Abu Hejleh Family Tree Branches

(The First & Second Generations)

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Mohammad ABU HEJLEH History

Note: Married beside the name means is "married to" or "was married to". The spouse may be divorced or deceased.

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Hejleh Group Ma3an

Web hejleh.com
Use standard search syntax. The more names you have the narrower the search e.g. Mazen Mufeed Yousef Othman
The most likely page to find the name will be if the main branch and sub-branch appears e.g. for the above name: Othman and Yousef Othman.
If you do not find it, try Writing & Pronouncing of Arabic Names to find out how it may appear in these pages or see Note ~ below.
(Due to different ways of spelling Abdallah, Abedallah etc, Abdallah is used throughout the pages.
When a name starts with abd, abed etc such as Abd-ElRahman, Abdul-Raheem try using the second name only such as Rahman, Raheem only or use Abdel-and second name)
In most cases "e" is used if there no Ya in the arabic name of a male e.g. Jehad not Jihad, if it is a female then "i" is used.
In some cases numbers replace letters. The only numbers used here are:


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Important notes:
Due to ordering changes and new additions, the ordering of the first generation is as displayed on this page i.e. the first letter now refers to a branch and the other letters refer to order of birth. See Note 3 below.
The Family Tree is updated regularly and contains (hopefully) accurate information. If you find any errors in cross-linking between branches or mistakes, please inform me immediately.

Note 1: Read Writing & pronouncing of Arabic names to find out how your name may appear in this tree.
Note 2: If still not found, then try to find the name of a close family member ( father, uncle or grandfather ) to check if the branch is included
             and / or if it is incomplete. Check
Required Data.
Note 3: In a reference to a name, the letters mean the following:
             * Capital letter = male and small letter = female
             * The first letter refers to a branch
             * "A/a" is the first born, "B/b" is the second born and so on relative to the letter before it.
                 e.g. GCEAc: G is Othman branch, C is the 3rd born of Othman = Yousef, E is the 5th born of Yousef = Mufeed,
                                       A is the 1st born of Mufeed= Mazen, c is the 3rd born of Mazen = Lana.
             * The following letters are not used: I/i, L/l, O/o.
Note 4: References e.g. GCEAc, are used so that relatives from different branches of the family can be traced easily, even to knowing ibn or
             bint al-3ameh and /or al-khaleh. The names that are in orange are cousins who are not Hejleh and seize to branch in this tree and will be
             only referred to if married to an Abu Hejleh.
Note 5: If a person is married to an Abu Hejleh then clicking on the spouse's name take you to their position in the tree.
Note 6: In the other family pages "Back to root" takes you to the root of the sub-branch you are viewing e.g. if viewing GCEA takes you to GCE etc ....
Note 7: Some names may not appear in chronological order i.e. oldest to youngest due to lack of information.
Note 8: Married beside the name means is "married to" or "was married to". The spouse may have been divorced or deceased.

Required Data
To complete the family tree, please supply any or all of the following information:
1- Full name and branch or Reference number if known.
2- Names of family members, father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and other relatives.
3- For the above, birth dates so they can be placed in order and death dates ( the year at least ).
4- Names of husbands and wives (even if deceased or divorced). If they are a Hejleh they will be cross referenced. If not a Hejleh they will be added next to the name.
5- Please check your branch for updates and accuracy at least once every 6 month.

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