
PalSoft Internet Cafe Internet & computer services
Paltime Manufacturer Outlet A large variety of Palestinian products; Food, Olive Wood, and other traditional products....
PhoenixBird Information Technology & Systems Systems integrator, Turnkey Solutions provider, IT solutions and Consultancy Services - Gaza

R@nNet Internet provider, services, sites, links - Nazareth
RGB +Arabic IT solutions, complete corporate imaging, printing solutions - Jerysalem

Sama Production +Arabic Offers web site development, digital sound recording, graphic design.... Ramallah
Sandrouni Workshop ancient art and craft of Armenian ceramics - Jerusalem
Sharhabeel Al Zaeem & Associates Attornies at law & legal consultants - Gaza
Sidata Communication systems, information systems, internet services counsultation
Sinokrot Food Company
SofNet Advertising & sites hosting on the internet

Tamimi Ceramics Traditional ceramics & pottery manufacturer
Taqaddom Scales Co. Ltd. Scales, balances, metal furniture, shelving systems

Zaytona Soft Computer information & application (includes webpages of clients) - Nablus

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