Abu Hejleh Family Tree

(The in-laws)

Last updated 11 April 2015

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The purpose of this page is to help The Abu Hejlehs to find cousins who are not Abu Hejleh and for the in-laws to find cousins who are Abu Hejleh or married to an Abu Hejleh.

Please provide any information which is relevant to the Hejleh Family tree, especially about any children of the in-laws or Abu Hejlehs whom are not mentioned under their father's name (if he is an "Abu Hejleh") or their mother's name (if she is married to a "non Abu Hejleh"). Please see Required Data

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Note: Married beside the name means is "married to" or "was married to". The spouse may be divorced or deceased.

In-law  Abu Hejleh  Branch
3abooshi, Murad  3azeezeh Ahmad Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
3abweeny, Fuad  Huda Ahmad Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
3alawneh, Majed  Reem Mahmood Yousef  Jabr Esa
3amro, Salamah  Iman Ahmad Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
3aqel, Dalal  7azem Fares  Abdel-Haleem Hasan
3arar, Radwan  Maha Ameen Ali  Mohammad Ismael
3arar, Sonia  Nabeel Awni Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
3asi, Adeeb,   Ghada Ibraheem Nedal  Ibraheem Ismael
3asi, Hanan  Ashraf Ameen Ali  Saleem Husain
3asi, Kamal  Majida Majed Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
3asi, Mariam  Hasan Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
3asi, Sameer  Rania Fayeq Shaker  Saleem Husain
3at3oot, Maha  Khaled Saleh Ahmad  Mostafa Yaseen
3arjan, Hassan  Haifa Ismael Shaker  Saleem Husain
3awalmeh, Na3eema  Fayeq Shaker  Saleem Husain
3awamleh, Saba7  Ismael Shaker  Saleem Husain
3udaili, Mohammad  Mais Mahmood Yousef  Jabr Esa
3ujail, Siriya  Sa2ed Yousef Othman  Mohammad Yaseen
3azizi, Amani  Ali Farooq  Mostafa Mousa
Abadi, M  Maher Hatem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abadi, Munther  Sawsan Tayseer Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Abdallah, R  Ahmad Ali Slaiman  Mohammad Esa
Abdallah, Tayseer  Ghazlan Ahmad Ali  Mahmood Ismael
Abdel-Ghafer, Badr  Sireen Ameen Yousef  Ahmad Ismael
Abdel-Jaleel, Basima  Ghassan Ahmad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abdel-Khaleq, Wasef  Oraynab Yousef Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Abdel-Razeq, 3ata  Rafeeqah Ibraheem  Mohammad Yaseen
Abdo, Majdi  Randa Mohammad Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Abdo, Seham  Mufeed  Yousef Othman
Abdo, Suha  Hafez Hashem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abdel-Al, Hala  Fadi Hamed Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Abdel-Hadi, Maha  Yahia Adnan Omar  Al-Badawi Esa
Abdel-Hadi, Naser  Lana Jamal Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abdel-Razeq, Iqbal  Azzam Yousef Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abed, Yousef  Laila Othman  Mohammad Othman
Abeet, Nuha  Husam Morshed Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Abu Aishah, Aysheh  Sameh Saleem Abdel-Lateef  Ahmad Ismael
Abu Al-Haija, Nedal  Basima Abdel-Kareem Abdel-Raheem  Ahmad Ismael
Abu Al-Rub, Wael  Samah Rashed Othman  Mohammad Othman
Abu Al-Sakran, Ghaya  Abdel-Raheem Mahmood  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abu Al-Tayeb, Mostafa  Nuha Yousef Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abu Alia, 7elmi  Muna Esam Saleh  Faleh Mousa
Abu Baker, Suhad  Nezam Yousef  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Abu Ghazaleh, Sameeh  Suha Shibli Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Abu Ghazaleh, S  Abdel-Wahhab Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Abu Ghosh, A  Rubhiyeh Ahmad  Faleh Mousa
Abu Ghosheh, Mais  Shukri Ameen Ali  Mohammad Ismael
Abu Jarad, Mohammad  Aysheh Mohammad Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Abu Kashef, Rizq  Ghada Ahmad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abu Keshek, 7amazah  Sara Ismael Shaker  Saleem Husain
Abu Libdeh, Rawia  Ayman Rateb Mostafa  Al-Badawi Esa
Abu Mughli, Muna  Jameel Mohammad Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Abu Naser, Adnan  Reem Mohammad Ali  Saleem Husain
Abu Nemeh, Ghada  Mohammad Wasfi Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abu Odeh  Suad Nejem  Slaiman Husain
Abu Rashedeh, Rasha Saleh  Raoof Abdel-Majeed Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Abu Rassa'a, Deema  Ahmad Yousef Ali  Saleem Husain
Abu Ras, Muna  Jaber Abdel-Nabi Abood  Mohammad Ismael
Abu Saada, Esam  Hana Azeez  Mohammad Othman
Abu Samra, Abdel-Rahman  Yusra Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Abu Samra, Hanada  Yaqoub Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Abu Sbitan, Sana~  Fawzi Mohammad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abu Shareq, Alia  Waddah Khaled Othman  Mohammad Othman
Abu Sneeneh, Belal  Hanan Ibraheem Methqal  Ibraheem Ismael
Abu Taha, Abdel-Lateef Ali  Khitam Mohammad Nimer   Ahmad Ismael
Abu Taha, Fadwa  Nabeel Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Abu Taha, Nahla  Abdel-Kareem Mohammad  Mahmood Ismael
Abu Zaid, A  Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Abu Zaid, A  Suhad Mohammad Mostafa  Faleh Mousa
Abu Zaid, Ameen  Iman Rateb Mostafa  Al-Badawi Esa
Abu Zaid, F  Rateb Mostafa  Al-Badawi Esa
Abu Zaid, J  Khaled Rateb Mostafa  Al-Badawi Esa
Abu Zaid, Leena  Anwar Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Abu Zaid, N  Basheer Rateb Mostafa  Al-Badawi Esa
Abu Zaid, x  Abdel-Lateef Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Abu Zaineh, M  Bassam Abdel-Kareem Abdel-Raheem  Ahmad Ismael
Abu Zer, Fatinah  Ashraf Awni Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
Abu Zer, Fawzi  Fatmeh Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
Adasi, Laila  Zahi Hashem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Afara, Mohammad  Sawsan Fareed Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Afeef, Borhan  Firyal Morshed Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Affouneh, Amneh  Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Affouneh, Amr  Haleemeh Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Affouneh, F  Mohammad Shakeeb  Mohammad Othman
Affouneh, M  Ahmad  Mostafa Esa
Affouneh, Suzan  Sami Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Affouneh, x  Faleh  Mousa
Ahmadi, Esam  Re7ab Ismael Shaker  Saleem Husain
Ahmad, Hani  Angham Bassam Abdel-Kareem  Yousef Ismael
Ahmad, Naser Ahmad  Shadia Ameen Ali  Saleem Husain
Ahmad, Oqba  Manal Jawad Ali  Mohammad Ismael
Ahmad, Yousef  Marya Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Ali, Naveen  Mo3amar Nabeel Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Ali, Wisam  Asma Mohammad Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Alqam, Waleed  Rana Mostafa Yaqoub  Mostafa Mousa
Anees, Rana   Omar Mutee3 Adnan  Al-Badawi Esa
Anees, Shahnaz  Marwan Majed Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
Aqrabawi, Anwar  Sumaya Adnan Omar  Al-Badawi Esa
Arafat, Yasmeen  Rabee3 Adel Mostafa  Faleh Mousa
Arda, Ayman  Hana Nezam Saleh  Faleh Mousa
Asaad, Suhaila  Azmi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Asfoor, Basem  Banan Yousef  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Asfoor, Marwan  Mariam Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
Ashi, Raja~  Khaled Fawzi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Ashor, Ahmad  Wafa~ Fareed Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Ashtiwi, Noor  7amza Ameen Yousef  Ahmad Ismael
Asmar,Ali Mohammad  Faten Othman Abdel-Kareem  Ahmad Ismael
Asmar, Reema  Abdallah Ali Mostafa  Faleh Mousa
Ataali, I  Inas Ibraheem Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Atary, Ghada  Hisham Mostafa Ahmad  Mostafa Yaseen
Awad, Dana  Montaser Ibraheem Mamoon  Abdel-Hadi Mousa
Awad, Faheemah  Abdel-Lateef Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Awad, Fareed  7anan Fares  Abdel-Haleem Hasan
Awad, Hiam  Mousa Yousef Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Awad, Mufeed  Fakhriyeh  Slaiman Husain
Awad, Nadia  Bassam Omar  Jameel Mousa
Awad, Nehad  Shareef Mostafa Yaqoub  Mostafa Mousa
Awad, Rana  Mohammad Wael  Mostafa Mousa
Awad, Seham  Azeez  Mohammad Othman
Awayes, Iman S.  Ali Jawad Ali  Mohammad Ismael
Awwad, Nabeel  Suhad Ismael Abdel-Lateef  Ahmad Ismael
Awwad, Manal  Ikrima Ibraheem Kamel  Ibraheem Esa
Ayoubi, Ayman  Niveen Abdel-Kareem Shibli  Ahmad Ismael

Badawi, Mais  Saif Ismael Shaker  Saleem Husain
Baidas, Sulafa  Nezam Saleh  Faleh Mousa
Bal3awi, Bassam   Muna Fayeq Shaker  Saleem Husain
Bal3awi, Mazen  Wafa Fayeq Shaker  Saleem Husain
Bal3awi, Muna  Awni Ali Mostafa  Faleh Mousa
Balcaban, Rose  Khaled Abdel-Raheem Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Barakat, Hakam  Iman Ameen Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Barham, Imad  Iman Ibraheem Methqal  Ibraheem Ismael
Barham, Susan  Fate7 Waleed Mohammad  Mahmood Ismael
Barq, Mohammad  Hooriyeh Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Barri, Z  Abdel-Raheem Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Basha, Ahmad  Hanan Yaseen Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Batta, Husain  Reem Jamal Ahmad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Bayado, Faten  3ala~ Abdel-Raheem Kamel  Ibraheem Esa
Bayado, x  Fatmeh Kamel  Ibraheem Esa
Berawi, Samer  Sana~ Mahmood  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Bihairy, Fayza  Haitham Farooq  Mostafa Mousa
Bitawi, Bassam  Suha Ameen Ali  Mohammad Ismael
Bitawi, I  Samia Qasem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Boshnaq, A  Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Qader Othman
Brueck, Jorg  Nadia Tareq Mostafa  Mahmood Ismael
Buhairi, Maisa~  Sala7-Al-Deen Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
Buhaisi, Ibraheem  Najwa  Mostafa Mousa
Bukhari, Leena  Yousef Abdel-Kareem Mohammad  Ibraheem Esa
Bustan, Iman  Mohammad_Noor Abdel-Lateef Mohammad  Saleh Husain

Crickmay, Isabele  Naser Mufeed  Yousef Othman

Da3da3, Tawfeeq  Nadia Ahmad Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Dabbas, Nariman  Fares Ibraheem Fares  Abdel-Haleem Hasan
Daghlas, Jaber  Shahd Jawad Ali  Mohammad Ismael
Da7dal, Khaleel  Nathmieh Fares  Abdel-Haleem Hasan
Daraghmeh, Hakam  3azeezeh Mohammad Ali  Saleem Husain
Darwish, Reem  Anas Mahmood Fawzi  Mostafa Esa
Dawabsheh, Farooq  Ronda Fares  Abdel-Haleem Hasan
Dawoud, Mohammad  Nuha Fayeq Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Deeb, Ghaida  Badr Rafeeq Ibrahhem  Mohammad Yaseen
Dissi, Maha Dawoud  Omar Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Dodin, Basel  Tania Esam Ali  Mohammad Ismael
Dwabsheh, Ahlam  Abdel-Hakeem Ahmad  Faleh Mousa

Eid, M  Amjad Nathmi Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Esa, Abdel-Wahhab  Hala Awni Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
Esa, Jamal  Fida~ Ahmad Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Esawi, Hana  Eqab Morshed Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Ezz-El-Deen, Fat7ia Hammad  Abdel-Hafeez Abdel-Qader  Mostafa Esa

Faqeeh, Nagham  Saeed Husain Nejem  Slaiman Husain
Far, Nuha  Mohammad Majed Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
Fareed, Mohammad  Izdihar Ahmad Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Fares, Mohammad Ziad Adeeb  Mais Jamal Ahmad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Fargah, Abdel-Jaber  Fayzeh Ahmad Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Farra, Samar  Yaser Yaqoub Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Fataftah, Rawan  Shadi Abdel-Qader Abdel-Raheem  Ahmad Ismael
Fayoumi, Hanan  Jafar Fareed Ibraheem  Ibraheem Ismael
Finch, Jayne  Rami Jamal Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Fodeh, Suad  Firas Kamal  Abdel-Qader Othman
Fraitekh, Ibtihaj  Hatem  Yousef Othman
Fraij, Naser  Samar Zuhair Othman  Mohammad Othman

Gardner, Anthony  Sarah Omar Othman  Mohammad Othman
Ghanem, Rowaida  Slaiman Husain Nejem  Slaiman Husain
Ghannam, D  Salwa Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Ghattas, Maysoon  Mohammad Ibraheem Fares  Abdel-Haleem Hasan
Ghazal, Azmi  Nahed Tayseer Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Ghazawi, Raja~  Bassam Mohammad  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Gonzales, Martha  Majed Othman  Mohammad Othman

7abayeb, Fat7iyeh  Ahmad Jamal Abdel-Majeed  Jameel Mousa
7amdani, Shafeeqah  Kamal Basheer  Mostafa Mousa
Habahbi, Ghassan  Seham Abdel-Raheem Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Haddad, Fadi  Rola Abdel-Qader Abdel-Raheem  Ahmad Ismael
Haj-Ibraheem, Abdel-Razaq  Iman Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Qader Othman
Hakeem, Najla  Othman Yousef Othman  Mohammad Yaseen
Hamad, Maram  Ayman Ameen Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Hamad, Rasha Abdallah  Iyad Mefrej Abdel-Azeez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Hamamda, Mahmood  Salma Rashed Othman  Mohammad Othman
Hamdallah, Kamilia  Ala Esam Saleh  Faleh Mousa
Hamdan, Adnan  Fayza Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Hamdan, Hiba  Tayseer Yousef Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Hamdan, Kamal  Manal Ata Taher  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Hamdan, Nisreen  Taye Omar  Al-Badawi Esa
Hamdan, Oraib  Marwan Fawzi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Hamed, M  Fadwa Rashad Hasan  Ahmad Ismael
Hamed, Nadia  Mohammad Fuad Rashad  Ahmad Ismael
Hariz, Mai  Hasan Yaseen Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Haroun, Narmeen Sala7 Abdel-Menem  Ayman Husni Mousa  Ahmad Ismael
Harris, Israel  Reem Omar Othman  Mohammad Othman
Harzallah, Mayada  Fahd Jawad Ali  Mohammad Ismael
Haseeba, H  Adli Adel Mostafa  Faleh Mousa
Hassan, Khaled  Wafa~ Fawzi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Hassoneh, Mais  Firas Mohammad Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Hatahet, Badr  Areej Farooq  Mostafa Mousa
Hawwash, Fatmeh  Usama Ali Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
Hejawi, Fadia  Ayoub Ibraheem  Mohammad Yaseen
Hejawi, Mosbah  Fat7iyeh Husni Mousa  Ahmad Ismael
Henhen, Haneen  Ismael Ahmad  Ismael Othman
Herzallah, Khaledah  Marwan Ahmad Ali  Mahmood Ismael
Hewari, Wadee'  Abla Yousef Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Hindi, S  Ameer Ahmad  Mostafa Esa
Hindi, Samar  Mahdi Ameer Ahmad  Mostafa Esa
Holms, Sue  Khaled Mufeed  Yousef Othman
Hunti, Daif  Ameeneh Ameen Ali  Saleem Husain
Horani, Hanan  Mahmood Fawzi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Husain, Mariam  Nawaf Yousef Ali  Saleem Husain
Husain, Samah  Fateh Nabeel  Mostafa Mousa
Husaini, Shatha  Haitham Abdel-Raheem Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Husaini, Leena  Sami Hani  Yousef Othman

Ibarra, Gloria  Hilal Omar Othman  Mohammad Othman
Ibdah, Samer  Saherah Ali Mohammad  Saleem Husain
Ibsais, Najah  Mosbah Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Imam, Nazek  Bashar Abdel-Wahhab Taher  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Iraqi, Adnan  Ghadeer Emad Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
Iraqi, Nashed  Manal Emad Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael

Jaber, Afnan  Rafeeq Ahmad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Jaber, Ghoroob  Yaser Mahmood  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Jaber, Raed Jamal Abdel-Fattah  Razan Bassam Abdel-Azeez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Jaber, Randa  Fadel Ahmad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Jabr, Ashjan  Ja3far Mohammad Ali  Saleem Husain
Ja'bari, Maram  Yaseen Sala7 Ahmad  Mostafa Yaseen
Jadallah, Reema  Basheer Fairooz Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Jamal, Fayez  Ghada Mohammad  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Jammaliah, Ali  Ghadeer Yaqoub Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Jarar, Awni  Huda Othman  Mohammad Othman
Jarar, R  Ibraheem Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Jawhari, Aseel  Laith Abdel-Raheem Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Jawhari, Yasmeen  Ne3man Yousef Othman  Mohammad Yaseen
Jayousi, Basima  Azmi Fayeq Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Jayousi, Dana  Esam Abdel-Kareem Abdel-Raheem  Ahmad Ismael
Jayousi, Ghadeer  Fayeq Awni Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
Jodha, Mahmood  Fatmeh Abdel-Ghaffar Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
Jose, Mariam  Tareq Faleh Mostafa  Faleh Mousa

Ka3bneh, Khaled  Rola Fayeq Shaker  Saleem Husain
Kajak, Angham  Mohammad Ali Mohammad  Saleem Husain
Kaloti, Suad  Tayseer Yaqoub Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Kanaan, Hayat M  Mohammad Farid Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Kaoni, O  Naser Fareed  Yousef Othman
Kasti, Hanan  Taleb Mostafa  Mahmood Ismael
Kaswani, Hesham  Rola Mohammad Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Kayali, Zainah  Kamel Abdel-Raheem Kamel  Ibraheem Esa
Kazzaz, Rania  Belal Abdallah Yousef  Abdallah Yaseen
Kfeesheh, Samer  Nadia Morshed Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Khair, Emad  Sa7ar Ibraheem  Abdel-Hameed Hasan
Kilani, Majed  Hind Ali Ameen  Mohammad Ismael
Kokash, Deeb  Sahar Mostafa Ahmad  Mostafa Yaseen
Kokash, 3anan  Muneef Nathem Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Kokash, Fahd  Iman Yaseen Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Kokash, Ibraheem  Fatmeh Ahmad  Mostafa Yaseen
Kokash, Mostafa  Shaheer Mostafa Ahmad  Mostafa Yaseen
Kurdi, Ammar  Iman Husni Mousa  Ahmad Ismael
Kurdiyeh, Mazen  Faten Hisham Saleh  Faleh Mousa

Khadijeh, Ihab  Safa~ Tareq Yousef  Ahmad Ismael
Khalaf, Rola Hani  Rateb Khaled Rateb  Al-Badawi Esa
Khandaqji, S  Mousa Abdel-Kareem Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Kharboush, Noor  Mohammad Taleb Haroon  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Kharoof, Haneen  Yaser Omar  Jameel Mousa
Kharoof, R  Rafeeq  Yousef Ismael
Khateeb, 3ala~  Huwaida Ameen Ali  Saleem Husain
Khateeb, Adnan  Manwa Ahmad Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Khateeb, Faheema  Ahmad Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Khateeb, Hala  Ali Mohammad Ali  Saleem Husain
Khateeb, Haleemah  Khaled Yousef Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Khateeb, Sameer  Fayzeh Ameen Ali  Saleem Husain
Khawaldeh, Ayman  Lubna Abdel-Majeed Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Khawaldeh, Wafiyeh  Abdel-Majeed Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Khayat, Faten  Jamal Ahmad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Khoja, Suzan  Arafat Yaqoub Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael

Letona, Aura  Omar Othman  Mohammad Othman

Ma, Cheng Hung  Muntaha Yaqoub Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Ma3ani, Firyal  Azzam Azmi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Madani, M  Waleed Mostafa Ahmad  Mostafa Esa
Madani, Zuhair  Samar Ahmad Ali  Mahmood Ismael
Madfa3i, Fuad  Janan Basheer  Mostafa Mousa
Ma7ajneh, Ameer  Maisoon Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
Maher, Hanad  Mohamad Ameer Ahmad  Mostafa Esa
Mahmood, Ismael  Hind Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Mahmood, Khadijeh  Rami Abdel-Kareem Abdel-Raheem  Ahmad Ismael
Mahmood, Suraya  Ahmad Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Mahmood, Waheedah  Yaseen Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Makhamreh, Maha  Amr Adnan Omar  Al-Badawi Esa
Malas, Farooq  Susan Yousef  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Mallahi, Mousa  Sahar Ahmad Ali  Mahmood Ismael
Mansoor, A  Faleh Ahmad  Faleh Mousa
Mansoor, Almaza  Saeed Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Mansoor, 3amer  Amal Abdel-Ghaffar Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
Mansoor, Hiba  Mohammad Abdallah Yousef  Abdallah Yaseen
Mansoor, Layqah  Omar Fares  Abdel-Haleem Hasan
Mansoor, Mayada  Rami Abdel-Ghani Adel  Abdel-Ghani Hasan
Mansoor, Mostafa  Fareezeh  Slaiman Husain
Mansoor, Ruqaia  Abdallah Yousef  Abdallah Yaseen
Mansoor, Tahreer  Samer Abdallah Yousef  Abdallah Yaseen
Mansoor, Tha2er  Inas Omar Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Mashni, Muhannad  Fatmeh Yaseen Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Masri, Fakher  Sana~ Usama Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Masri, Hanada  Maher Rubhi  Yousef Othman
Masri, Mohammad  Lubna Jehad Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Hiba, Matar  Ja3far Ahmad Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
Mazen, A7lam  Sultan Ismael Shaker  Saleem Husain
Mekdad, Nisreena  Yousef Farooq Yousef (Joseph)  Mostafa Esa
Mekwar, Zaher  Hanan Yousef  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Mihdawi, Amal  Najeh Abdel-Wahhab Taher  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Moghrabi, S  Rola Nathmi Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Mohtadi, Wea~m  Raed Hatem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa

Nada, Mohammad  Amal Taleb Mostafa  Mahmood Ismael
Nagri, Maria  Hasan Fayeq Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Naji, Ahmad Bassam  Reema Mefrej Abdel-Azeez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Najjar, Marwan  Fara7 Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Qader Othman
Nashashibi, Othman  Oraib Azmi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Nash2at, H  Faten Hamed Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Nashef, Khaled  Ibtisam Yousef Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Natsheh, Randa  Fadi Abdel-Ghani Adel  Abdel-Ghani Hasan
Nawahdah, K  Fareed Munther Fareed  Yousef Othman
Nazzal, Samar  Nezar Abdel-Lateef Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Neal, Catherine  Kamel Ahed Kamel (Alf)  Ibraheem Esa
Nejm, Ayat  Abdel-Ghafer Yaseen Abdel-Ghafer  Abdallah Yaseen
Nemer, Suad  Ameer Ahmad Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Nowfal, 3abeer  Mohammad Bassam Abdel-Kareem  Yousef Ismael
Nowfal, Jumaa  Muna Mosbah Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Nowfal,Lotfi Nowfal  Faten Othman Abdel-Kareem  Ahmad Ismael

Oda, Hesin  Yousef Mahmood Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Odeh, Adham  Faten Ibraheem Methqal  Ibraheem Ismael
Odeh, Iqbal  Fareed Ibraheem Methqal  Ibraheem Ismael
Odeh, Randa  Mazen Mufeed  Yousef Othman
Odeh, S  Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Odeh, Salma  Ali  Mahmood Ismael
Odeh, Salwa  Ameen Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
Odeh, Zakiyeh Ahmad Saleem  Mohammad Nimer (Saeed)  Ahmad Ismael
Owaida, Fadwa S.  Khaled Abdel-Lateef  Abdel-Qader Othman

Pettersson, Eva  Ahed Kamel  Ibraheem Esa

Qaddurah, Khadeejeh  Abdel-Ghafer Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
Qadi, Ahmad Abdallah  Mariam Ameen Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Qadi, Aida  Qais Mahmood  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Qadi, Haleemah  Farooq  Mostafa Mousa
Qadi, Leena  Ma3az Mostafa Yaqoub  Mostafa Mousa
Qadi, M  Nahla Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Qadi, Saif-Al-Deen  Na2ela  Mostafa Mousa
Qadi, Suha  Faris Yousef Othman  Mohammad Yaseen
Qadi, Taj-Al-Deen  Ruqaya Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Qadi, W  Basima Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Qadi, Wisal  Faris Yousef Othman  Mohammad Yaseen
Qaed, Fatmeh  Mostafa  Mahmood Ismael
Qaneer, Mai  Laith Abdel-Raheem Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Qaneer, Mirvet  Naser Fairooz Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Qaneer, Saleem  Khawla Ali Ameen  Mohammad Ismael
Qaneer, Sobhi  Ibtisam Morshed Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Qasem, Hani  Ruqaya Yousef Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Qatanani, Intisar  Suhail Azmi Mahmood  Mostafa Esa
Qawasmeh, Amal Mahmood  Ziad Mefrej Abdel-Azeez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Qudah, Anoud  Abdel-Qader Abdel-Hafeez Abdel-Qader  Mostafa Esa
Qutami, Aseel  7amzah Ahmad Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael

Rabee, Ahmad  Lubna Yousef Abdel-Kareem  Yousef Ismael
Rabee, Burhan  Kafa~ Ibraheem Methqal  Ibraheem Ismael
Rabee, Hadeel  Hani Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
Rabee, Suha  Omar Ibraheem Methqal  Ibraheem Ismael
Rahdal, Z  Nathem Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Ramahi, Suzan  Ayman Farooq  Mostafa Mousa
Rashdan, Khaled  Hana Hani  Yousef Othman
Rasheed, Ayman  Nuha Morshed Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Rosan Ahmad  Umayma Ameen Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Rouqa, Bisan Hasan  Rami Rashed Othman  Mohammad Othman
Ruzi, Ziyad  Aseel Farooq  Mostafa Mousa

Sa3adeh, Ghada  Ibraheem Ahmad Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Sa3d, Saeed  Nisreen Hatem  Yousef Othman
Sadi, Aisha  Shareef Ahmad Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Sa3eed, Rana  Hazem Abdel-Lateef Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Sabbagh, Fadia  Farooq Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Sabbah, A  Mahmood Ali Slaiman  Mohammad Esa
Sabe3, Sara  Abdel-Azeez Sami Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Sabri, Faten  Nedal Ahmed Ali  Mahmood Ismael
Sabti, Ismael  Fadwa Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Sadaqa, Seham  Mohammad Abdel-Ghaffar Mohammad  Ahmad Ismael
Sadeq, Zainab  Emad Mosbah Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Safadi, Maysa  Nedal Yousef  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Safieh, Abdel-Azeez  Helweh Abdel-Qader  Mohammad Husain
Sahli, Jumanah  Fares Abdel-Motaleb Fares  Hamdallh Esa
Sahsah, Amal  Abdel-Razeq Fairooz Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Sa7toot, Aida  Ahmad Mohammad Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Sala7, Amal  Myasara Yaqoub Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Sal7at, Samar Yaseen  Saleh Esam Saleh  Faleh Mousa
Salameh, A  Abdel-Kareem Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Salameh, A  Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Salameh, Ameer  Widad Shibli Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Salameh, Anasti  Wajeeh Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Salameh, Khaleel  Hana Abdel-Majeed  Jameel Mousa
Salameh Mohammad  Nawar Sameer Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Salameh, Ruba  Belal Mohammad  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Salaymeh, Basem  Ghadeer Farooq  Mostafa Mousa
Saleh, Majidah  Abdel-Naser Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Saleh, Nahed  Samer Tayseer Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Saleh, Rania  Mohammad Basheer Fairooz  Ahmad Ismael
Saleh, Shaden  Jamal Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Salem, B  Amal Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Salem, N  Samar Hatem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Salman, Naja7  Mahdi Yaqoub  Mostafa Mousa
Salman, Reem  Saad Mostafa  Al-Badawi Esa
Salman, Salma  Mohammad  Mahmood Ismael
Samara, Ina'm  Naser Mahmood  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Samhan, R  Hashem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Sammor, Lubna  Abdallah Yousef Ali  Saleem Husain
Sandmann, Alexandra  Mazen Zuhair Othman  Mohammad Othman
Sarabi, Weam  Sameh Hatem  Yousef Othman
Sayed, Mariam  Jawad Kamel  Ibraheem Esa
Sayes, Nahed  Esam Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Sider, Zainab  Mohammad Nathmi Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Siksek, K  Fairooz Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Siksek, N  Mostafa Fayez Hasan  Ahmad Ismael
Siksek, R  Abdel-Hameed Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Slaiman, Majed  Hala Morshed Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Soboh, Areej  Ammar Farooq Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Soboh, Reema  Ayman Abdel-Raheem Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Soudi, 3ala  Rola Abdel-Qader Abdel-Raheem  Ahmad Ismael
Sous, Noor  Tha2er Waleed Mohammad  Mahmood Ismael
Sous, Sameera  Mashoor Fairooz Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael
Sullivan, Michaela  Ja3far Abdallah Yousef  Abdallah Yaseen
Sawalmeh, Tareq  Basima Yousef Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Subai7, Mai  Ahmad Nezam Shawqat  Mostafa Esa
Sub7ahawlah, Dareen  Burhan Ismael Shaker  Saleem Husain
Suwan, Ziad  Randa Mohammad  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Swaidi, Sayed  Faten Taleb Mostafa  Mahmood Ismael
Syouri, Rajaee  Arwa Farooq  Mostafa Mousa

Sha3ban, Maha  Fareed Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Shahed, R  Ihab Ibraheem Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Shaheen, A  Ameen Abdel-Hadi Ameen  Abdel-Hadi Mousa
Shaheen, H  Abdel-Hadi Ameen  Abdel-Hadi Mousa
Shaheen, Maha  Fahd Husni Mousa  Ahmad Ismael
Shaheen, Muneera  Hani  Yousef Othman
Shaheen, Naheda  Fuad  Yousef Othman
Shaheen, Usama  Jameeleh Abdel-Majeed  Jameel Mousa
Shaheen, S  Bassam Abdel-Azeez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Shaheen, Sana~  Ammar Mostafa Abdel-Ghani  Ahmad Ismael
Shahtoot, Maha  Abdel-Majeed Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Shalal, Abdel-Kareem  Nada Shibli Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Shanqety, Suhad  Nedal Hashem Hafez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Shanti, Muneer  Maha Ahmad Nimer  Ahmad Ismael
Share3, Ibraheem  Wijdan  Yousef Othman
Shash, Ashraf  Maria Mahmood Fawzi  Mostafa Esa
Shatara, Zain-Al-Deen  Reema Abdel-Majeed Abdel-Raheem  Mahmood Ismael
Shawahneh, Maysam  Yousef Tareq Yousef  Ahmad Ismael
Shawahneh, Suhair  Mohammad Ahmad Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Shawar, Belal  Rawand Tareq Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Shayeb, Omar  Nabeela Nabeel Shareef  Ahmad Ismael
Shebaitah, Yasmeen  Khaled Waleed Mohammad  Mahmood Ismael
Shreedah, Usama  Liana Anwar Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Sheta, Meerna  Mohammad Mostafa Ahmad  Mostafa Yaseen
Shreedah, Mohammad  Muna Husni Taher  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Shteiwi, Ayoub  Maisoon Yousef Ragheb  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Shuman, Amal  Jalal Ahmad  Ismael Othman
Shuqair, M  Yousef  Othman

Tadros, Angela  Mufeed Abdel-Raheem Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Taha, Adnan  Zahwa Mohammad Ali  Saleem Husain
Taha, Ahed  Raesa  Mahmood Ismael
Taha, B  Abdel-Kareem  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Taha, B  Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Taha, Bayan  Basel Abdel-Kareem 3ahed  Yousef Ismael
Taha, Fayzeh  Yousef  Abdel-Qader Yousef
Taha, Helweh  Ahmad Wael  Mostafa Mousa
Taha, L  Mostafa  Mousa
Taha, Mohammad  Manwa  Mostafa Mousa
Taha, N  Qasem Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Taha, O  Tareq Yousef  Mostafa Esa
Taha, S  Ibraheem Jamal  Mohammad Othman
Taha, Anwar Taha  Seena~ Awni Fayeq  Ibraheem Ismael
Taha, Zareefeh  Mahmood  Ismael
Taher, Ahmad  Jomana Farooq  Mostafa Mousa
Taher, Saad  Nihal Abdel-Wahhab Taher  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Taji, Kkadija  Zuhair Othman  Mohammad Othman
Thiab, Abdallah  Jamalat Ameen Ali  Saleem Husain
Thiab, Rola  Ali Mohammad Ali  Saleem Husain
Thiab, Wael  Noora Ahmad Mahmood  Abdallah Yaseen
Tobin, Kelly  Sameh Hatem  Yousef Othman
Totah, Reem  Ihab Fuad  Yousef Othman

Wadi, Khaled  Sahar Mosbah Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Wadi, Naser  Nuha Mosbah Mahmood  Jabr Esa
Wawi, Haifa  Jamal Ahmad Ali  Mahmood Ismael

Ya3eesh, Ghadeer  Fat7i Faleh Mostafa  Faleh Mousa
Ya3eesh, I  Abdel-Raheem Rafeeq  Yousef Ismael
Yaseen, Ahmad  Rana Burhan Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Yaseen, S  Mefrej Abdel-Azeez  Abdel-Raheem Mousa
Yateem, Ameen  Istiqlal Yousef Mahmood  Ahmad Ismael
Younis, Ghaliah Fares  Tayseer Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Younis, Jamal  Najat Tayseer Abdel-Azeez  Ahmad Husain
Yousef, Intisar  Ahmad Fairooz Abdel-Razeq  Ahmad Ismael

Za3Bal3awi, Deema  Khaled Jawad Kamel  Ibraheem Esa
Za3eem, J  Othman Mahmood  Abdel-Qader Othman
Zaidan, A  Abdel-Qader  Othman
Zaidan, A  Mohammad Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Zaidan, 3ala~  Mai Munther Fareed  Yousef Othman
Zaidan, Ayat  Ayoub Ibraheem  Mohammad Yaseen
Zaidan, Aysheh  Yousef  Othman
Zaidan, D  Fatmeh Mohammad Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Zaidan, F  Abdel-Ghani Ali  Ahmad Ismael
Zaidan, Heshmeh  Mahmood  Ismael
Zaidan, J  Bushra Mahmood  Abdel-Qader Othman
Zaidan, K  Iqbal Mahmood  Abdel-Qader Othman
Zaidan, Samar  Ibraheem Hisham Saleh  Faleh Mousa
Zaidan, Suha  Husain Ameen Ali  Saleem Husain
Zaidan, Yousef  Ramziyeh  Saleem Husain
Zaidan, x  Faleh  Mousa
Z3aiter, S  Bassam Orabi  Ibraheem Ismael
Zalateemo, Ghadeer  Samer Fuad  Yousef Othman
Zobedi, Muayad  Dana Khaled Othman  Mohammad Othman
Zu3bi, Fadia  Ahmad Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Zu3bi, Ghenwa  Hamed Mohammad  Saleh Husain
Zuhdi, Imtiyaz  Yousef Abdel-Kareem 3ahed  Yousef Ismael

Required Data
To complete the family tree, please supply any or all of the following information:
1- Full name and branch or Reference number if known.
2- Names of family members, father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and other relatives.
3- For the above, birth dates so they can be placed in order and death dates ( the year at least ).
4- Names of husbands and wives. If they are a Hejleh they will be cross referenced. If not a Hejleh they will be added to the
in-laws page
5- Please check your branch for updates and accuracy at least once every 6 month.

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