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Qatar, officially State of Qatar, independent emirate (1995 est. pop. 534,000), 4,400 sq mi (11,400 sq km), on a largely barren peninsula in the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (S). The capital is Doha. The economy of Qatar is dominated by oil and natural gas, which accounts for 70% of export income. Oil and gas revenues have been used to diversify the economy, including the development of chemicals, steel, cement, and fertilizer industries and banking. A minority (20%) of the population are Qataris (Arabs of the Wahhabi sect of Islam); the rest are largely other Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, and Iranians. Arabic is the official language, but English is also widely spoken. The country is a monarchy.

Qatar was ruled by Bahrain from the 1700s until the mid-1800s, when Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire began vying for control of the peninsula. It was a British protectorate from 1916 until 1971, when it became independent. In the 1980s and 90s Qatar had territorial disputes with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. These disputes were not completely settled until 2001.

During the Persian Gulf War (1991), international coalition forces were deployed on Qatari soil. Palestinians were expelled from Qatar in retaliation for the pro-Iraqi stance of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), but since the war relations with the Palestinians have returned to normal. After the Persian Gulf War, Iraq was still regarded as a threat to Qatar’s oil interests; Qatar signed a defense pact with the United States but also restored relations with Iraq.

The present emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, came to power in 1995 after ousting his father. In the late 1990s Sheikh Hamad eased press censorship and promoted ties with Iran and Israel.

Since 2001 Qatar has allowed U.S. use of the Al Udeid air base, and the headquarters for the U.S. invasion of Iraq (2003) were in the country.

The emir has moved steadily to democratize the nation’s government and institute elections. In 2003 voters approved a constitution establishing a largely elected advisory council with the power to pass laws, subject to the emir’s approval; women have the right to vote and hold office.

The constitution was endorsed by the emir in 2004 and came into force in 2005.

During the Arab Spring Qatar was supportive of uprisings in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, and was seen as politically allied with Muslim Brotherhood groups in number of Arab nations.

Sheikh Hamad abdicated as emir in 2013 and was succeeded by his son Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

Preparations for the 2022 World Cup, to be hosted by Qatar, threw light on the country's labor laws and the conditions of migrants working there. Under the country's system of kafala, or sponsorship, workers cannot leave the country or change jobs without their sponsor's permission; there were accusations of abuse of foreign workers involved in construction projects. In 2014 there were tensions with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates over Qatar's support for Islamists in foreign countries.


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Future of Qatar What will the future be like?
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Commercial Bank of Qatar Provides the full range of banking services
Doha Bank The largest private commercial bank in the State of Qatar
Qatar Central Bank Support the national economy and the stability of the currency
Qatar International Islamic Bank Help customers achieve their financial aspirations
Qatar Islamic Bank Various Banking and investment services
Qatar National Bank Handles all aspects of banking and financial requirements

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Companies in Qatar Web directory of local & foreign companies operating in Qatar....

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Indian Business & Professional Council Educating Indian Professionals and Businesses to become the most competent and respected expatriate community in Qatar
Milipol Qatar International exhibition for internal State security displaying security products and services
The Pearl Offers unique, true freehold investment opportunities in a safe, relaxed, friendly and exclusive environment
Qatar Expo 2024 To organise international exhibitions and to promote trade relations with different countries....
Qatar Invest Stimulating the growth of Foreign Direct Investment in Qatar and encouraging local entrepreneurs
Seqlia Ex Exhibitions, events, festivals and conferences management firm in Qatar

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Qatar National Museum Display the elements of Qatar's history and the traditional modes of life of it's people

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Bangiya Parishad Qatar Bengali social organisation, website has a description of its many social and cultural activities
The Diplomatic Club A club with many facilities....
Qatar Voluntary Voluntary activities to serve the community
Pakistan Engineers Forum Qatar Professional organization for Pakistani engineers and other professionals in Qatar and elsewhere

Al Shaqab Stud To maintain the breeding of the original Qatari horse....
Friends of the Environment Center
Qatar Animal Welfare Society, (Q.A.W.S.) Daily care of the animals, legislation issues, the recognition needed, community education and involvement
Qatar Science Club & Occidental Reef Ball Project Environment awareness which aims at promoting the good of all people

Asian Games 2030 Events, participants, historical news and info on the 39 sports in Doha 2006
Al Rayyan Sports Club Different sports, news, analysis....
Al Wakra Sports Club Cultural and sport activities....
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Qatar Football Association National league, cups, teams....
Qatar Golf Association To introduce and train a whole new generation of young Qatari Golfers
Qatar Martial Arts Center (QMC Qatar) Emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques
Qatar Masters One of the most prestigious golf events in Qatar's sporting calendar
Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation Promote and organize National and International events in the State of Qatar
Qatar Olympic Committee Local and International sport news....
Qatar Squash Federation Squash fans will witness an enterprising diversion within the coming years
Qatar Taekwondo, Judo & Karate Federation Qatar Martial Arts Federation organizes events and hosts visits by experts from overseas
Qatar Tennis Federation Qatar Exxon Mobil Open, Qatar Total Fina Elf Open....

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Cambridge School Provides an education based on The National Curriculum for England
Doha Academy A range of balanced academic, creative and physical programmes
Doha College Curriculum is based on the national curriculum for England and Wales
Doha English Speaking School - DESS A broad and balanced education within a secure and challenging environment
Ideal Indian School Provide high standard of education....
Qatar Academy Internationally recognized pedagogy and curriculum with Arabic and Islamic studies, from preschool through secondary education
Qatar Academy Al Wakra Embraces an inquiry-based, culturally enriched international curriculum
Qatar Academy Sidra Part of the Qatar Foundation's Pre University Education, co- educational international school
Qatar International School Following the British curriculum

Al Jazeera Academy A different and separate learning environments
Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU) Business related degrees with tourism, hospitality and international business studies focus
Carnegie-Mellon University - Qatar Campus Offers programs in business administration and computer science
College of the North Atlantic - Qatar A high quality, student centered, public post-secondary technical institution
Department of Geology, UQ Mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, links to earth sciences
Qatar Aeronautical College Holistic aeronautics programs through world-class environments and standards to individuals
Qatar Music Academy Study under the guidance of the world's music elite
Qatar University, QU The university encourages the use of modern technologies in education
Texas A & M University-Qatar (TAMUQ) Offers university degree programs in oil, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering
University of Calgary Foundational tool for teaching & preparing nursing students. Bachelor of Nursing Program
University of Doha for Science and Technology The national higher education institute of choice for applied technical and vocational education and training
Virginia Commonwealth University - Qatar VCU School of the Arts. Educational opportunities in the design professions: Fashion, merchandising, or interior design
Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar (WCM-Q) The educational program leads to the awarding of the doctor of medicine degree

Institutions & Organizations

Qatar Foundation Focuses on the collaboration and integration of research and higher education program

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Qatar Science & Technology Park An internationally recognised hub for research and commercialisation

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Sheikha Mozah Supporting the country's National Vision and promotes the progress of Qatar and the wellbeing of its people

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Amnesty International News, reports, urgent action. Latest annual report....
Human Rights Watch Human rights developments & report
National Human Rights Committee of Qatar Mission, Objectives and Vision, Governance
US Department of State Country report on human rights practices

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Constitution Society Articles of the Constitution of Qatar
The Duality of the Legal System One applies sharia law (Muslim law). Second, adlia court (civil court)
Global Security US military facilities in Qatar. Locations, Satellite Imagery, Units....
A Guide to Qatar's Legal System History, legislative system, the judicial system, the judiciary, the legal profession

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Al Jazeera All-news satellite TV channel serving audience in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe
LyngSat Free TV channels from Qatar. Includes links to Al Jazeera Children, Sport, News channels and others
Qatar Television & Radio QTV - Channels 9, 11 & 37

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Amiri Diwan Officials and departments. About Qatar
Hukoomi, Qatar e-Government Deliver government services on-line to the citizens, residents and business sector....
Ministry of Economy and Commerce Allows local investors to obtain investment opportunities offered by Major Foreign and local companies operating in Qatar
Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs Islam as a creed and a way of life
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nation & citizens, government, economy, tourism....
Ministry of Interior Visa Tracking System, Traffic violation inquiry service and other services
Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture Online services, MIS centre, structure, job opportunities....
Ministry of Public Health Oversight of public health service programs
National Health Authority Health Education and Media Dept
Qatar National Project Management Part of an intelligent i-government culture which will provide leadership with modern tools

Embassy of Qatar in Italy Rome
Embassy of Qatar in USA - Washington DC Washington DC. A profile of Qatar and its political system, its royal family, and visa regulations
General Consulate of the State of Qatar in Houston USA Citizen Services, Visas....
General Consulate of the State of Qatar in Los Angeles USA Citizen Services, Visas....
General Consulate of the State of Qatar in New York USA Citizen Services, Visas....
Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations (UN) showing the State's views and implementing its policy in all areas of international cooperation

Corporations, Organizations, Public Hospitals and Industrial Entities

Hamad Medical Corporation Departments, education & Training, health Information, journals, tenders, employment....
Ooredo0 The internet service provider
Qatar Chemical Company Q-Chem - An integrated petrochemical plant
Qatar Electricity & Water Company QEWC - Power generation and desalination
Qatar Energy Delivering the cleaner energy that the world needs
Qatar Fertilizer Company QAFCO
Qatar Gas Qatar Liquefied Gas Company
Qatar Lubricants Company QALCO - Makers of Qatar’s own lubricants
Qatar National Cement Co ( S.A.Q) A major producer of Ordinary Portland Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement, Hydrated Lime and Calcined lime
Qatar National Hotels - Katara Hospitality QNHC - To establish, own, and manage hotels and tourist related projects
Qatar Navigation - Milaha Qatar's main shipping operator
Qatar Petroleum Company QAPCO - Producer of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) - a basic plastic polymer that is derived from oil and natural gas
Qatar Post Modern life postal services
Qatar Steel Company (QASCO) A foremost leader in the steel industry

Centres, Institutions, Societies....

Geographic Information Centre GIS - Journal, events, map & data sales, training....
Qatar Charity Society Undertake its activities in Asia, Africa and Europe
Qatar Cancer Society Pledges to work towards increasing public awareness about cancer and cancer prevention
Qatar Red Crescent Society Charitable and humanitarian organization
Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) A charity initiative founded in Qatar to provide those in need with quality education
Shafallah Center Provide comprehensive services to children with disabilities....
Zakah Fund To collect and distribute Zakah and Sadaqa

Foreign Entities

Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy Handles political, economical, cultural, sports, educational and technical issues and also provides full Consular services
France Embassy Consular section, economics & commerce, cultural centre....
India Embassy Consular & visa services, labour/welfare, info....
Iran Embassy Commercial, Consulate, tourist and cultural sections. News & photos....
Italy Embassy Consular services, visas, economics & commerce, info about Qatar & Italy....
Nepal Embassy Nepal-Qatar relation, consular services, manpower recruitment, tourism, associations....
US Embassy In the embassy, current, regional & global issues, Washington file, information & services

British Council Information on education and training
World Health Organization - WHO Provides news, information and statistics on the country's public health issues and services, professional health workers

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Airlines, Air, Sea & Coach Charters Services
Doha Airport Provides travel information, hotels near Doha Airport, attractions, getting around, dining....
Gulf Helicopters Experienced in Offshore Operations
Qatar Airways High product and service into Europe and the Far East.

Travel, Tours, Guides.... More country info

Doha-Online Giving you the very best of information on Doha and other cities of Qatar
Explore Qatar Provides news and information with community pages, contacts, events, expatriate resources and monthly magazine articles
Online Qatar Info, weather, accommodation, flights, tourism, attractions, map, photo gallery, business & economy, schools and colleges, embessies & consulates
Qatar Living An online community for everyone living (or interested) in Qatar
Qatar Music Academy Study under the guidance of the world's music elite
Qatar Tourism Explore Qatar, practical info, photo gallery, events....
Regency Travel & Tourism A leading Travel Agency.

Lonely Planet Travel information, maps, photos, background historical and cultural information

VOX Cinemas Movies, Info, Showtimes

Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Hostels....

Al Liwan Suites 83 suites with pure Qatari courtesy & hospitality, resturant and pool side cafe
Four Seasons Hotel Doha With an exclusive beach and marina, gazes over the Arabian Gulf in the the West Bay business and residential complex
Grand Regency Hotel Central location with a classical atmosphere
Merweb Hotel Set to exceed what is expected from a small-sized hotel
New Capital Hotel Situated in the center of Doha
Oasis Hotel & Beach Club 4-star hotel. Club offers many facilities for recreation and relaxation
Qatar Palace Hotel Situated in the heart of the capital DOHA and Commercial Centre
Ramada Encore Located in the heart of the city....
The Ritz-Carlton Luxury Hotels Doha
Sharq Village & Spa A Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Traditional, romantic, and secluded. Feel like royalty
Rydges Plaza Only ten minutes from the center....

Resturants, Fast Food
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Health & Travel Tips

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel information, country advise, latest travel updates....
Smart Traveller - Australia Safety and Security, Local Laws, Entry and Exit Requirements, Health Issues
US Consular Information Visa, health, crime/drug penalties....
Wikitravel Up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide


Falling Rain Genomics Satellite images available for cities and towns, airports, Latitude/Longitude, temperature, cloud cover....
Weather Underground Temperature, humidity, pressure

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