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Tunisia, Fr. Tunisie, officially Republic of Tunisia, republic (2005 est. pop. 10,075,000), 63,378 sq mi (164,150 sq km), NW Africa, bordered by Algeria (W), the Mediterranean Sea (N and E), and Libya (SE). Tunis is the capital. The Atlas Mountains in the north form a dry plateau that merges with fertile plains near the coast; in the south, below the Chott Djerid and other salt lakes, stretches the Sahara desert. The irregular coastline has several fine harbors. Agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, and manufacturing are all important to the economy. Wheat, barley, grapes, olives, sugar beets, citrus fruits, and dates are the leading crops, and petroleum and phosphates are the principal minerals. Manufactured goods include textiles, steel, and processed food. The population is largely Berber and Arab, and Islam is the dominant religion. Arabic is the official language, although French is widely spoken.

Settled in the 12th cent. BC by Phoenicians, Tunisia became (6th cent. BC) the center of the powerful city-state of Carthage, which was destroyed by Rome in 146 BC Taken by the Vandals (5th cent. AD) and the Byzantines (6th cent.), the Arabs conquered Tunisia in the 7th cent., and the Berber population was converted to Islam. The area came under a succession of Muslim rulers, reaching its peak under the Berber Hafsid dynasty (1230–1574). In the late 16th cent. Tunisia was seized by the Ottoman Turks, and as one of the Barbary States it became a stronghold of pirates, on whom the treasury depended for several centuries. European intervention began in the 19th cent., and in 1881 Tunisia became a French protectorate. Nationalist agitation, which first surfaced in the 1920s, became intense after World War II, and independence was achieved in 1956.

In 1957 the country became a republic, with Habib Bourguiba as president.

Under Bourguiba, who was elected president-for-life in 1975, Tunisia was a moderate Arab state, following a generally pro-Western foreign policy; support for a negotiated settlement with Israel strained the country's relations with its Arab neighbors, however. Domestically, Bourguiba emphasized modernization and planned economic growth.

In 1981 he authorized the legal formation of opposition political parties, indicating a possible shift in the direction of liberal democracy.

In 1987 Bourguiba was deposed, on grounds of senility, by Gen. Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. Ben Ali promised continued democratic reform, but he has ruled in an increasingly autocratic fashion and sought to crush Islamic-fundamentalist opposition. Under his regime the economy has seen significant growth as it has moved away from state control. In recent years relations with Libya have improved, and Tunisia joined with its North African neighbors in forming (1989) the Arab Maghreb Union.

Ben Ali was reelected unopposed in 1994 and against token opposition candidates in 1999.

A constitutional amendment, approved in 2002 in a referendum by a similar margin, permitted the president to run for more than two terms, and in 2004 Ben Ali was reelected with 95% of the vote; he again faced only token opposition. The landslide victories of Ben Ali and the government party have been marked by intimidation and credible accusations of vote-rigging.

In Dec., 2010, protests began against Ben Ali's government, sparked by the self-immolation of an unlicensed vendor who had his stall confiscated by police and fed by anger over high unemployment, rising prices, and government corruption. The demonstrations continued into the next month, and intensified after police killed a number of protesters.

Ben Ali's rule collapsed in a matter of weeks, and he went into exile in Jan., 2011. He later was convicted in absentia of embezzlement and other charges. An interim government was formed, with Fouad Mebazza, the parliament speaker, as president and Mohamed Ghannouchi remaining as prime minister. Though the cabinet included opposition members, the presence of former ruling party officials in the government was opposed by some, and the political environment remained unsettled. Ghannouchi resigned the following month and Beji Caid-Essebsi succeeded him. Elections for a constituent assembly (to write a new constitution and form an interim government) were planned for July, but subsequently they were postponed to October. The moderate Islamist Ennahda, led by Rachid Ghannouchi, won more than two fifths of seats in the assembly, with most of the rest of the seats going to several left-of-center parties and independents. Ennahda formed a coalition with secular opposition parties, and in December Moncef Marzouki of the Congress for the Republic party was elected president; Ennahda's Hamadi Jebali was appointed prime minister.

Secular parties concerned over persistent Islamist violence quit the government after the Feb., 2013, assassination of Chokri Belaid, a secular politician. Ennahda refused to back Jebali's attempt to form a technocratic government, and after he resigned, Ennahda's Ali Larayedh became (March) prime minister of a new government with two secular parties; several prominent cabinet posts went to independents. The assassination of opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi in July led to a new round of protests against the government and calls for a government of national unity. In September Ennahda agreed to talks on establishing a caretaker government and holding new elections, in October a road map for the process was finalized, and in Jan., 2013, Medhi Jomaa, a former industry minister, became caretaker prime minister. Also in January, the constituent assembly approved a new constitution, which reduced the powers of the president.

In the Oct., 2014, elections, Nidaa Tunis, an alliance of former Ben Ali officials, businesses, intellectuals, and unionists, won the largest number of seats, with Ennahda placing second. In the November presidential election, former interim prime minister Essebsi, the Nidaa Tunis candidate, placed first, and Marzouki second; Essebsi won the December runoff. In Feb., 2015, a government was formed that included Nidaa Tunis, Ennahda, and two additional parties, with Habib Essid as prime minister. Tunisian Islamist militants targeted tourist sites in deadly attacks (March, June) in 2015.


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Export Promotion Center Provides support and assistance to Tunisian exporters and to their foreign counterparts
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World Summit on the Information Society November 2005 - Bridging the digital divide
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Calculation El Khawarizmi Center for Computerization (CCK) Provide the necessary means to promote Scientific research
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Topography and Cartography Office (TCO) Real estate registration, allotment and other various activities
Tunisian National Social Security Fund Manages a number of social security schemes

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Agence Tunisienne d'Internet
Elgazala Pole The Technological City of Communications
Industries Chimiques du Fluor (ICF) Producers of aluminium fluoride
Packaging Technical Centre - PACKTEC A national central point for all economic operators concerned with packaging
Poste Tunisienne

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Aouledouna Association of Handicapped Children Parents
Association Féminine Tunisie 21
Basma Association for the Promotion of Employment for the Disabled
Institute for Health and Safety in the Workplace (ISST) To promote occupational health and safety
Institute for the Promotion of the Handicapped
National Pension and Social Benefit Fund Social Security in the public sector
National Solidarity Fund To endow disadvantaged regions with basic infrastructure
National Union of Tunisian Women Promoting women's interests in all areas of society, including business, culture and science
Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas -RAC/SPA U.N. environment programme. Mediterranean action plan
Tunis Center for Conciliation and Arbitration Administer mediation, conciliation and arbitration procedures for the settlement of disputes
Tunisia International Centre for Environmental Technologies Protection and management of natural resources
Tunisian Journalists Association Report on press situation in Tunisia
Tunisian Mothers Association Conducts operational researches and studies on mothers' conditions, children and the family
Tunisian Society of Psychiatry Preparing for the IXth Panarab Congress of psychiatry
Tunisian Union of the Industry, Trade and Craft Organize missions of partnership

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Delegation of the European Commission in Tunis
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United Nations Le Programme des Nations Unies pour le developpement
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