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Palestine, historic region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, at various times comprising parts of modern Israel, the West Bank and Gaza (recognized internationally by nations as independent Palestine), Jordan, and Egypt; also known as the Holy Land. The name is derived from a word meaning land of the Philistines. This article discusses mainly the geography and the history of Palestine until the United Nations took up the Palestine problem in 1947.

In the Bible, Palestine is called Canaan before the invasion of Joshua; the usual Hebrew name is Eretz Israel [land of Israel]. Palestine is the Holy Land of Jews, having been promised to them by God according to the Bible; of Christians because it was the scene of Jesus' life; and of Muslims because they consider Islam to be the heir of Judaism and Christianity and because Jerusalem is the site, according to Muslim tradition, of Muhammad's ascent to heaven. The Holy Land derives its special character from being a place of pilgrimage. Shrines, shared in common by several religions, cluster most numerously in and about Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Hebron.

The earliest known inhabitants of Palestine were of the same group as the Neanderthal inhabitants of Europe. By the 4th millennium BC Palestine was inhabited by herders and farmers. It was in the 3d millennium that most of the towns known in historical times came into existence. They became centers of trade for Egyptian and Babylonian goods. During the 2d millennium, Palestine was ruled by the Hyksos and by the Egyptians. Toward the end of this period Moses led the Hebrew people out of Egypt, across the Sinai, and into Palestine.

Around 1200 BC, the Philistines (Sea Peoples) invaded the southern coastland and established a powerful kingdom. The Hebrews were subject to the Philistines until c.1000 BC, when an independent Hebrew kingdom was established under Saul , who was succeeded by David and then by Solomon . After the expansionist reign of Solomon (c.950 BC), the kingdom broke up into two states, Israel, with its capital at Samaria, and Judah, under the house of David, with its capital at Jerusalem. The two kingdoms were later conquered by expanding Mesopotamian states, Israel by Assyria (c.720 BC) and Judah by Babylonia (586 BC).

In 539 BC the Persians conquered the Babylonians. The Jewish Temple, destroyed by the Babylonians, was rebuilt (516 BC). Under Persian rule Palestine enjoyed considerable autonomy. Alexander the Great of Macedon, conquered Palestine in 333 BC His successors, the Ptolemies and Seleucids, contested for Palestine. The attempt of the Seleucid Antiochus IV (Antiochus Epiphanes) to impose Hellenism brought a Jewish revolt under the Maccabees , who set up a new Jewish state in 142 BC The state lasted until 63 BC, when Pompey conquered Palestine for Rome.

Palestine at the time of Jesus was ruled by puppet kings of the Romans, the Herods. When the Jews revolted in AD 66, the Romans destroyed the Temple (AD 70). Another revolt between AD 132 and 135 was also suppressed, Jericho and Bethlehem were destroyed, and the Jews were barred from Jerusalem. When Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity (312), Palestine became a center of Christian pilgrimage, and many Jews left the region. Palestine over the next few centuries generally enjoyed peace and prosperity until it was conquered in 614 by the Persians. It was recovered briefly by the Byzantine Romans, but fell to the Muslim Arabs under caliph Omar by the year 640.

At this time (during the Umayyad rule), the importance of Palestine as a holy place for Muslims was emphasized, and in 691 the Dome of the Rock was erected on the site of the Temple of Solomon, which is claimed by Muslims to have been the halting station of Muhammad on his journey to heaven. Close to the Dome, the Aqsa mosque was built. In 750, Palestine passed to the Abbasid caliphate, and this period was marked by unrest between factions that favored the Umayyads and those who preferred the new rulers.

In the 9th cent., Palestine was conquered by the Fatimid dynasty, which had risen to power in North Africa. The Fatimids had many enemies—the Seljuks, Karmatians, Byzantines, and Bedouins—and Palestine became a battlefield. Under the Fatimid caliph al Hakim (996–1021), the Christians and Jews were harshly suppressed, and many churches were destroyed. In 1099, Palestine was captured by the Crusaders (see Crusades ), who established the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Crusaders were defeated by Saladin at the battle of Hittin (1187), and the Latin Kingdom was ended; they were finally driven out of Palestine by the Mamluks in 1291. Under Mamluk rule Palestine declined.

In 1516 the Mamluks were defeated by the Ottoman Turks. The first three centuries of Ottoman rule isolated Palestine from outside influence. In 1831, Muhammad Ali, the Egyptian viceroy nominally subject to the Ottoman sultan, occupied Palestine. Under him and his son the region was opened to European influence. Ottoman control was reasserted in 1840, but Western influence continued. Among the many European settlements established, the most significant in the long run were those of Jews, Russian Jews being the first to come (1882).

In the late 19th cent. the Zionist movement was founded with the goal of establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and dozens of Zionist colonies were founded there. At the start of the Zionist colonization of Palestine in the late 19th cent., the rural people were Arab peasants (fellahin). Most of the population were Muslims, but in the urban areas there were sizable groups of Arab Christians (at Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem) and of Jews (at Zefat, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Jericho, and Hebron).

At the same time Arab nationalism was developing in the Middle East in opposition to Turkish rule. In World War I the British, with Arab aid, gained control of Palestine. In the Balfour Declaration (1917) the British promised Zionist leaders to aid the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine, with due regard for the rights of non-Jewish Palestinians. However, the British had also promised Arab leaders to support the creation of independent Arab states. The Arabs believed Palestine was to be among these, an intention that the British later denied.

In 1919 there were about 568,000 Muslims, 74,000 Christians, and 58,000 Jews in Palestine. The first Arab anti-Zionist riots occurred in Palestine in 1920. The League of Nations approved the British mandate in 1922, although the actual administration of the area had begun in 1920. As part of the mandate Britain was given the responsibility for aiding the Jewish homeland and fostering Jewish immigration there. The British stressed that their policy to aid the homeland did not include making all Palestine the homeland, but rather that such a home should exist within Palestine and that there were economic limits on how many immigrants should be admitted (1922 White Paper).

In the 1920s, Jewish immigration was slight, but the Jewish communities made great economic progress. In 1929 there was serious Jewish-Arab violence occasioned by a clash at the Western, or Wailing, Wall in Jerusalem. A British report found that Arabs feared the economic and political consequences of continued Jewish immigration with its attendant land purchases. Zionists were angered when a new White Paper (1930) urged limiting immigration, but they were placated by Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald (1931).

The rise of Nazism in Europe during the 1930s led to a great increase in immigration. Whereas there were about 5,000 immigrants authorized in 1932, about 62,000 were authorized in 1935. Arabs conducted strikes and boycotts; a general strike in 1936, organized by Haj Amin al Husayni, mufti of Jerusalem, lasted six months. Some Arabs acquired weapons and formed a guerrilla force. The Peel commission (1937), finding British promises to Zionists and Arabs irreconcilable, declared the mandate unworkable and recommended the partition of Palestine into Jewish, Arab, and British (largely the holy places) mandatory states. The Zionists reluctantly approved partition, but the Arabs rejected it, objecting particularly to the proposal that the Arab population be forcibly transferred out of the proposed Jewish state.

The British dropped the partition idea and announced a new policy (1939 White Paper). Fifteen thousand Jews a year would be allowed to immigrate for the next five years, after which Jewish immigration would be subject to Arab acquiescence; Jewish land purchases were to be restricted; and within 10 years an independent, binational Palestine would be established. The Zionists were shocked by what they considered a betrayal of the Balfour Declaration. The Arabs also rejected the plan, demanding instead the immediate creation of an Arab Palestine, the prohibition of further immigration, and a review of the status of all Jewish immigrants since 1918.

The outbreak of World War II prevented the implementation of the plan, except for the restriction on land transfers. The Zionists and most Arabs supported Britain in the war (although Haj Amin al Husayni was in Germany and negotiated Palestine's future with Hitler), but tension inside Palestine increased. The Haganah, a secret armed group organized by the Jewish Agency, and the Irgun and the Stern Gang, terrorist groups, were active. British officials were killed by the terrorists. The horrible plight of European Jewry led influential forces in the United States to lobby for support of an independent Jewish state, and President Truman requested that Britain permit the admission of 100,000 Jews. Illegal immigration, often involving survivors of Hitler's death camps, took place on a large scale. The independent Arab states organized the Arab League to exert internationally what pressure they could against the Zionists.

An Anglo-American commission recommended (1946) that Britain continue administering Palestine, rescind the land-transfer restrictions, and admit 100,000 Jews, and that the underground Jewish armed groups be disbanded. A plan for autonomy for Jews and Arabs within Palestine was discussed at a London conference (1947) of British, Arabs, and Zionists, but no agreement could be reached. The British, declaring their mandate unworkable and despairing of finding a solution, turned the Palestine problem over to the United Nations (Feb., 1947). At that time there were about 1,091,000 Muslims, 614,000 Jews, and 146,000 Christians in Palestine.

The United Nations Special Committee on Palestine devised a plan to divide Palestine into a Jewish state, an Arab state, and a small internationally administered zone including Jerusalem, and the General Assembly adopted the recommendations on Nov. 29, 1947. The Jews accepted the plan; the Arabs rejected it. As the British began to withdraw early in 1948, Arabs and Jews prepared for war.

On May 14, 1948, when the British high commissioner for Palestine departed, the state of Israel was proclaimed at Tel Aviv. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq invaded Israel, as most Palestinian Arabs were driven from Jewish territory. By the time armistice agreements were reached (Jan., 1949), Israel had increased its holdings by about one-half. Jordan annexed the Arab-held area adjoining its territory, and Egypt occupied the coastal Gaza Strip in the southwest.

On June 5, 1967, Israel struck against Egypt and Syria; Jordan subsequently attacked Israel. In six days, Israel occupied the Gaza Strip and the Sinai peninsula of Egypt, the Golan Heights of Syria, and the West Bank and Arab sector of E Jerusalem (both under Jordanian rule), thereby giving the conflict the name of the Six-Day War. Israel unified the Arab and Israeli sectors of Jerusalem, and Arab guerrillas stepped up their incursions, operating largely from Jordan.

In Dec., 1987, a popular Palestinian uprising (Intifada) began against Israeli rule in the occupied territories. Peace talks between Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and a joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation began in Aug., 1991. Rioting and clashes with Israeli troops continued into the 1990s. An accord between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), reached in 1993 after secret negotiations, led to the establishment of the PA and limited self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in mid-1994. Agreements providing for a transfer of control to Palestinians in the West Bank town of Jericho and the Gaza Strip, and then in the other West Bank cities and towns (except East Jerusalem), were finalized in 1994 and 1995 and largely implemented by early 1996. In Mar., 1996, Israel sealed off many towns in the West Bank following a series of suicide bombings inside Israel. Most of Hebron was handed over to the Palestinians in 1997 and, in a 1998 accord, Israel agreed to withdraw from additional West Bank territory. Despite Israeli military incursions into Palestinian territory and attacks on Palestinian authorities and forces, Palestinian attacks on Israelis in Israel and the occupied territories did not end, and in 2002 Sharon's government ordered the reoccupation of West Bank towns in a new attempt to stop those attacks.

Israel's construction of a security barrier in the West Bank became an international issue in 2003. It was begun in 2002 in the N West Bank, where it paralleled the border, and around Jerusalem, but its planned extension south and into the West Bank to protect Israeli settlements brought widespread condemnation because of West Bank territory it would enclosed and the many Palestinians whose lives would be disrupted. An International Court of Justice opinion (2004), requested by the UN General Assembly, termed barrier illegal, in part because it enclosed Palestinian territory. Israeli court decisions several times ordered the wall partially rerouted because of the hardship it would cause.

The Israeli group Peace Now asserted in November that, according to government documents, nearly 40% (and perhaps more) of the land on which Israel's West Bank settlements were built was privately owned Palestinian land, in violation of Israeli law. More current information given by the government to the group in Mar., 2007, indicated that private land made up more than 30% of the settlements but did not indicate how much was Palestinian-owned (the vast bulk of the private land in the first set of documents was Palestinian).

In Jan., 2004, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon announced a plan for the withdrawal of all Israeli settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip, and it was subsequently adopted by his government. The settlements were evacuated in Aug., 2005, and Israeli forces withdrew the following month. The Strip threatened to descend into anarchic violence after the withdrawal, with the Palestinian Authority unable to exert effective control over the territory. The Gaza Strip also continued to be a source of attacks against Israel and suffer retaliatory Israeli attacks. These escalated into open warfare in June, 2006, after Hamas guerrillas captured an Israeli soldier and Israel invaded the Gaza Strip, and in the following months Israel continued to mount operations into the territory.

The situation in Gaza became economically dire as a result of continual conflict (some of it between Hamas and Al Fatah) and the restricted funding available to the Palestinian Authority. In June, 2007, the fighting between Palestinians ended with Al Fatah's defeat, placing the Gaza Strip under Hamas's control. The region nonetheless continued to be the scene of intra-Palestinian conflict, and Israel subsequently restricted the flow of goods into Gaza to humanitarian aid.

Mahmoud Abbas was elected president in 2005 after Arafat's death. He and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon subsequently agreed to a truce, and in Mar., 2005, Israeli forces began handing over control of Jericho and other West Bank towns to the PA. Subsequent violence, however, halted and reversed the process. A few Israeli settlements in the N West Bank were evacuated in 2005 in conjunction with the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, but the number of Israeli settlers continued to increase.

The takeover of the Gaza Strip by Hamas forces in June, 2007 led to increased talks with the Palestinian Authority and other moves designed to strengthen President Abbas, as well as Israeli restrictions on cross-border trade into the Gaza Strip. In early 2008, in response to Hamas rocket attacks, Israel tightened its blockade of goods into the Gaza Strip, but that move and Israeli retaliatory attacks failed to stop the rocket attacks. In June, 2008, a six-month cease-fire was established with Israel that included a partial reopening of the border. The cease-fire largely held until a significant outbreak of fighting in Nov., 2008, and was officially ended the next month. Late in Dec., 2008, Israel mounted an offensive against Hamas, with ground operations in Jan., 2009. Some 1,300 persons, about half of whom were civilians, died in the Gaza Strip before Israel and Hamas separately declared cease-fires in mid-January and Israeli forces withdrew; more than 20,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed. Both sides subsequently were accused of war crimes by international human-rights organizations and a UN fact-finding mission.

By mid-2009, Israel had eased its control over a number of towns while not restoring full PA control. That same year Israel halted new settlement construction for ten months while negotiations occurred; construction subsequently resumed. Israel's continuing approval of new construction in the West Bank led to U.S. criticism in Nov., 2009, that Israel was frustrating peace negotiations. The government subsequently suspended new construction for 10 months, but the exclusion of East Jerusalem from the moratorium and the continuing construction of buildings already begun was denounced by the Palestinians. When the moratorium ended in Sept., 2010, there had been little progress if any in negotiations, and a year later the Palestinian Authority unsuccessfully sought recognition from, and full membership in, the United Nations.

In response to ongoing rocket attacks from region, Israel tightened its blockade of the Gaza Strip in Jan., 2008; the resulting shortages led Hamas to force open the Egyptian border, which had mainly been closed since 2005, for several days. In May, 2010, a Turkish aid convoy challenging the blockade was boarded in international waters in a deadly raid by Israeli forces. The raid, which was widely condemned internationally, focused global attention on the blockade; Egypt subsequently reopened its border crossing, and Israel eased its blockade on imports somewhat.

In 2011 the PA unsuccessfully sought recognition from, and full membership in, the United Nations as part of its wider drive for international recognition in the face of stalled peace negotiations with Israel, but in 2012 it received de facto recognition as independent Palestine from the UN General Assembly. It also was admitted to membership in the International Criminal Court in 2015. Peace negotiations, meanwhile, have not progressed.

Sporadic rocket and mortar attacks and Israeli air strikes, as well as minor cross-border incursions, continued. In Nov., 2012, Israeli air strikes, including one that killed the Hamas military chief, sparked the most intense cross-border attacks in four years. After the Palestinian Authority received de facto recognition as an independent state from the UN General Assembly in Dec., 2012, the Israeli government authorized the development of thousands of new settler homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In mid-2013, U.S.-brokered peace talks resumed, but by Apr., 2014, they had essentially collapsed amid increased demands from Israel on retaining areas in the West Bank, Israeli approval for new settlements in the West Bank, a stalled Israeli prisoner release program, and a Palestinian bid for further recognition from UN agencies. A new round of cross-border attacks began in July, 2014, after Israeli blamed Hamas for the murder of three teenage settlers in the West Bank and launched air strikes against the Gaza Strip, leading to a ground offensive by Israel; a cease-fire was established in August. Some 2,200 died in the fighting, the majority Palestinian civilians.

Following the firebombing of a Palestinian home in July, 2015, a series of clashes and of attacks against Israelis erupted in the West Bank and Israel, the attacks continued into 2016. In 2017 Netanyahu's goverment approved guidelines that allowed the largely unconstrained building of new housing in existing West Bank settlements; it has also moved forward with new Israeli housing in East Jerusalem. U.S. President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital in Dec., 2017, was praised by Israeli leaders but denounced by Palestinians. In the first half of 2018, Israeli strikes against Iranian forces in Syria led to a rocket attack on the Golan Heights and a subsequent Israeli retaliation against Iranian targets in Syria. Hamas mounted mass marches against the Israeli-Gaza border in March–May; more than 100 Gazans were killed and thousands wounded by Israeli fire. In late May, the marches were followed by exchanges of shelling and bombardment by Gaza militants and Israeli forces until a ceasefire was established; a second outbreak of such exchanges occurred in July.


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Aqlam Al Thaqafiyya Magazine A cultural magazine - stories, articles, forums....
Al-Buraq Daily online news, reports, economy, technology, Arab gateway....
If Americans Knew Provide information that is to a large degree missing from American press coverage of this critical region
Jerusalem Times Internet edition
Kibush - The Occupation Magazine A group of Israeli anti-occupation activists disturbed by the misrepresentation of events by the Israeli and US media
Maán News Agency Promoting understanding of the Palestinian situation by strengthening cooperation between local and international media
Our Jerusalem Today's top news stories from Jerusalem, Israel and the Arab World - An Israeli site
Palestine Chronicle Editorials, articles & news from Palestine, the Middle East and beyond....
Palestine Free Voice Local news from Palestine, poetry, artm litterature, music, heritage....
Palestine-Israel Journal Culture, economics, archive, links
Palestinian Information Center Daily news, political analysys, Palestinian Question, human rights, Zionist terrorism....
The Palestine Monitor Disseminating messages and unified responses to the press about local developments coming from Palestinian civil society
Palestine News Network Politics, Prisoners, Human Rights, Culture, Opinion, Nonviolence, Reports, International, Economy....
Palestine News Agency - WAFA News, economy, politics, photos, documents, geography, cities, archives, weather, annual reports....
This Week in Palestine Articles, events, directory, tourism, statistics, in the limelight....
Voice of Palestine Latest news, articles, live TV, archives, polls....

Radio, TV, Internet....

Pal TV The Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation. Live TV, News, Programmes, Sport....
Radio & TV Amwaj The most popular private radio and TV service in Palestine
TMFM 97.7 Radio Tariq Al Mahabbeh (Love Lane). Curfew days, special interviews, news, articles, children....

Articles, Reports, Cartoons, Media related sites....

Baha Boukhari Cartoon Featuring Abu-Arab, Abu Al-Abed, Arab & international themes....
Electonic Intifada The war in the media for a representation of the Palestinian point of view....
Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) Provides journalists with quick access to information about Palestine and the Palestinians
Institute of Palestine Studies (IPS) Readerships consisting of academics, experts, students, activists, writers, and journalists
Palestinian Information Center News coverage of mainly Palestinian events advocating the Palestinian cause from a multi-layered lens
Palestine Media Watch Keep an eye on biased and unfair opinion pieces, columns and stories on the Palestinian crisis
Ray Hanania's The Daily Hookah Writings, literature, speeches, books, issues....
Women Behind The Wall A glimpse into the lives of Palestinian christian women living under the Israeli occupation.

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Government & Organizations....

Government, Ministries, Overseas Missions, Embassies....
Council of Ministers Meetings and Decisions, Media Center, Government Strategy, Studies and Articles
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Foreign relations, key documents, articles,diplomatic missions, newsletter....
Ministry of Health Directorates, researches, technical assistant project, statistics....
Ministry of Information Palestine basic info, who's who at PNA, Jerusalem, Palestinian cause worldwide....
Ministry of Interior Responsible for internal affairs, such as public security, civil registration and identification....
Ministry of Justice Ministry E-Services
Ministry of Local Governorate Minister's biography, concept of local government, general policy, objectives, duties,structure
Ministry of Social Development Social protection for the Palestinian people
Ministry of Telecommunication & Information Technology Responsible for managing, regulating and developing the telecommunications, information technology and postal sector
Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities Visit the main cities, events, travel information, directory....
Office of the President The Planning Centre - Opinion, abstract, publications
Palestine Monetary Authority Encouraging economical development
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Statistics on demographic, social, economic and environmental trends
Palestinian Economic Council for Development & Reconstruction PECDAR - Activity & economic reports....
Palestinian Energy Authority Providing the citizens of Palestine with reliable electricity at affordable prices
Palestinian Legislative Council Elections, releases, library, members, committees, laws, international affairs....
PLO Negotiations Affairs Department (NAD) To follow up on the implementation of the Interim Agreement signed between Israel and the PLO.

General Delegation of Palestine to Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific Cooperation and understanding between the people of Palestine and these countries
Permanent Mission of Palestine to the UN Information on important issues related to Palestine and the UN
PLO Delegation of Palestine to USA Consular affairs and resources

United Nations & Foreign....

Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People UNDP - The Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA Palestine) Focusing on demographic training, maternal and child health care and family planning in the occupied territory
United Nations on the Question of Palestine Overview, resolutiions, UNISPAL, NGOs....

British Council in Occupied Palestinian Territories Partnership with Palestinian people in the development of their society and institutions
U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs Manage Diplomatic Relations with the Palestinian Authority.

Peace Process.... Visit Arab Peace Process for regional issues

Americans & Palestinians for Peace AMPAL - Supports all peaceful efforts to achieve an independent Palestinian state
Foundation for Middle East Peace Dedicated to informing Americans about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Gush Shalom Who & what, news & updates, publications & archives, links
Oasis of Peace A cooperative village of Jews and Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship.
Ta'ayush Israelis & Palestinians striving together to end the Israeli occupation and to achieve full civil equality
Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine One in which Jews and Palestinians share the land of Israel/Palestine

Relief Organizations, Charities, Societies....

Interpal Empower Palestinians facing poverty and hardship across the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon
Joint Advocacy Initiative Advocate for human rights and dignity, equal value of all human beings, mutual respect....
Palestine Red Crescent Society Health, social and other humanitarian services for the Palestinian People in the ME
Palestinian Diaspora & Refugee Centre SHAML - Facts, figures, photo album, activities, publications, links....
Saraya Centre for Community Services Serve mainly women, children and youth of Arab Jerusalem
United Palestinian Appeal Help Palestinians meet their relief and development needs (USA)
United Nations Relief and Works Agency - UNRWA The main aid provider for millions of Palestinians in Gaza and the region
USAID - West Bank and Gaza Empowers Palestinians to build thriving communities, promote development and advance a two-state solution

Industry Related....

Applied Research Institute ARIJ - Promotes self-reliance of Palestinians through greater control over their natural resources
MA’AN Development Centre To develop training workshops in the areas of marketing and business skills (Ramallah & Gaza)
Palestine Power Generation Company (PPGC) One of the most important pillars of the Palestinian economy
Palestine Standards Institution Accredited testing facilities, calibration services, and certification....
Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority The Official domain registry for the Palestinian country code....


Al-Ahli Hospital Patients Friends Society - Improvement of deteriorating health conditions in Hebron Area.
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Help heal the scars of violence and oppression
Health, Development, Information & Policy Institute HDIP - Improving the status of health care for all Palestinians
Norwegian Aid Comittee - NORWAC Works with the Palestinian Ministry of Health to develop public health and educational institutions
Palestinian Medical Relief Society Focus on the needs of the most vulnerable members of Palestinian society: women, children, disabled and the poor in rural villages....
Rehabilitation Centre - Patient's Friends Society Vital services offered to the disabled Palestinians - Ramallah
World Food Programme Fight against global hunger....

Other Palestinian & Arab Based Organizations & Action Groups....

Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Movement Boycotts, divestments, and economic sanctions against Israel until it cmplies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights
Islamic Association for Palestine Advancing a just, comprehensive, and eternal solution to the cause of Palestine
Jerusalem Centre for Women Promotes discussion of women's issues and advocate women's rights within Palestine
Jerusalem Water Undertaking Improve the living and environmental health situation of the population of Ramallah and Al-Bireh
Jerusalemites Educating and exposing the human dimension of the Palestinian people and their attachment to their land
Librarians and Archivists with Palestine (LAP) Information workers in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination
NGO Development Center (NDC) Address social needs and promote self-reliance amidst poverty
Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK TakeS on the might of governments, corporations, and the media
Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy Miftah - Documents, key issues, facts
Palestinian Centre for Rapproachement between People Informing the public about the reality in Palestine, and empowering the community through nonviolent direct action
Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center WI'AM - resolve disputes by implementing traditional form of mediation, along with Western models of conflict transformation
Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy Muwatin - Contributes to the process of democratic transformation
Palestinian NGO Portal-Masader A wealth of information and a substantial database on Palestinian NGOs
Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center Promotes international awareness regarding the identity of Palestinian Christians
Taawon A Palestinian non-governmental organization that is dedicated to promoting the steadfastness of Palestine and Palestinians
Women’s Studies Centre WSC promotes social change, equality and justice in the midst of strong social and political oppression

Other Overseas Based Organizations & Action Groups....

Al-Awda - Palestine Right To Return Coalition Supports initiatives for action related to Palestinian rights (USA)
American Federation of Ramallah Promote social interaction among members and to cherish common heritage
American Muslims for Jerusalem To present accurate and timely information to the mass media and other interested parties
Bethlehem Association A nonprofit, charitable and cultural corporation to help people of the Bethlehem region (USA)
Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Australia Part of the global effort to end support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law
Christian Peacemaker Teams CPT - an organization committed to reducing violence by "Getting in the Way" (USA)
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation A group to inform American Christians of the plight of Palestinian Christians....
Institute for Palestine Studies Research & Publication Centre - Study of the Arab-Israeli conflict and Palestinian affairs (USA)
Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) free medical care to thousands of injured and ill children (USA)
Palestine Solidarity Campaign An activist organisation in England and Wales that promotes solidarity with the Palestinian people
Project Rozana Builds better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians through health
Remember These Children Call for an end to the killing of children, for a just peace and for a fair resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (USA)
US Campaign for Palestinian Rights A national coalition of hundreds of groups working to advocate for Palestinian rights and a shift in US policy

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Travel & Tourism

Airlines, Air, Sea & Coach Charters Services
Gaza Airport Entry conditions, technical Information, services & facilities, flights operate to/from GIA....

Travel, Tours, Guides.... More country info

Beyond Borders Tours "Not your average West Bank Tour" - Private Day Tours throughout the West Bank
Blessed Land Tours & Travel Combining tours with Jordan, Sinai, Egypt and Syria
Daher Travel Holyland 2000, specialized in tours to the holy land
Alternative tour company to Israel and Palestine providing tours that visit historic sites and promote democratic values and human rights.
Guiding Star Specialised in Christian pilgrimage and multi-country regional tours. Country info, maps, FAQs....
Hantourism Community-based Tourism, experience Palestine like never before
Holy Land VIP Tours Tailored and luxurious Private tours led by long experienced Christian tour guides
Travel Palestine Palestine's Official Tourism Website
United Travel - the Holy Land Your Christian Guide in the Holy Land
Universal Tourist Agency Serving travelers in the entire Holy Land
Walk Palestine Walking trails in Palestine are as old as the stones of Jerusalem. Caravan routes that people have been using for thousands of years

World Travel Guide Israel: Accommodation, addresses, business, climate, essentials, resort, social, travel

Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Hostels....

Al-Yasmeen Motel & Souq Nablus - adjacent to Khan Al-Tujar where stores are lively with shoppers
Alcazar Hotel Jerusalem - from a different point of view
Commodore Hotel Jerusalem The joyful breeze of the Mt. of Olives, the warm hospitality in a pleasant family atmosphere....
Jericho Resort Village Beautiful resort complex and all the comforts of modern hospitality in the world’s oldest city
Jerusalem Hotel A family-run, unique and intimate experience in a cozy and authentic Jerusalem ambience
Jerusalem Panorama Hotel Offers a unique location alongside the Mount of Olives on a hilltop overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem....
Mount of Olives Hotel Jerusalem - Famous churches and sites, tours, restaurants....

Hotels of Palestine Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Gaza, Nablus, Jericho, Ramallah, Hebron, Jenin


Al-Bardauni - Ramallah Restaurant serving traditional dishes. History, services, menu

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Gateways to Palestine

Gaza.Net Web directory, Arabic & English news coverage
PalestineYellowPages Directory with addresses....
PalGuide A guide & directory to Palestinian links with local info
PalSeek Electronic directory & other information
Weino Listing by catagories, cities, addresses....

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